Top Ten Worst My Little Pony Fan Made Videos

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1 Smile HD

Too much blood and gore. Not for kiddies. - Pegasister12

I watched it and I could sleep one night and almost barfed because of it. I never watched it again and I never will.

It's so violent and gruesome I hate that Fanfiction. Apple Thief is way better! - Neonco31

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2 Cupcakes

It was absolutely horrible! As if pinkie would do such a thing to rainbow

I've seen a reaction video of this. It is very graphic. - Croy987

Smile HD was a good remix,with good animation. Cupcakes is just a mess! It almost made me throw up(so did the animation)and it increased my fear of going to the dentist and getting chopped in half. The music is almost bad and there's so much tearing out Rainbow's body parts. Okay,Smile HD could've ended better,but this one was SO CREEPY!

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3 Rarity's New Patterns
4 Pony.Mov

I liked the videos, but there was too much cussing. - Pegasister12

5 Kissing videos
6 The Elements of Insanity

The videos were cool. - Pegasister12

7 Beat It PMV

Animated James ruins a classic Michael Jackson song.

Not Michael Jackson such a disgrace to his death. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

How dear! Beat It is BEST Fandom's song!
Michael Jackson was a really good person, his songs were nice, so why we can't make parody?

8 Cupcakes Trailers
9 Dusk's Dawn
10 Rainbow Factory

Honestly, I can't even think about this. I was so afraid...

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