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21 Annie

$35 million dollars! Everyone complained about movies like Doctor Doolittle and Hello, Dolly being overblown elephantine movies, but they were still entertaining. This movie, directed by John Huston, is one of the coldest, most mean-spirited and overblown movie musicals of all time. Taking, what is basically a charming stage musical, this one stars Albert Finney, Bernadette Peters, Tim Curry, Geoffrey Holder and the marvelous Anne Reinking. The only one who finds a comic strip sensibility, and the only reason to sit through this Turkey, is Carol Burnett as Miss Hannigan. In the opening number, she appears to be single-handedly in charge of 200 little girls. No wonder she is being driven nuts! Released at the same time as Steven Spielberg's love letter to aliens, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, there's no excuse for this $35 million disaster!

22 The Pirates of Penzance (1983)

No way! The movie may not be great but the show is very funny.

23 From Justin to Kelly
24 Bratz the Movie (2007)
25 Guys & Dolls
26 Pirates 2: The Hidden Treasure
27 Frozen

Frozon don't wach it inside out and zootopia and trolls are better

28 Santa Claws

It's the worst movie ever and I'm only 12

29 1776

Bad bad bad

30 La La Land
31 Little Shop of Horrors

That downer ending of the musical makes me want to kill Audrey II and stop at nothing. You ain't gonna kill the protagonist and get away with it.

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