I love rap/hip hop(rap is actually a part of hip hop but I will let it fly that there two different genres in this list) but I understand why it is number 2 and hip hop is 5th, its cause people like Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj have almost killed it (Kendrick Lamar has barely saved hip hop from dieing) but there are multiple types of rap

G Funk
Concept rap
Gangsta Rap
Storytelling Rap
Diss Rap
Rap about how good you are at rapping
G Funk you can listen to Nate Dogg Warren G or Snoop Dogg this is not really not a genre for you if you like music that's about good things you should not listen to this music but the reason it is good is that the music is about how hard African Americans life was in the 90s 80s and a little bit of the 2000s.
concept rap in my opinion is the best type of rap because back then it is about something that is good, if you read the lyrics to most of Tupac's songs you can tell that it has a good concept there are a lot of other ...more

I'm sorry but people either like rap or can't stand it. If you like it it is probably your favorite. There was a time like 2010 where everyone used auto tune. That isn't done now because many rappers need to be real because they rap about real things. The degrading to women is true. Many people think that rap is talentless. No I agree you don't need to know a single instrument to be good at rap but I challenge anyone to come up with a good rap that is fast, rhymes and has lyrically good. Many people hear it and go he's just swearing in the mic. Ya he is but if you listen to the lyrics he is probably rhyming, and comparing everything. To come up with that is impossible to me. Yes I'm biased because I like rap but the only genre that I actually will ask you to turn off is country. That's because all you need is the guitar. I've taken lessons and huitar is hard but the way that country plays the guitar is nothing compared to metal and rock. I'm not a rock or metal fan but the guitarists ...more

Please shut up if you have nothing important to say or if you don't know what you're talking about. Rap is poetry and you cannot deny it. Tupac wrote poetry before he died, not rap, but actual poetry. Rap artists today, the mainstream ones, are bad except for Eminem. His 2015 stuff is amazing. But the rappers you don't know about, like Witt Lowry, are just as good, if not better, than Eminem. Witt just wants to find a more creative way to express himself, and it works. And you must not listen so much to the lyrics as much as the beat, because many rappers have a high usage of metaphors in their songs. And the beat in rap songs are not as bad as you might think. Albeit they're mediocre but I listen for the meaning they put out.

And Positron, please stop saying you hate rap music if you have an open mind about genres of music. You are saying you would listen to songs played on the radio all day that are bad and mainstream by Swift, Bieber, Minaj, and others; than listening to ...more

Eminem is the only rapper that I can listen to without throwing up. And I have given rap a try: I did not like it at all. The saddest thing about rap is that a lot of rappers use autotune, which is pointless because they're just talking. My friend said it's to make them sound "cool, " but I think it makes them sound talentless because they have to rely on something that makes them sound better.

Congrats you can speak lyrics to a beat, try picking up an instrument, or even editing your own rhymes. Maybe join a group, spend months practicing a new album, timing all your sets and actually perform your songs and all its parts live, or you can try and perform a duet where you take turns talking to a beat. I'm sorry if you like rap, but honestly aside from lyrical talent it takes little to no musical talent to perform or create. Just compare some modern front runners such as little Wayne and Drake to say metal bands such as Trivium and Five Finger Death Punch, all of which are great artists in their own right, but are on entirely different levels when it comes to performances and tracks. I mean no disrespect to anyone who enjoys rap, nor to any of the early rappers who talked about real problems in the lives, I'm merely voicing my opinions, and would like to thank you for your time. Rap is music, but is hardly on par with many other genres when it comes to talent and performance.

So, in this genre, I find there's two different versions of it.

1: The good version. This is basically the type of rap you hear in Hamilton, as an example. Some older artists are good too. It IS rap, but it combines it with other music genres as well, and actually talks about something OTHER THAN stupidity and sex. It actually has a melody that makes sense and is made for a reason other than to either be the most horribly catchy song in existence or to get rich quick. The music isn't too techno-crap 100% of the time, there are some uses of instruments. There is some foul language but they aren't every single word in the song.

