Worst My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Characters


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1 Diamond Tiara Diamond Tiara

People PLEASE LISTEN hasnt anyone seen the episode crusaders of lost mark it shows the real truth about diamond tiara that she wanted to be good and treat her friends goodly but her mother and father don't let her be that way and so she cries and wants someone to teach her how to be good and when the crusaders offer to hep she becomes good and helping diamond tiara is the reason why the crusaders get their cutie marks in the same episode and now she is good and I think calling diamond tiara bad when you haven't seen all the episodes is not nice so go and watch and then say something about her.

Yes, I blame her mother for derailing her. I think she deserves to replace her daughter here. - TylertheTitan

I cannot believe why Fluttershy is on the top. Fluttershy is a great character what's wrong with you people? Diamond Tiara is far worse than Fluttershy. This filly is stupid, cruel, nasty, and heartless to everyone but herself, even to her friend, Silver Spoon. Diamond Tiara deserves to be on top. Her cutie mark is just stupid and meaningless. I mean, it's just a crown. I hope that someday Silver Spoon will stop being her friend. She doesn't belong with Diamond Tiara.

She's a real brat and really mean to the crusaders even if she's not traditionally evil but she is the worst like a bully is the worst

Yes that's right

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2 Fluttershy Fluttershy Fluttershy is a female pegasus pony from the 2010 animated TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is a kind pegasus and is very timid and shy. She takes care of the animals.

Now before I start, I don't hate her, but she is the worse because of her character and how boring and bland it is.

1. For FIVE seasons she was nothing but timid and quiet. I don't mind if she had a few episodes where she learns to face her fears that relate to her fears and shyness. But this is CRAZY! Nearly all of her episodes relate to the her shyness and being a doormat. I do like that the writers made her less timid in the newer seasons, but even at that I can't give too much credit to them since it came out of no where. Like someone hit a switch and her shy personality completely vanished into thin air. I know it's a kid's show, but really? What the heck kind of example is " Keep learning the same lesson over and over again and one day you'll wake up as a new person like Flutters! "

2. Fluttershy NEVER gets repercussions for her actions. Pinkie makes her cry and suddenly she's evil and her friends give her the dirty eye. But Fluttershy starts acting like ...more


I aren't that mean, but seriously people have no logic as she is 2 on the worst character list and and 2 on the best character list.

I hate Fluttershy because of the following reasons...

1. She has the least amount of character development! She will have an episode where she becomes all brave then in the next episode she will be all shy and timid again. It's pathetic!

2. She's mean and selfish! In one episode (I can't remember it's name) Rainbow Dash is trying to get Fluttershy to come and watch the dragon migration as a favour because she watched the butterfly migration with her! That's what a good friend would do right? But no! Fluttershy gets angry and stamps on poor Rainbow leaving her in a daze but when she opens the window she opens it gently before running away! She cares more about her window than one of her best friends!

3. She became REALLY mean in Putting your hoof down and don't say that was Iron Will's fault because it wasn't! He tried to help her develop her character and become braver and less of a pushover! He didn't tell her to berate her friends! She made Pinkie Pie and Rarity ...more

NO! Fluttershy is cute, caring and loving. She's quite brave, just she didn't let it out. - SnowyAqua

Ew Fluttershy is horrible

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3 Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is the primary main character of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is a female unicorn pony who transforms into an Alicorn and becomes a princess in Magical Mystery Cure.

Here are the top reasons why I hate her: 1. She's selfish. 2. She thinks she's a big know-it-all. 3. Her voice actress only gets famous because she voices her. 4. She gets all the attention. 5. She's the reason this show sucks. 6. She's a big jerk. 7. She's not funny. 8. She's likes to be credited as the "star student." 9. Instead of having the fear of losing her friends and family, she fears about FAILING A TEST! 10. SHE FREAKS OUT OVER NOT SENDING A STUPID LETTER AND THROW A SCARING MENTAL BREAKDOWN OVER IT! I MEAN SERIOUSLY! Now you know why she sucks. Good-bye!

