Top Ten Worst Music Genres


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161 Oi!

It does exist. It's a subgenre of punk - pretty good.

This doesn't even exist I tried to look it up

162 Neue Deutsche Härte V 1 Comment
163 Synthpunk
164 Folk Punk

Whiny kids with acoustic guitars singing about how much they love to dumpster dive.

165 Surf Rock
166 Protopunk
167 Noise Rock
168 Progressive Dreamfunk
169 Experimental Rock
170 Instrumental Rock
171 Easy Core
172 Progressive Deathcore V 1 Comment
173 Northwestern Style Indie Rock

Indie rock is the best by the way I have a southern accent (from missisippi)

V 1 Comment
174 Seattle Style Indie Rock

Every kind of country sucks. I'm sorry. Metal is great.

Best ever country sucks metal sucks and

175 Gramhop

A form of rap where the lyrics revolve around Instagram? You're kidding me. WORST EVER.

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176 Power Electronics

You obviously haven't heard this before if you think anything else is worse than this, high pitched feedback sounds with hateful lyrics that you can barely understand most of the time.

177 Brostep

Ok, first of all, I'm glad this isn't at the top of the list. Second, this is included in EDM, so how could EDM be worse than Brostep. This list needs to be seriously fixed. The fact that Dubstep is apparently so much worse is actually quite amusing considering that it is also included in EDM. But you know, whatever? Right? It doesn't matter that somebody who doesn't know what they're talking about is making this list. Whatever.

178 Bebop

People consider charlie parker a genius for playing walls of atonal randomness, and he played the same stuff over and over again. very rarely do jazz or bop musician grow, they reach a peak, and either stay there or get worse. unlistenable

179 Wizard Rock

This is LITERALLY just rock about Harry Potter.

180 Scatgrind

Grindcore sub-genre where vocals are replaced entirely with fart samples and anime girls shouting in agony, lyrics about constipation. I get that stuff like this is meant as a joke but still... examples include Bum Sick and Fecal Matter

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