2(This is the type I'm voting against): The bad version. This is mostly modern rap, like Nicki Minaj(Ugh, I can't even stand to say her name). It's literally just talking with words that rhyme and terrible techno music that sounds like it came out of some crappy alien movie. The lyrics are basically stupidity and sex, as well as a LOT of swearing. ...more

Good thing that people have sense. By putting rap in first. Now, I like various genres of music, in particular electronic with a bit of rock, and I keep an open mind about genres of music. But rap music is just so bad it's unreal. There is no talent to it; what it is is a bundle of noise, infused with more suicide-inducing screeches and moans. I would VERY much say that this deformation of all sense of rhythm is satisfactory, if I were paid Bill Gates' salary for every word used in my sarcasm. And then there's the singing. Hold on there. Singing? It's talking. No, shouting. Shouting in the same way one shouts when your face is being crushed as the wheels of a bus roll over it. And it's not in time to anything you hear in the background. It's probably the sound of the bus running over the rapper's face. Quite melodic, isn't it? Ignoring the continuous, tuneless, mindless beats, let's see if we can make out what they're trying to say, shall we? Oh, no. Probably not. Especially not if ...more - PositronWildhawk

To clarify, I am not generalising. I know each rapper is different, but that's still no different from the disgraceful background which they belong in, in a culture which actively enforces a series of misdemeanors: gang violence, mass egotism, discrimination. If hip-hop held a dominant ground in modern society, nine out of ten of us would be on ecstasy, and there would be near no civilised public behaviour or justice.

Empowering the youth? Essentially, what it's doing to the youth is encouraging them to murder each other, and with rappers such as Tupac having to get shot before their music is considered meaningful doesn't surprise me. It's the only reason why rap can get away with being called poetry, where it is in a fact a culture which thinks it is above its others and above law and order because it's claimed casualties.

One song can be different in that sense, but look at the bigger picture, and look under the double-meanings to it. Rap isn't about trying to get you ...more - PositronWildhawk

This argument that rap means nothing hold ABSOLUTELY NO GROUND. Most rappers don't shout ever. They keep their voice under tone and control to the background beat. Even if they do shout it's not that bus rolling over someone's face loud shouting nor screeching tone. " what it is is a bundle of noise, infused with more suicide-inducing screeches and moans." Funny you should mention that given that all music is a bundle of noise with screeches and moans. The claim that it's about drugs and/or sex is also wrong too, there's plenty of meaningful songs and lyrics to their work. Many cover various points of views, subjects and issues in their music. To generalize and assume that rap is just a beat, shouting, drugs, sex and money is wrong and even if you don't enjoy rap you can't just attack an entire genre with baseless arguments that don't even have plausible points

You obviously don't know hip hop music therefore you don't belong judging it. You need to listen to songs like Smile by Tupac, Beautiful by Eminem or Suicidal Thoughts by Biggie to understand that rap is about empowering the youth.

most "rap stars" don't even rap, they just autotune everything.

I don't mind Rap per se, but it is very vulgar. Nicki Minaj should be ashamed because she is part of the very music that objectifies and over-sexualizes women. No I'm not a feminist, but I do believe in realism, and in morality. Young children grow up listening to music promoting a thug lifestyle, and mystifying things that don't lead to pleasure, but instead worrying about whether they should pick up the soap or not; or about child support. We have in Hip Hop (same genre as Rap) culture, millionaire individuals who pretend to be real thugs so they can sell albums. There are even sub-genres of Hip Hop such as Gangsta rap, and Dirty rap. Gangsta rap is basically about drugs and death, dirty rap is about sex. I don't mind the style of music, or even the genre (though it is kinda crappy). What I don't like is how it's being used, and how it influences the younger generations as it popularizes.

Just.. it's just absolutely terrible. The fact that they can't even play instruments, the fact that they don't have to sing, just talk about drugs, the hood, shooting up families and drive-by shooting, partying, money and sex? The only part of rap that takes skill is the lyrics, but in rock and metal we have to make the lyrics, the guitar solos, the vocals (which also can be high).

