Top Ten Worst Music Magazines

A list naming and shaming the world's very worst music magazines. This could be due to their dislikeable writing style, inaccurate/biased reviews, lack of interesting or relevant content or their obsession with only focusing on and sucking up to established, popular acts instead of varying their content between mainstream and upcoming artists. Whatever it is, the following magazines all have something to hang their heads low about.

The Top Ten

Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stone Magazine isn't a total displeasure to read. It is a least well written and can sometimes offer an independent, original view on the world of music. Other times though it can be highly biased, particularly to popular, established artists. Indecisive is another word that can be used to describe it too; it has a tendency to change its mind a lot, and very quickly.

They said Zeppelin and Sabbath didn't stand a chance, they are funnier that Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and George Carlin combined. - SoldierOfFortune

We Love Pop

This magazine is quite simply a display of utter, total stupidity. It is biased, irrelevant and completely worthless to an unmatchable level. We Love Pop is without any doubt the worst music magazine in the world,


Whereas other magazines on this list at least try to cover up the fact that they only focus on established, mainstream acts, Billboard makes no effort to do this whatsoever. It's pages are filled with various assortments of garbage, always praising even the most talentless of artists. Billboard has no originality or edge to it at all, though it's reviews aren't the most inaccurate of all the magazines on this list, it's content is lacklustre and highly irrelevant. It is journalism at its very weakest.


Possibly the jokiest magazine on this list, nearly everybody except its audience of clueless teenage girls who think its cool now to dress in Nirvana tops without a clue as to what any of their songs were besides smells like teen spirit, know that KERRANG has lost all of the edginess that it claims and desperately tries to have. Nowadays it is a magazine stuck between worshipping whatever new, popular rock band that everybody is talking about, and occasionally making last ditch attempts at saving their rapidly eroding image as a serious music critic. Their reviews are terribly biased not to mention completely, wildly inaccurate and they have very little worthwhile content at all. That is of course unless you are sad enough to adore pop punk come boy band acts such as All Time low and You Me At Six, in which case, God rest your poor souls.


Often criticised for it's bitter, self indulgent style, The NME is easily the most hate-able music magazine in the world. It doesn't necessarily favour the popular and mainstream, but instead it chooses its own artists to suck up to, usually artists whose music is frequently acclaimed by every other critic. Their despicable, constant adoration of The Arctic monkeys has become truly unbearable, and they have some of the most inaccurate reviews in the business. They do however have one saving grace though, and that is that although aggravating to read, their content is often original, and The NME does offer a good insight into new and upcoming acts as well as established ones.


I have little to say about this magazine other than that it is lucky, judging by it's covers, that it is even considered a music magazine. As of it's content, well, it's pretty much the same story as the rest of the magazines here, dull, unimportant and biased. Enough said.

Alternative Press

A similar story as KERRANG, the Alternative Press had an edge to it, lost it and now caters for teenagers who think rock and roll is cool but don't know anything about it. Unlike KERRANG though, Alternative press has somehow managed to preserve it's status as a trusted critic, to a degree, and while it's content is mostly bland, it isn't the worst reviewer in the world. Then again, it's along way from the best too.


Although Pitchfork isn't technically a Magazine any-more, I've still chosen to include it on this list because it would be a crime not to. It is a magazine with original views and one that isn't at all biased which is good. But it does have some of the harshest, most horrendously inaccurate reviews on the planet. It seems that a band must offer up the moon in order to please them.

FACT Magazine

It is a sad, irrelevant and ignored magazine with highly inaccurate reviews. It is at least unbiased.


Poorly written and heavily biased, XXL often favours what is popular over what is actually worth listening to.

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Country Weekly
Q Magazine
Spin Magazine
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