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1 2010s

This is so easy! All music today is electronic dance music that's overly-sexualized and sounds the same as every other song. Every decade has it's bad music, but almost every mainstream song nowadays is horrible. The only good music from this decade is Adele. We have artists like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande. You notice something all of those women have in common? They're all beautiful, but have little to no talent. That's because sex is all that sells nowadays. Real music and originality are dead. Anyone who tries to be different or innovative gets thrown under the bus by the music industry. The only way music can improve at this point is if rock music makes a huge comeback. - olliv

There is no passion or soul or originalityin the music in my opinion I am 15 years old currently its 2017 and I listen to 70s rock and 90s grunge, I think that a lot of the popular music is very bland and sounds the same I also feel that to be a famous musician nowdays all you need is a hot body because a lot of these people that are famous can not sing and are only famous for their looks. I hate that almost all songs of any genre has a dance pop element to it. I also hate how there is nearly no real instruments being played its all computers and synth. I also hate the autotune and rap, rap used to be good with NWA 2 pac Eminem public enemy but now it all sounds the same. the subject matter of the songs nowdays is about partying butts and bad relationships to me its all whining and complaining I really wish that sometime in the future that there is REAL SOUL in music its too produced and cleaned up and its because of the record companing so they can screw themselves because they ...more

Hip-hop, electronic crap, breathy-mouthed girly singers who seem to be suffering from bell's palsy and foreign accent syndrome at the same time, etc. The 2000s were incredibly bland, but this decade has been horrendous. - truckturner

Yep, when people think of crappy music, they think of the 2010s. Not the worst decade overall, but DANG! Music at this time is just disappointing in every way. It's the worst for music. - LightningStrike

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2 1980s

Shut up with all of your sex humor, racism, butts, and lame lyrics crap! This decade defines fun! - LightningStrike

Number 1 now bro

80s music is so bad. Hair metal, trash pop, techno, MTV cheese, and washed up 70s bands.

Make it #1

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3 2000s

Come on, the 2000's were great for most music! - wrests

I hate 2000s music!

2000s music was good. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

4 1950s
5 1960s
6 1940s
7 1930s

The 40s and 50s were superior in pretty much every way

1930s was considered bad because of war

8 1990s
9 1940s
10 1930s

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11 1970s
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