You utter fools can't even stand a chance to compare rap to rock. Rock takes A LOT more skill than you think. I have even listened to rap once, and I have realized in a couple of months that it's nothing but garbage. For metal? Do you THINK it's garbage? Open up your (most likely blind, because I can see you rapping idiots aren't really paying attention to how metal can make music) eyes, and WITNESS the subgenres and other non-satanic heavy metal bands. power metal, symphonic metal, and progressive metal.

Amazingly horrible "music." Most songs are repetitive to the point of wanting to smash the radio of the person playing the song. Then, there's the really fast talking and idiotic lyrics, the auto-tuned voice, the horrendous "beats," and the (usual) egotistical rapper. I would rather listen to Andre Boucelli on a ten hour loop than hear Drake rap about Tuesday. Seriously, the music industry sucks major ones, no one on the radio has talent anymore (including pop-stars and new country-stars). The only talent these "singers" have is somehow brainwashing people into buying their new crap albums that suck. I wish people would actually start to listen to real music, like rock in general and 80s/90s country. Rap can't be called music, it's just plain garbage.

How to make rap music:
1. Talk about sex and how better you are at it than everyone else.
2. Sing about drugs and getting high
3. Glorify crime and sing about weapons and shootings, etc
4. Degrade and objectify women and call them hoes and bitches
5. Sing about wealth and material things
6. Cuss about 500 times
7. Dress like a glamorous circus clown and surround yourself with dancing half naked women
8. Talk about how many women you banged
9. Sing about butts
10. Repeat steps 1-10 times
11. Watch the cash come pouring in.

Rap is the most overrated bad genre ever. I can't even tell any rapper apart and the songs have no sense of progression or melody, it's just endless amounts of talking. You can jump between different bits of three different rap songs and have no idea which parts belong to each song. Most rap is about lowbrow subjects that only appeal to the working class and people below the working class (gang members) and when I listen to it, I feel millions of my brain cells committing suicide.

Even as a rock music fan recently, I've been trying to respect hip hop/rap music. I try to like and dislike bands instead of a whole genre. But rap is such an overrated genre. All it is is these wannabe gangsters talking about sex and weed. Like at least rock's lyrics are about more than sex and drugs. Rap is definitely my least favourite genre, and people who think it's better than classic songs like Bohemian Rhapsody and Stairway to Heaven need to check their ears or something. Liking a genre is one thing, calling it the best is another.

If Anything I like the 80's, 90's and early 2000's era in hip hop, ever since 2005 came along with the Southern Hip Hop scene everything just went downhill and has no real message getting across to people. I mean take a look yourself at the Hip Hop scene and look at how Southern Hip Hop had ruined it. If anything Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne made it worse than others because the whole scene now is just based on Money, Promoting Drugs, Downgrading Women as a Hoe, Talking How Big and Tough You Think You Are When You're Not. The lyrics seem too fake and if anything I have to give credit to Wiz Kalifornia to at least to make a tribute and a message to Paul Walker from Fast and Furious and all them other rappers in the 80's and 90's, and also R.I.P. to the now deceased. Like they say "The older the whiskey the better".

I think that rap is the worst at the moment, but in the 90s it had meaning. I've listened to black metal with more lyrical meaning, and that's definitely saying something. Of course, I do have a bias, being an avid listener to death metal (considered to be bad by people of religious beliefs), an a researcher of black metal culture. Rap, in short, does not appeal to me because of it's lack of depth, its generic sound quality, and its hilarious (to me) gangster culture.

Literally the worst genre of music ever created. Instead of killing your innocent brain cells listening to wannabe thugs TALKING, not singing because they have absolutely no talent whatsoever, and playing the same beat every second of every song, why don't you make use of your time and listen to Michael Jackson or some Electro Swing? (Especially 11 Acorn Lane or Xfox's remixes) Your body, sanity, and mental state will thank you later. Keep in mind I'm 14, so I've been exposed to SO much rap, I tried to listen to it or give it a chance, but it literally makes me want to slap everyone who listens to it, and whoever creates it.