Not every character has to be absolutely hilarious and she is very modest, not selfish. Watch "Boast Busters." It proves she isn't selfish at all.

I hate that people do not analyze the characters. Twilight was something unbearable before, but now is indifferent to other ponies, except her friends, Starlight and the other princesses. She is a hypocrite, believed, and may be the cause of a type of flanderization. People love Rainbow Dash, only because of its design and its (unbearable) attitude that attracts many, and Twilight, defending it in a discussion, only say that "Twilight is smart and kind". Well, first: YES, SHE IS INTELLIGENT, but it does not make her a better character. Second: She only appears to be "kind" when it suits her or to look "right", but... in the Pinkie Sense chapter, she was hateful and disgusting, in not Second Prances, she sees her double standards and hypocrisy, What about Discord - she is also hypocritical and immature. He appears certain virtues to protect his reputation as a princess. But nobody analyzes, this. And do not make me comment on Rainbow Dash...

I don't have a very extreme opinion on her but she has too much attention! SHES A ALICORN LATER IN THE SERIES! Like honestly, if your going to give wings and the lead position in the show to someone, give them to applejack, who in my opinion has much better leadership skills and traits

She is amazing! stop hating her

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4 Prince Blueblood

Not only is he a jerk, but he's a bland and boring character. What made me firmly hate him was how he used Rarity as a cake shield to avoid getting hit by cake, then he didn't even apologize for it!

He is a jerk on so many levels. He is vain, selfish, and rude. He uses Rarity as a shield and treats her like a pushover, insults Applejacks food after she gives it to them for FREE! "Royal Pain" is too kind too call him. If I were Rarity, I would've left him and went to Spike, because he doesn't deserve the title of being a Prince

This guy is what Rarity calls a Royal Pain! - ZettaGirl23

He was a complete jerk. Rarity is a character I like, and seeing her be utterly used as bsically a doormat was nothing short of awful. Also, may I ask why Twilight and Fluttershy are on here? I like both of them.

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5 Angel

Did you know that Angel is based off real male rabbits? Because male rabbits have a tendency to be picky and mischievous and they can screw things up; not just Angel.

He doesn't even care about Fluttershy and she does so much for him. He makes me so mad. Not only his he rude and a brat towards Fluttershy, but mainly towards everyone on the show (ahem, Spike). Yet he still manages to get whatever he wants. Grr. :((

Ugh! Angel is the IMAGE of a spoiled brat who ABUSES Fluttershy day in and day out and STILL gets anything he wants! This rabbit needs to burn in the fires of Hell!

What a dumb bunny... even his name is ironic.

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6 Snips

The fact that he was one of the first male characters on the show to have a personality makes me feel disgust in my mouth.

He is a complete moron and one dimensional.

Snips or Snails I don't care! But they are UGLY and big misunderstanding we see them in a school of children of 10-12 years! (the same at the Cutie Mark Crusaders! ) while they are adults! It mean that in addition to being ugly AND stupid!

Funny character, but I don't think he even gets enough screen-time to be on this list. Why not someone like Discord? He's way worse because he's just a stupid... selfish... THING! And even when he stops being evil, he's still a huge ass.

What a character:
*Unleashes wild animal into a sleeping town at nighttime.
*Expects his idol (Trixie) to fight a huge bear for his own amusement.
*Almost gets Trixie killed by the bear, and shows little to no interest in her safety.
*Gets a slap-in-the wrist punishment.
*Gets treated as a good friend by everyone, for no apparent reason.

A Karma Hoodini, with no redeeming traits.

