I have a whole bunch of Korean friends who are obsessed with it. They refuse to accept the fact that the music is meaningless and written by writers, it's all about money, the singers are all heavily auto tuned, and all you have to do is meet up to Korean beauty standards and you've made it. It's a racist industry, unless you're super pale, you have no worth. It's all about image. It's not good for boys and girls to look up to Kpop stars because they automatically think they have to be extremely thin and pale to be beautiful.

All gook music is garbage because all they do is copy Western culture, have no originality at all. There is no soul in it.

They have no pride and no honor. and there is ZERO difference between the music of Japanese ones and Korean ones, or Chinese.

They are all the same. Ugly and effeminate, even with all that plastic surgery.

God I hate those slopes with dyed non-black hair! Looks like they are trying really hard to be something they can never be!

So why don't you feel any more comfortable in your own skin? It is ridiculous.

I would have no problem if someone likes black music, white music, Middle Eastern music, Jewish music, Mexican music or whatever.

But anyone who likes that Asian noise is a cuck and should be sent to concentration camps!

Half of the k-pop 'bands' are just pretty faces that can sing a few lines. I love k-pop but most of the fans just like it because the people in the band are cute or something. Half of the music is auto tuned to the moon, which ruins it for me (I know most of it is to give it a robotic/better sound, not to cover it up. ) That being said there are some decent K-pop bands that make good music, have a good concept (not cute or something stupid like that) and solo artists that do a good job.

K-Pop is mostly bad. The fanbase is crap, though. Someone in the comment section of a video will have a k-pop avatar, but will be commenting about something actually related to the video or addressing a problem, and another k-pop fan will just reply with "ay army! 11". It's also annoying. - galaco

As a metalhead myself, I think K-pop is cool too. Don't blame the bands; blame the company. They're usually being too harsh on the members. Sure, they have plastic surgery, but they work very hard on their songs. And of course, I prefer the music over the looks. - Yungstirjoey

Kpop used to be really good and now companies are exploiting their artists, not feeding them, and force them to alter their appearances to please the public's eye. it's a terrible industry and the music is turning into crap :(

The reason why people voted pop #1 on here is even worse on this genre. The musicians are all hyped for their looks and clothes/styles more than their music, which is just atrocious and disposable, at least pop has offered some good songs every now and then, but this, no way.

What's that I hear? It's called K-Pop? Nah, all I hear is a group of untalented Asians that overdose on autotune, who are adored by teens that have absolutely no social life.

I hate K-Pop. It brainwashed a lot of my classmates and possibly a lot of students in my school - MLPFan

Back then when I hate K Pop, huh? Now I love K Pop but I won't shove it down to everyone's throats - MLPFan

I used to be obsessed with this genre. Now the only Kpop artist I like nowadays is BoA Kwon because she has a unique voice, she can dance, and she has good songs. But the others, no, Kpop is really overrated, especially the boy groups, in which most of the boys in those groups look like girls. The music is extremely catchy, but most songs are not meaningful, some are like Bulletproof by BTS. And it is overproduced to be honest, and some of them only get famous for their looks. I prefer rock music now, sorry. - AnimeDrawer

What the hell is this? Like really they say the same stuff over and over ad the videos give you seizures, the only people that like them are teenage girls, who like them for well their looks

My sister likes it and say I have no life because I like electronic music. Electronic requires knowledge of MANY instruments as well as sound editing, and using autotune means going downhill quickly, while K-pop is about brainwashing teenagers and plastic surgery and looks!
Don't listen to K-pop it will enslave you into a one-dimensional koreaboo robot! - MChkflaguard_Yt

Ugh. I hate K-pop. Like, the videos are EXTREMELY bad, the music isn't even catchy and sucks, and they try copying American rap bands or rock bands. I just hate it. Like J-pop might have bad videos, and their music might not be the best, but at least they don't try copying everyone else and hae something of their own

They sucks! They are garbage that are supported by companies who wear them the way they are. They are spoiled kids who needed a good lesson. He did not produce music! Those are copies. Alvin and the Chipmunks!

Imagine the most obnoxious pop found I North America. Extract it's holy obnoxiousness, multiply it by 20, and add a child who can't sing. Sample some Eiffel 65 type, and add in an extremely repetitive hook

Its tons of fun to listen to. What the k pop stars do is completely irrelevant.

K-pop sucks! They just got famous by their looks, not their songs, which I don't think what it is supposed to be. Anyway most of them got plastic surgery.

Low quality - it is wholly dependent on face, not music!

One of the most corrupt industries in the world.


Plastic surgery first, Talent later.

This deserves to be WAY HIGHER on the list but I guess since most people care enough to listen to it they don't realize how bad it is

I used to be a K-pop fan until all these new groups came in and just made more generic and boring music.

Psy is a good example of K-Pop, but the worst is like Mister-Mister, With their distorted and wrong grammar of English and Korean of bands like 2NE1, So this is the worst genre of all.

Can't understand what the hell those suckers sing