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141 Turbo-folk

Worst ever music genre, has stupid melody, stupid lyrics, mentioning of names, negative impacts to people in lyrics, too much personification (e.G. song called "You are the drug for my soul", always talks about love and weddings, etc. Arrogantly the worst music genre. If I make a wedding ceremony it's all rap and techno. - guyisbackable

Yes pop is awful, but merging drunken, sloppy, half-assed Balkan folk music with cringeworthy pop is even worse. Western countries have it easy; just listen to Severina, Ceca or Seka Aleksic. It's not even music; just bad softcore pornography with some twanging of cheap instruments in the background. If you like turbo-folk you don't like good music.

142 Cumbia V 1 Comment
143 Breakcore

Breakcore may use a lot of samples which could piss off certain people, but breakcore is great if you listen to it

Breakcore is there to suck. Let's upvote this to prove the point. - Tonberry

144 Gorenoise

Imagine noise and goregrind combined into one.

It's pretty crappy. Literally.

I really want to check this genre out now D: - wrests


145 Big Beat

Most dated genre of music of all time. Unlistenable.


This genre is just- ew... - wrests

146 Christian Pornogrind

Yeah, Muslim Jihadist Pornogrind is better

147 British Soul
148 Punk Metal

This doesn't exist. But their are Crossover Thrash (Thrash Metal + Punk/Hardcore) bands, and it's a good genre. Check out D.R.I., Agnostic Front, Iron Reagan, Municipal Waste, or Suicidal Tendencies.The closest band to 'Punk Metal' would be Corrosion of Conformity - ryanrimmel

Do you mean hardcore punk?

149 Horror Punk V 1 Comment
150 Trallpunk
151 Riot Grrrl

This is just females sing punk music in a garage

Riot Grrrl is a great genre

Wut the heck is this

Bikini Kill, Bratmobile etc... Girls with feminist lyrics that plays 70's, early 80's Punkrock music ( influenced by groups like The Avengers, The Runaways, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and even Mid-sixties Garagepunk bands ). P.J. Harvey ( her wilder side ) said once that she likes to be concidered as a Riot Grrrl music artist. It's a great genre but it's more a revival of Punkrock ( Riot Grrrl started in the early 90's ) with the only difference in its newer adopted lyrics.

152 2 Tone
153 Scat Jazz
154 Power Electronics

You obviously haven't heard this before if you think anything else is worse than this, high pitched feedback sounds with hateful lyrics that you can barely understand most of the time.

155 Worship Music

No musical talent required. People listen to it purely on the basis that it is about God... None of them have any lyrical talent whatsoever.

156 Sasquatch Agnostic

I don't even know what this is but the name is amazing.

157 Slam

Slamming death metal is actually pretty good.

V 1 Comment
158 Chutney

Some of the most annoying repetitive garbage. They all use the similar melody and nothing is changed. Production is poor, instrumental is cheap, vocals are terrible. - ClimaxProductons

So apparently Chutney is the least hated music genre...

159 Bluegrass

How on Earth is Bluegrass only at 189? It's horrific! - EpicJake

160 Serbian Turbofolk

ABSOLUTELY AWFUL.Thank god it's only know in Serbia and around - DejanKalinic

Thank God this abortation stayed in Serbia

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