As much as I dislike modern, mainstream pop, it actually is technically music. Rap music lacks the main thing that defines music - pitch. Rap music is so simple; it is the most degenerate form of music - so much so that anyone can emulate a 'good' rap 'song' with little or no skill. See Team Ten's "Everyday Bro and Bhad Bhabie's "These Heaux". They don't even possess real words. Rap in all its origins was a great sub concept of music, but almost immediately after its creation it was completely ruined and commercialised by corporate capitalists.

For you rap fans, I'm talking about any rap from the last 20 years. The original stuff, as mentioned, was good - displayed hard times and downtrodden culture. But look at what rap has become, for pity's sake.

People are too general when it comes to rating rap. The autotune crap of Lil Wayne is sad, and it's sad people think of him when they think of rap. Eminem's rapping about real life issues with good beats and no autotuning along with passion and putting his heart into it is what rap should represent.

Rap lyrics
"Just like a refund I make her bring that ass back
And she bring that ass back"-Lil Wayne
This age everybody listens to this sort of sick music filled with offensive lyrics. Rap artists don't have respect for women.
Whereas lyrics from a song by Flyleaf
"Here you are down on your knees again
Trying to find air to breathe again" - Xentrix

Weak argument. Why? You are using just two lines to describe all rap lyrics. - SelfDestruct

Rap is definitely the worst. God gave us music for a reason. It's a beautiful thing and is also artwork. It has a meaning to it. But rap is nothing. It barely ever has any meanings. Not saying its all like this, but many of the songs don't have any meaning at all. And are about getting high or laid. And the Poole who make the music are mostly bad people. Again, not saying all do, but many if not most. And many of them are druggies and just sick people.

Are you kidding me? Rap like Nicki Minaj or Lil Wayne is horrible but there is so much brilliant stuff in rap. It's just the mainstream stuff about drugs and sex that is bad that stuff should be this high on the list but rap in general is really good. And what about Rage Against the Machine? There amazing

You can't say rap is bad, because lots of people enjoy it. I mean, I hate heavy metal, but I know it takes talent to make, and many people do like it. I don't like rap, but that doesn't mean it's a bad genre of music. I'm don't think a genre should be condemned just because YOU don't like it.

"You can't say Rap is bad because a lot of people enjoy it." ARE YOU STUPID? That's what an opinion exists for. Rap is bad. Is there anything that prevents me from saying that? No. It should be condemned, as half the time it's just talking about drugs, committing crime, going to jail, and the other half of it is just yelling without any point. Kids are being more and more shallow and becoming like one another. There's even what's called a basic life, which is obsessing about shoes, liking Rap, cussing, and making fun of other kids, which is happening because kids are being told to do so in the music. I condemn it. It's a terrible genre. THERE. I said what you told me I couldn't say. - The_Guy_With_That_One_Name

Rap is absolutely ridicules. All you hear in a rap song is weed, sex, and money. Those rappers have no talent at all writing these lyrics and bragging about themselves. About sexism, rappers are completely disrespectful towards women that they should burn in hell. In metal you actually need to practice using you're instruments. Metal is a lot better than this crap.

I agree, but MODERN rap is more awful. All the modern ones always sound the same and it gets tiresome. It also gets tiresome to listen to people at my school saying rap is art and that rap "revolutionized" the music industry when it did nothing except make modern songs sound meaningless.

I wouldn't say rap was bad I mean I like 'White and Nerdy' (if that counts as rap) but right now, rap... I mean cRAP music is repetitive and brings nothing new.

The fact that rap is #2 just shows the ignorance of some people. Ever listen to Kendrick Lamar? Outkast? Public Enemy? 2Pac? Mainstream radio trash like Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne doesn't represent this genre properly. Educate yourself.