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1 SPIN's 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time

Skrillex number 100

But Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and the most influental guitarists nowhere... - somekindofaguy

"We don't worship the guitar gods. But we do worship two chord guitarists". - zxm

2 Acclaimed Music's 6000 Greatest Songs

Smells Like Teen Spirit nr. 2?
Love Will Tear Us Apart nr. 11?
Anarchy in the UK nr 19?


We Are The Champions nr 1154?
Foxy Lady nr. 1568?
Child in Time is "bubbling under"?

And this list is absolutely an alternative/pop based list, because this list hardly contains metal/disco songs! I can't believe how a top 6000 couldn't have some metal songs! - somekindofaguy

3 Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Singers

Everybody here at TTT is butthurt over this Rolling Stone list, because it quite correctly has Freddie Mercury down at about #16, which in truth is exactly where he belongs.

4 Kerrang!'s 50 Heaviest Albums of All Time

49: Beatles-White Album
47: Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland

And who will put Tomb of the Mutilated to this list? - somekindofaguy

5 Watchmojo's 10 Hated Disney Animation Shows

This isn't about music. - RalphBob

6 Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Guitarists (2011 Update)

The 2003 list was correct, but the 2011 update is... awful! - somekindofaguy

7 Digitaldreamdoor's 500 Greatest Rock Songs

Half of the Songs not even Rock songs! - somekindofaguy

8 UltimateClassicRock's Top 10 Heaviest Led Zeppelin Songs

Immigrant Song is nr 5 but Kashmir is nr 2... do you have any questions? - somekindofaguy

9's Top 50 Greatest Extreme Metal Albums

They placed Mercyful Fate's Don't Break the Oath as number 1. It's a good album but it's not even extreme metal.

10 Complex's 10 Reasons Why Migos Are Better Than the Beatles

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11 Kerrang!'s 50 Albums You Need to Hear Before Die
12 Digitaldreamdoor's 100 Greatest Metal Songs V 1 Comment
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