Top 10 Worst Musical Films

I am a HUGE fan of musicals! But there are still some very terrible ones out there!

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1 Annie (2014)

I felt like my ears were bleeding during this movie! I was really surprised by how bad this movie was! I didn't think it was gonna be good but I also didn't think it was gonna be HORRIBLE! It's such a terrible remake of an already good musical! Even as it's own thing it's still awful! Whenever Annie sings, you can tell her voice is auto tuned! It sounds terrible! Also, Cameron Diaz is in this movie and this is probably her worst performance yet! I can't stand her in this! I also found this movie to be very predictable! Honestly, even Jamie Foxx couldn't save this movie! - MegaSoulhero

The original one is amazing! This girl has a pretty voice but I mean she isn’t really great for Annie... I think they could’ve lived without the remake.

I love this movie! O my god how can this be bad. I love the story and songs. Annie is like, so cute. I cannot believe you people. 😑

2 High School Musical

This is worse than Annie in my opinion. - TheFourthWorld

High School Musical is a film that some people like and some people hate. And for some reason it has three movies (one of which made it into theaters) and there's a 4th one coming! I hate Kenny Ortega so much! Not as much as I hate Joe Rohde or Justin Bieber, but close. This is the most unrealistic movie I have ever seen! Why are there random musical numbers in a high school!? When I went to high school, this never happened! Some of the songs are ok I guess but sometimes they come out of nowhere! Also, Zac Efron lip syncs for most of the movie! In Breaking Free, he starts singing terribly, then seconds later, he suddenly sings better! I discussed how much I hate Troy and Gabriella when I was talking about the worst Disney movie couples. Each movie has them experiencing conflict with their relationship! This movie is also filled with stereotypes! For example, there's a character named Sharpay who is a mean girl and she thinks she is better than everyone else! And she can't sing if her ...more - MegaSoulhero

Silence haters Zac Efron is a sex god.

When I was younger I begun a biased hate towards musicals because of this stupid movie. Thankfully I've watched more movie musicals now and I've found out that the musical genre can make masterpieces if handled right, however hopefully more people avoid this movie.

3 The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I'm gonna be honest here! This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen! I was absolutely amazed by how bad this film was! So much cringe! It was very painful to watch! It made me wonder why it was so popular! Apparently, back in the 70s, they would have special midnight showings in which people would dress up as the characters and even bring props and they would dance along to the songs! So it's not even the movie itself that's popular! It's only popular because of audience participation! When I watched this movie, I wanted to turn it off within 20 minutes but unfortunately I had to watch the whole thing for homework! Tim Curry plays a pansexual scientist which is beyond weird! My least favorite song is Creature of the Night! I don't really wanna talk about that song because it is random and horrible! For some reason this movie is getting a remake! Starring Victoria Justice and the guy that plays Diggie from Liv and Maddie. I don't understand how this movie got a remake! It is so ...more - MegaSoulhero

Well, I like the movie because it's unique and there's nothing like it while still being engaging with fun songs, but I will admit, I can see why people hate it. It's definitely not for everyone. - Elric-san

Was hoping this would be here. Deranged piece of crap, both times. Not even mildly amusing.

4 Home on the Range

This is the worst Disney animated movie ever made! To sum it up, the characters are annoying, the villain hypnotizes the cows by yodeling, and this movie has the absolute most forgettable songs ever put in ANY movie! That's pretty sad since the songs are written by Alan Menken. The songs in Hercules aren't good but at least they are memorable to some extent! - MegaSoulhero

5 Grease 2

This is, by far, the worst musical in history!

Who even likes either Grease movie? - Elric-san

It was painful enough the first time. Travolta was girlier than Newton-John.

