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121 Soca

You want to hear a genre of music that literally is a slap in the face to music? Then listen to this garbage, most of the lyrics are sooo terrible, to be honest the lyrics are just a couple sentences on loop about grinding and dry humping people. Add that with the nasty vocals horrible sounds, soca is by far the worst genre there is. (8) WINE YA BOTTOM, WINE YA BOTTOM, WINE YA BOTTOM (8) yea those are the lyrics in soca

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122 Post-Avant Jazzcore V 2 Comments
123 Christian Hip Hop

This was a stupid idea. The only reason they made up this stupid genre is so they can make Christianity look cool, but it doesn't.

It makes the religion look bad.

Rap isn't Christian anyway.

Tf this exists loll - wrests

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124 Depressive Suicidal Black Metal

Guys, I'm sorry, but I will never like Metal. I try to appreciate it, but they're just a bunch of whiny, screeching, babies. Metal fans always hate on Emo, (which I honestly dislike as well), when the lyrics are pretty much the same. Sorry, Metal sucks.

I love bm... well hate depressive thing except for life lover

125 Hardcore Punk

Nah, it's a good genre. Don't vote for this. - cjWriter1997

Punk... and hardcore rock... don't vote for this

126 House

Jazz house and soul house music are good types of house music. Old house music was good too. - waraypiso

I Took a Pill in biza's SeeB remix by Mike Prosner and Middle by DJ Snake are GOOD examples though. - Neonco31

127 Ambient Music

Ambient music is one of my favorite genres. When $hit starts going on somewhere, I just put my headphones on and listen to this. Ambient music takes talent to make, everything seems to fit into place no matter how diverse the sounds are and it never fails to relax. The funny thing is that ambient is electronic, and electronic music is probably one of the most hated genres out there. Within electronic, there is good stuff like ambience. However, untalented people like skrillex represent all electronic music with fart noises and ear r@pe, which gives good sub genres like ambient a bad name. If you haven't tried ambient, I highly recommend it. It's the good side of electronic music.

Ambient music is the music in wow, Minecraft and so on.
Minecraft ambient music is awesome and wow music is awesome too! - Harri666

Ambient music is relaxing

Ambient music varies. Starbound? Space-y music. Terraria? Intense music for boss fights. Terraria's Crimson/Corruption biomes? Spooky un-earthly feeling. Minecraft? Peaceful. Etc. - mattstat716

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128 Dark Ambient

What's so bad about dark ambient music? If you've ever been scared during a tense moment in a horror film, you understand the power of dark ambience.

Alone as a genre, I wouldn't listen to it. But when a band incorporates dark ambient into their sound, its awesome. Check out Neurosis and Sunn O))) - ryanrimmel

...this genre is awesome - wrests

129 Garage Rock

This is one of the most honest genres of music. Especcially the mid-sixties garage rock. This were kids doing their thing like they wanted how music should be. They didn't wait for big companies or labels who made you listen what was right in their opinion. What they didn't hear on radio they created in their garage.

Best music out there gettin drunk n stoned jamming in the garage

Awesome music of done right - ryanrimmel

130 New Wave

Ah yes let just bash something that actually spun into many things and actually influenced much more than most youngsters have no idea about. Get some schooling kids! Actually you should not post something you know nothing about you were not even around. Stick to bashing your own music of today. Don't insult others music. This is a horrible topic for a list anyway. Music is so personal and am glad I listen to many, many, many different genres of music. People should not be so narrow anyway. I found this list and voted for pop which is not a genre anyway. But to browse this list bashing other peoples very personal interests. BAD!

How can you hate New Wave? The best music of all time has always been made by New Wave artists.

Heavy metal, death metal, and pretty much all the metal genres we have today come from new wave, how do you hate that?

It started off good,but the band that were starting off in the mid-80s strated to suck

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131 Neo-Classical Metal Neo-Classical Metal Neoclassical metal is a subgenre of heavy metal that is heavily influenced by classical music and usually features very technical playing, consisting of elements borrowed from both classical and speed metal music.

Someone who judges metal and thinks it's all satanic put it here. It takes so much talent. I've heard renditions of the moonlight sonata, and that sounds impossible to do on a guitar. I fully endorse this genre and I think it shouldn't be here

I'm glad that body has voted neo-classical metal. Such a beautiful genre with bands like Stratovarius and Galneryus. I'm in love.

I like neo-classical metal like Moi Dix Mois (though now they're gothic metal but eh), and Galneryus so I think this genre shouldn't be here.

Yngwie Malmsteen?! Listen to him!

132 Porn Groove

Is this the music they play in pornos?

Damn, I did not know this is a genre. I should check it out.

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133 Vaporwave

Do people take this seriously?

Vaporwave is not a bad genre. This genre is always been good. It is also my favorite genre. If you find a good Vaporwave, listen to Yung Bae, Flaminingiosis or other Vaporwave artists. - waraypiso

Better than you.
Special Snowflake.

These are the words to describe the Vaporwave community. They make music that consists of 80's pop music slowed down and rehashed. The 80's were a bad enough time for music already.

134 Industrial

Why's this on here?

I really enjoy most industrial

Nine Inch nails are really good

Most awful music genre EVER! - Cornflakes

135 Banda

Worst crap ever. I hope it doesn't get more popular because it sucks.

136 Turbo-folk

Worst ever music genre, has stupid melody, stupid lyrics, mentioning of names, negative impacts to people in lyrics, too much personification (e.G. song called "You are the drug for my soul", always talks about love and weddings, etc. Arrogantly the worst music genre. If I make a wedding ceremony it's all rap and techno. - guyisbackable

Yes pop is awful, but merging drunken, sloppy, half-assed Balkan folk music with cringeworthy pop is even worse. Western countries have it easy; just listen to Severina, Ceca or Seka Aleksic. It's not even music; just bad softcore pornography with some twanging of cheap instruments in the background. If you like turbo-folk you don't like good music.

137 Cumbia V 1 Comment
138 Breakcore

Breakcore may use a lot of samples which could piss off certain people, but breakcore is great if you listen to it

139 Gorenoise

Imagine noise and goregrind combined into one.

It's pretty crappy. Literally.

I really want to check this genre out now D: - wrests


140 Big Beat

Most dated genre of music of all time. Unlistenable.


This genre is just- ew... - wrests

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