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1 2010s

This decade sucks for music overall. I like some of it's music but not all of it. There's butt music which is getting on people's nerves all the time. There's cheesy pop music which is being famous all because the singer wants too. There's rap music which all sound the same. There's radio hits which are super annoying and they also sound the same. There is a huge lack of rock music. There's critics hating on Imagine Dragons and Fall Out Boy and liking Cardi B and crap. And also... There's not much that inspiration to it. It's just the most cheesy and most repetitively annoying decade for music. I hate it. - Pointingfingers

How can this be highest on the list? 2010 is an decade of evolution, we are walking into a new era of music where no one cares about the radio and everyone can become a musician. Their are just so many good underground musicians today too and a lot of great semi-mainstream musicians, it’s something for everyone!

This is so easy! All music today is electronic dance music that's overly-sexualized and sounds the same as every other song. Every decade has it's bad music, but almost every mainstream song nowadays is horrible. The only good music from this decade is Adele. We have artists like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande. You notice something all of those women have in common? They're all beautiful, but have little to no talent. That's because sex is all that sells nowadays. Real music and originality are dead. Anyone who tries to be different or innovative gets thrown under the bus by the music industry. The only way music can improve at this point is if rock music makes a huge comeback. - olliv

This is by far the worst decade for music. There’s barely any good artists out there at this point. Everything sounds the same and is always repetitive for the radio. As a 2000s kid, I have to say that 80s and 90s music is a lot better.

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2 1980s

WHAT! LITERALLY EVERY GREAT METAL BAND CAME FROM HERE! Its was NOT all made from a computer. Maybe pop music was but this being number two is heresy! This decade had Motley Crue, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Dio, Michael Jackson, so many great other artists! - MattAffterburner

The worst in centuries

Oh, the recording is so bad and I don't like any type of rock so... I couldn't live in this age.

Shut up with all of your sex humor, racism, butts, and lame lyrics crap! This decade defines fun! - LightningStrike

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3 2000s

The 2000s must have been the beginning of the end for music. It just got worse from this decade on.

This decade was no good

It was ok I guess. - LightningStrike

Come on, the 2000's were great for most music! - wrests

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4 1950s

Boring as!

5 1940s
6 1960s

Whoever thinks 1960s music is horrible, go and get your ears swabbed.

Nah, this is when music became super revolutionary. - LightningStrike

I voted for this one because for me, this is the less interesting decade of all time, there is literally 5 musics of this century I like, a day in the life for exemple, or baby I'm gonna leave you from led zeppelin.

7 1930s

The 40s and 50s were superior in pretty much every way

1930s was considered bad because of war

8 1970s

No! Best! It was the decade of one of the most iconic artists and albums of all time! - LightningStrike

9 1990s

Come on people. It's not that bad. - LightningStrike

Most depressing era of music.

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