6 Teen Beach Movie

Wow! There are NO good Disney Channel Original Movies! That's pretty sad. And there's been 100 of them already. Teen Beach Movie is, in my opinion, the worst of them! And since there are 99 other terrible ones, that says A LOT! Two teenagers go surfing and then a giant wave makes them end up in the beach musical that they were watching earlier in the film! I have no idea how that is possible! Throughout the movie, Mack and Brady have no choice but to sing! This movie actually seems to make fun of musicals in a way. Mack and Brady are aware that randomly breaking into song and dance is weird. That's a pretty good idea but they totally ruin it when they have a musical number at the very end of the film even though they went back to the real world! If I were trapped in that beach musical I would go insane because the characters are irritating and they do nothing but sing! I have no idea how this movie got a sequel! But the strange thing is, the sequel is actually better. It's still bad ...more - MegaSoulhero

This is a really bad movie. However this is just an understatement. Don't get me wrong I love a lot of musicals (Les Miserables *even though it's an OPERETTA*, Wicked, Into the Woods,etc) however there's some that I flat out hate (Grease, High School Musical, Footloose). This however brings the hatred part to a whole new level, in fact I daresay that Teen Beach Movie is WORSE than the 2008 live-action Speed Racer movie. Now THAT is saying something. - Anonymousxcxc

Classy original movie that is very entertaining - Rucas

7 From Justin to Kelly
8 The Pirate Movie
9 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this, but South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut is terrible! I'm a huge fan of the show! It's very funny and enjoyable! The movie, however, not so much. The four main kids go to see an R rated movie and after watching it, they can't stop swearing! For some reason, the kids seemed well behaved before watching the movie even though in previous episodes, they also had a thing for swearing. Because of the movie having a negative effect on children, the parents of South Park decide to "blame Canada"! They even sing a song that gets nominated for an Oscar! It's a good thing Phil Collins wrote an awesome soundtrack for Tarzan! He totally deserved that win! Why is this movie even a musical? It seems like the songs were added in because they needed to fill up time! The songs have literally no purpose and some of them are parodies of Disney songs! Also, the parents have no reason to blame Canada for making an R rated movie! It's not like they wanted kids to watch ...more - MegaSoulhero

Oh Well I'm Sorry, Good that Your Staying Away From The Purple Abomination, Just How Is South Park Movie Is So Bad? - VideoGamefan5

@MegaSoulhero I'm so happy you hate the South Park movie. In fact, I hate ALL of South Park from seasons 1 to 16! I only like seasons 17 and beyond of South Park.

10 Descendants

When Disney Channel makes a movie, you know it's going to be bad. They only make bad movies that are under 1 hour and 30 minutes.

They actually found a way to ruin some of the best Disney villains ever! A little fun fact: Descendants wasn't originally going to be a musical. But then High School Musical director, Kenny Ortega, came in to direct! The genres of songs that they use in this film don't really work well. For example, THEY TURNED BE OUR GUEST INTO A RAP SONG! Why would they do that!? I like rap but they pretty much ruined a perfectly good song! I loved these Disney villains in their respective movies but here they are just hateful! And not in a good way! Why would they cast Glinda from Wicked as Maleficent!? At least we get to see Maleficent as a dragon in this movie! Unfortunately, the CGI is some of the worst I've seen! Their kids are no better! I have absolutely no idea why Jafar's son, Jay, is a thief! He's supposed to be Jafar's son! Not Aladdin's son! This movie is somehow getting a sequel which means people actually like this film! I hope it's better because I can't stand this film! - MegaSoulhero

Plus the end credits song doesn't even go with the tone of the movie and they killed the villain's perspective thing by making it a love story. - Anonymousxcxc

The Contenders

11 At Long Last Love
12 Rent

I was interested in watching this movie because I'm a Broadway nerd. One day my mom and I decided to watch it and we couldn't even get close to the halfway mark. I ADORE Seasons Of Love and I think it's a brilliant opening song, but the rest of the songs were extremely cringeworthy. I just think it's a really bad movie in general. - Absolite

