Worst Musicals of All Time


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1 High School Musical

No body in High School breaks into song for no reason - Beast1499

2 Grease 2
3 Hannah Montana: The Movie

This is a musical? They never Break into song or anything

4 Once Upon a Mattress
5 High School Musical 2
6 High School Musical 3: Senior Year
7 Rent

Entitled teenagers complaining about how the world doesn't cater to them... But it's in SONG, so it's okay.

This is my favorite musical EVER

8 Glitter
9 Hairspray

It has Zac Efron and Ariana Grande in its recent remakes. What more could you despise? Also, its songs are uncatchy and your best friend does not have to be the same gender as you, for God's sake! I give Hairspray a 3/10.

10 Moulin Rouge!

The Contenders

11 Shrek the Musical

Darn I LOVE this show! It may be only my opinion but I love it so much.

It just feels wrong without the original cast. Aside that it's fine I guess. Kinda duller than the movie

So! Stupid! I couldn't bear to watch it for very long.

It sucks just like the movie.

12 Into the Woods

Very overrated. That's all I can say.

Shut up. this is an amazing movie. the ending sucks though. the characters songs are so raw. not to mention hilarious! I mean come on! have you heard agony? but I hated the fact that there was a narrator. like just the singing narrated enough.

13 Across the Universe

Worst musical ever. All versions of the songs are horrible

14 Lost Horizon

The ghastly 1973 remake of Frank Capra's classic, this features an awful score by Burt Bacharach, second rate choreography by Hermes Pan, and stars that great movie musical couple, Liv Ullmann and Peter Finch. Didn't they learn anything from Goodbye Mr. Chips (1971)?

15 We Haz Jazz

It's a terrible musical with songs that barely even sound like jazz. There is barely a story, and the characters are bland, 1-dimensional, and underdeveloped.

16 Frozen

This is not really considered a musical at all

Frozon don't wach it inside out and zootopia and trolls are better

17 La La Land
18 The Phantom of the Opera

Come on you guys! The movie's crappy, true, but the show is a masterpiece!


19 Rock of Ages
20 The Wiz

Where to start? Well first of all, the land of Oz looks like crap, every shot is filmed 300 feet away, the tin man has an ass-numbingly slow song, when Michael Jackson sang they tied him to a pole instead of letting him dance, speaking of which, if this version of Oz was supposed to be like a version of New York why the hell was there a corn field? The wicked witch doesn't make a single appearance until the climax, the flying monkeys got turned into a motorcycle gang, and just when you think Dorothy is finally going home, she stops and sings another song, in which the entire time it just shows her standing in front of the camera staring you down

Crappy movie but the live show is good

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1. High School Musical
2. Grease 2
3. Once Upon a Mattress



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