Top 10 Worst Music Sub-Genres

Sub genres are usually 2nd genres or just more of a certain genre of music. Example: Punk rock. Punk rock would be a sub genre of both Rock and Punk. They are good sub genres,however they are also terrible sub genres and I`m counting the worst sub genres yet. If you never heard of these sub genres congratulations you learned more about music sub genres! You might see a lot of weird names but I`m not making these sub genres you can look them up yourself!

The Top Ten

1 Nu Metal

Bands like Linkin Park created this monstrosity of a sub genre! This is probably the worst alternative metal sub genre and the sound alone of most nu metal I hear just makes me want to turn off the nearest radio I have.

2 Acid Punk

Well this subgenre of punk is just punk with drugs... that's it really.

3 Filk

Basically folk music but not as good.

4 Hick Rock

Basically alternative Country Rock I guess?

5 Mechanical Death

It's like Industrial mixed with Metal it's a weird combo.

6 Rap Opera

How would this exist?

Random items should not be added - Ananya

It's not random it actually exists I used a sub genre website and I literally saw this sub genre so think before you say.

7 Mass

I just don't know how to explain this one.

8 Oi

This is a weird sub genre of Punk Rock and the name alone is weird.

9 Purple Sound
10 Romantic Death Metal

Romantic death metal, mechanical death, hick rock? I've never heard of any of these - ryanrimmel

Neither have I... but they all exist somehow don't believe me search them up.

Don't add idiotic items - Ananya

These genres are better off separate they just don't work together. Death metal is ok on it's own but not with Romance.

The Contenders

11 Pornogrind

Nothing is worse than this subgenre, you can bash on metal and rock subgenres that you don't like all you want but as soon as you hear pornogrind song and read the title you will immediately know.

I wish I never knew.

12 Mumble Rap

On one side, there’s people who have musical talent that don’t get that much attention. And the other, there’s this horrible genere for talentless rappers like Lil pump, Lil yachty, and many other. And somehow, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE PRAISE THIS?!?

What has happened to music?

13 Pornogore

Sounds disturbing.

14 Pop Punk

This Punk subgenre is good actually beats Nu Metal anyway.

15 National Socialist Black Metal
16 Goregrind

Search Biological Monstrosity to see why.

17 Electronic Dance Music Electronic Dance Music
18 Deathcore
19 Metalcore
20 Black Metal

It's only on here because of it's satanic themes.

21 Depressive Suicidal Black Metal
22 Country Rap

Nothing like a bunch of black hating red necks taking the musical beats from a genre founded by African americans and putting their own crappy idiotic slang and words to it as they desperately try to look as "hard" as the people who created this genre and used it to speak out against the same racism these hick hop artists are creating with this ripped off sub genre

Nothing like

23 Bro-Country
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