Time to rant about Rent! It sucks! I haven't seen the Broadway musical but after watching this movie, I don't think I want to see it! People might be saying that the play is better, but I doubt it since I absolutely hate this songs! Except for Seasons of Love. The songs are very bland, uninteresting, and repetitive! This is the first time I have ever hated a character played by Idina Menzel! Although, my favorite part of the movie involved her character but I'm not going to say what it is because... reasons. Another problem I have is that the movie seems to keep adding in pointless moments as if they're trying to make the film longer then it deserves to be! This movie felt like it was 525,600 minutes long! I'm still debating on whether I should see the play when it comes to San Diego in January! - MegaSoulhero

I thought Rent was good when I heard seasons of love. So I listened on but my ears hurt like hell. I’m never seeing the play or movie

13 Xanadu

The only thing I remember about this film is the title song. I loved it so much I named my caterpillar after it. It turned into a beautiful tiger moth.
I can't remember the actual film at all. - Britgirl

14 Barney's Great Adventure

Barney is stupid - balloraiscool234

Barney is Evil and he MUST die!

Come on really? this was my childhood!

Listen to the song. Backwards. Barneh? You mean atheist satan?

15 Mamma Mia (2008)

The most annoying movie in the universe. No lie. - Elric-san

16 Can't Stop the Music
17 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
18 Newsies

I personally hated the movie. They sang one particular song about 7 times, which ticked me off. I really hate all of the bad acting. Whoever wrote this, I feel bad for you, because this play and this movie both stink.- A.H.

19 Pete's Dragon (1977)

Why did this movie get a remake? So they could make it better! Which they did! Because the original 1977 Pete's Dragon is pretty bad! I first heard about this movie years ago when I saw the Electrical Parade but didn't watch the movie until a few months ago. I am so glad I didn't watch this when I was a kid! It's about a boy who has a dragon that can turn invisible. Just from the premise I should've known this movie wouldn't be very good. The villain in this film is Dr. Terminus who wants to kill the dragon so he could make medicine out of it's parts and become rich. He even sings an annoying song about. None of the songs in this movie are any good! And most of them are pretty forgettable! This entire movie is corny! I'm kind of glad the remake was nothing like the original. - MegaSoulhero

20 The Phantom of the Opera (2004)

I still haven't seen the actual Broadway play. But from what I've heard, the play is MUCH better than the movie! I hope so because this movie is kind of stupid! Mainly because of the acting! I just couldn't get into these actors' performances! They weren't even trying! I absolutely hated Gerard Butler as the Phantom! Also, Gerard Butler CAN'T SING! Some of the lip synching is also pretty bad! Sometimes it would look like a character's mouth is trying to sing something completely different! I really need to watch the play some time because I would probably like it more. - MegaSoulhero

"THIS IS THE POINT OF NO RETURN! " He sounded like he was just barking it out while there was a lump in his throat. Well, no access to Broadway, so I'll read the book for a good story. - Elric-san

21 The Jazz Singer (1980)
22 Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World
23 Nine
24 Glitter
25 Fantasia
26 Paint Your Wagon

Don't know WHAT possessed Eastwood and Marvin to sign-on for this train wreck.

27 Rock of Ages
28 A Chorus Line
29 Frozen

Should be higher!

30 8 Mile

Why is this there?! They should pay for that!

31 Bratz the Movie (2007)

It makes High School Musical blush in every way!

32 Trolls
33 Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
34 James and the Giant Peach
35 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
36 Cinderella II: Dreams Come True
37 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World

Must I explain this one. - Anonymousxcxc

38 The Hunchback of Notre Dame II
39 Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
40 Mame
41 Lost Horizon (1973)
42 The Wiz
43 Man of La Mancha
44 Camelot (1967)
45 A Little Night Music
46 Into the Woods

Best musical ever - Rucas

I hate this film

47 The Greatest Showman

The worst movie I have ever seen. and iv'e seen a lot of movies.
it's a horrible film with a few catchy songs.

48 A Star is Born
49 Chicago
50 Cats
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