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7 Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon is the second in command alongside Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon is actually a character that I like. My top 10 reasons why. 10- She is loyal to Diamond Tiara, except in Crusaders of the Lost Mark. 9- She isn't as bad of a pony as Diamond Tiara. 8- She doesn't bully the crusaders in every episode that she's in. 7- She isn't that annoying in the show. 6- She's actually friendly to some characters in the show. 5- She is very optimistic to Diamond Tiara. 4- She turns good in Crusaders of the Lost Mark. 3- She's caring, to Diamond Tiara by trying to cheer her up, but it doesn't work. 2- She was the first on to applaud after Granny Smith's story in Family Appreciation Day. 1- She's not a doormat of Diamond Tiara, because she finally stood up to Diamond Tiara in Crusaders of the Lost Mark. My top 10 worst characters ever. 10- Gilda 9- Queen Chrysalis 8- Film and Flam brothers 7- Nightmare Moon 6- Discord 5- Angel Bunny 4- Meanie Pie 3- Spoiled Rich 2- King Sombra 1- Diamond ...more

She's literally a bad version of diamond tiara, YEAH! And she's number one on the list at the moment! She has no character and Is only there to serve as Diamond Tiara's only friend,

Silver spoon isn't as bad as diamond tiara, but that doesn't mean I like her. And I don't hate her either. I pity her. I have a feeling that she's forced to be friends with diamond because of diamond wanting to win more. That just goes to show.

What is that name? what IS THAT NAME!?

S I L V E R S P O O N!?
I'm done

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8 Rarity Rarity Rarity is a female Unicorn pony from the 2010 Animated Television Series My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. She is the element of Generosity and her main passion is fashion.

I do not understand why rarity is here. The fashion industry is one that is in my mind highly underrated for all the work that goes into it. Fashion is not just a game of dress up for the "popular" girls after they've grown up. It's a actual profession and Rarity shows that perfectly! And for people saying that she's not generous, just please remember, BEING A DRAMA QUEEN DOES NOT MEANT YOU'RE NOT GENEROUS! Not to mention, her emotional nature makes her arguably the funniest character in the show. Overall, she's a great character even though she has flaws, and does not deserve to be on this list.

Manipulative and whiny and way too fashionable. (I'm a tomboy ) In my fantasy world I'm a cat and so I'm not afraid to bite a little ponies neck!

I'm a tomboy who's a cat in my head too! And also to the person replying, How is that edgy? You're the one who's being edgy. "Stop being so edgy when you aren't, kid." I would torture Rarity then kill her. I think she deserves to be tortured, then die. - CinderpeltandCinderheart

She is NOT generous! She does nothing but give commands! She is also rude and annoying. And remember when she grew these wings ( twilight are you stupid!? ) she showed it off! Then she could not even save herself from the fall! Rainbow dash I love you! You have generosity actually. So, to conclude my speech, rarity is a mean selfish weak and stupidly useless pony

Rarity is to anoying. Every time there is an episode for her I want to skip it. Rarity is to high class and. She can be very snotish

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9 Derpy

I don't think she is a horrible character, but she is just overrated. All she is is a mistake by the animators. And then one or two bronies found her, uploaded her, and some other guy liked it and so did you and probably you might make a lame excuse if I tell you you do not know why you like her. - DubstepLover

W...Why is this here?

WHY IS SHE ON THIS LIST? Well, I must say, she is kind of strange. But, she does not deserve to be on this list. Much less above Twilight Sparkle. Sorry if anybody is a big fan of hers, but it seems she is less deserving to be a princess than any of the main six in my opinion.

You know... I don't dislike her, she's just overrated.

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10 Button Mash

He is overrated and annoying as hell

I liked this guy in Button's Adventures. He should have his own sitcom.

Overrated and so annoying he should DIE

He was one background character. Good to know you can ship one off characters that don't talk with main characters now, I was worried.

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11 Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash is a female Pegasus pony from the popular 2010 kid's show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She represents the element of loyalty is one of most well known characters of the show. She may be a little mean sometimes but she still does what is best for her friends .

