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141 Big Beat

Most dated genre of music of all time. Unlistenable.


This genre is just- ew... - wrests

142 British Soul
143 Punk Metal

This doesn't exist. But their are Crossover Thrash (Thrash Metal + Punk/Hardcore) bands, and it's a good genre. Check out D.R.I., Agnostic Front, Iron Reagan, Municipal Waste, or Suicidal Tendencies.The closest band to 'Punk Metal' would be Corrosion of Conformity - ryanrimmel

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144 Oi!

It does exist. It's a subgenre of punk - pretty good.

This doesn't even exist I tried to look it up

This awful "music" genre does exist. It's a form of Ska-Punk (or Skunk) originating in England to amuse small-minded racist English Punks and Skinheads in the late 1970s or early 1980s. - Britgirl

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146 Trallpunk
147 Riot Grrrl

This is just females sing punk music in a garage

Riot Grrrl is a great genre

Wut the heck is this

Bikini Kill, Bratmobile etc... Girls with feminist lyrics that plays 70's, early 80's Punkrock music ( influenced by groups like The Avengers, The Runaways, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and even Mid-sixties Garagepunk bands ). P.J. Harvey ( her wilder side ) said once that she likes to be concidered as a Riot Grrrl music artist. It's a great genre but it's more a revival of Punkrock ( Riot Grrrl started in the early 90's ) with the only difference in its newer adopted lyrics.

148 2 Tone
149 Grime

Grime should be higher then this. There 2 types of grime the older stuff better than the newer stuff now it's just little bastard kids who can barely rhyme who have no life experience talking about guns and drugs they have never seen, and making threats & talking about violence that they could never carry out.

It's a subgenre of rap and Drum & Bass. Good Grime rappers: Maxsta and Skepta.

150 Scat Jazz
151 Worship Music

No musical talent required. People listen to it purely on the basis that it is about God... None of them have any lyrical talent whatsoever.

152 Sasquatch Agnostic

I don't even know what this is but the name is amazing.

153 Pirate Metal

Haha, the only popular Pirate Metal band is Alestorm. They are good, but they are also very cheesy. It's actually funny - ryanrimmel

The only thing I hate about this genre is that you're making a genre out of a lyrical theme which is ridiculous.

154 Slam

Slamming death metal is actually pretty good.

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155 Bluegrass

How on Earth is Bluegrass only at 189? It's horrific! - EpicJake

156 Serbian Turbofolk

ABSOLUTELY AWFUL.Thank god it's only know in Serbia and around - DejanKalinic

Thank God this abortation stayed in Serbia

157 Delta Blues
158 Punk Blues
159 Death 'n' Roll

How can you not like death n' roll it's taking the two best music genres and combining them! But if they EVER combine metal and country I am going on a killing spree

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160 Texas Blues
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