Really? I don't don't think so! 1. When she hurt Fluttershy's feelings, she was trying to encourage her to be braver! I know it wasn't the best way, but nobody can be absolutely perfectt! 2. She's just voicing her opinion! Don't tell me you haven't voiced your own opinion before. 3.If I were her,I'd be mad too. Her friends were trying to teach her a lesson in the wrong way. They didn't even bother to talk with her! How hard can saying,"Hey Rainbow Dash, think you should stop showing off? " be? 4. Her calling tTwilight an egghead was probably not meant in a bad way. She's probably telling Twilight that she's a nerd in her own way.5. Rainbow Dash did not try to replace her, and when did she ever insult Pinkie's party planning because I didn't see that and I don't think it actually exists.

Gotta say, I definitely disliked her character in earlier seasons. I'm a fan of tom-boy characters, but I just couldn't make Rainbow Dash an exception. Probably because I am not a fan of characters who are over egotistical, this was certainly one of my greatest hates for her. As much as her fans deny it: she IS selfish, and ignorant. She is seen being down right rude to her friends. An example: calling Twilight an egghead, using her wings to cheat when versing Applejack, insulting Fluttershy in the episode Dragon Shy, and calling Pinkie annoying.

Not like I hate her, but she's definitely made great character development, making her a more enjoyable character for me. I understand that not every character can be flawless, but you can't prevent someone for not liking another. Rainbow is my least favourite out of the main six, probably because I can't relate to her at all, or I just can't forget about how she used to be. There have been plenty of episodes where I have enjoyed her ...more - fluttershyisbae

Screw Rainbow Dash! She sucks. She's an overrated showoff who everyone likes just because she said 20% cooler. She cheated by flying against Applejack (who even pointed out she was flying... Get Applejack off the list! )

She complained about the dress even though Rarity put her heart and soul into the dress.

She still made fun of Fluttershy even when she was scared.

She is an annoying showoff who saved the town and took advantage of the towns gratitude and became an overly annoying jerk.

She replaced her best friend, Pinkie Pie, with a random party planner who showed up in Ponyville which almost made Pinkie leave Ponyville!

She called Twilight an egghead when she started to enjoy reading as well. Shouldn't the mane 6 be mocking her and laughing at her?

Honestly I wish Rainbow Dash was right under Fluttershy. Applejack deserves someone fair to play against and I think Rainbow Dash doesn't deserve the element of loyalty. Her element should be ...more

Rainbow dash is so bossy and is very bossy. She always want to be the leader and tells the other ponies to do what she wants to do. Crazy rainbow dash and selfish rainbow dash. I HATE RAINBOW DASH!

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12 King Sombra

He's a lame villain. He has no depth, no back story, no nothing. He's the worst villain of the series.

He's just standing there. Menacingly.

I can't really say I agree with Sombra being a weak villain... He knew the Crystal Heart would be essential to his defeat and as such placed a whole lot of stairs, protected it against teleportation, and made sure the only way someone could get to it was if they were willing to sacrifice themselves... which the Crystal ponies were unlikely to do in their depression.

He is just so mean I mean come on!

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13 Princess Celestia Princess Celestia

PRINCESS CELESTIA IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER WHY IS SHE HERE?! She is not a troll and I saw her get angry once. She has a personality, and without sun, there would be now rainbows in reality. I disagree with you all. You may think she is a stupid, unimportant, personality less, and lazy, but she is actually smart, important, has a personality, cars about other ponies, and AMAZING.

Why is Celestia here..? Oh.. Right.. The overrated so called, "best princess" was banished to the moon by her.. She turned into a villain! Celestia had choices, but made the choice of moon banishing. So what?!?! She was turned into a villain! Got that? Okay. Now stop hating Celestia because she did something REASONABLE!

Yeah! She had to save her kingdom. I can't believe some people are being so immature - TwilightKitsune

Celestia does way more than luna and cadence

Everyone hates her because she sent 'best pony' to the moon
And how if she a troll if she saved 1000 ponies from a raging angry princess who tried to kill her 1000 years ago?

I hate this fandom so much:(

Whoever said they want their OC to poop on Luna's head is stupid, and their OC is trash! I wish my Kingdra will use Ice Beam on that person! Screw the Princess Luna Haters and My Little Pony in general! - TheMuslimMemer

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14 Gilda Gilda

Gilda is a jerk! Read the full comment:

One of the worst cartoon characters ever. Gilda is just a big jerk (although I like the episode she's in)! At the start, Gilda was rad. But then, when she flew with Rainbow Dash, she quickly become an insulting meanie-pants, stealing RD from Pinkie Pie continuously, popping her balloons, told her to buzz off, and broke that flying thing she invented. And later, when Pinkie was drinking a milkshake, GILDA WASN'T DONE! She scared Granny Smith (that could have her a heart attack), stole an apple without paying for it, and then, guess what. SHE YELLED AT FLUTTERSHY, THE CUTEST CHARACTER FROM THE SHOW, AND THEN FLUTTERSHY GOT SAD AND FLEW OFF CRYING! That was just plain mean. Later, when sweet little Pinkie set a party for her to turn that frown upside down, guess what Gilda did. She didn't like anything, and during the Pin The Tail On The Pony game, SHE HARASSED RARITY, MY favorite CHARACTER! And then, she could have actually killed Pinkie, ...more

Gilda should be the first on this list! Gilda has no regard for anyone other than herself and Dash, and could've murdered Pinkie Pie and not cared! She also scared Granny Smith (NOT cool; she could've had a heart attack) and yelled at Fluttershy for bumping into her when she could've easily moved out of the way. At the end of Griffon the Brush Off, she just leaves behind Dash only to return in Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell to try and destroy Twilight Sparkle's relationship with the rest of the Mane Six, amd try to hang out with Twilight just because she's a princess. Gilda is honestly one of the most despicable characters in MLP:FiM.

I don't think she should be on this list! Sure, she was a jerk, but she probably has something good in her. Rainbow Dash doesn't make friends with any old pony. Let's give her a chance and see what happens.

Gilda's definitely not even close to the best, but I wouldn't call her the worst. I never really gave her much thought.

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15 Opalescence

I fail to see why people immediately get hateful towards any character that is not completely perfect. Opalecense is funny in my opinion, and is pretty similar to a regular cat. Though she can be annoying sometimes I think that is just who her character is supposed to be: a spoiled kitty who is in some aspects similar to her owner.

Take this off! Opalescence is not bad!

I really like opalescence and don't know why she's here.

Worst mop pet foe sure

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16 Spoiled Rich Spoiled Rich

Diamond Tiara is unbearable. Until Crusaders of the Lost Mark when we learn that she is like that because of her horrible, horrible mother. Really, all you need to do is just look at her design. If that won't convince you, then just constantly remind yourself of what her name is. Spoiled Rich is not a name I expect a nice person to have.

I don't blame her daughter anymore. Terrible mother. - TylertheTitan

Look at her and her name. That's all the information you'll need.

The Source of Diamond Tiara's Mental Retardation.

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17 Snails

Snail is the worst

He should be first, along with snips. Stupid little boy stereotypes. Ugh.

Snails is the worst ugliest and stupidest most annoying characters

How come Snails is twenty places below Snips? Did we just decide, "Meh, we're not really sure, but they're pretty much the same character, anyways"? Come on, either put Snails in the Top Ten or put Snips down in the twenties. Make up your minds.
Plus, keep in mind that I am in eighth grade -- in an Advanced Program class -- and most boys STILL act like these two. But they're in AP, aren't they? Just because they don't act very bright doesn't mean they aren't.

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18 Applejack Applejack

Apple Jack is the best and here is why!

1. She is the only one to apologize to Twilight fr turning against her at the Wedding!

2. One of the only two ponies (besides Fluttershy) who insisted on keeping the original dress Rarity made for the Gala!

3. She refuses to cheat even if it means losing her home, and when the inevitable comes, she just gives up and accepts her defeat

4. Losing her parents at an early age, she never gave up and eventually grew to become a strong and independent mare

5. She is the only one to go to the Gala, Not for personal benefit, but to help her family.

6. And despite having the most important reason to go, she is the first to give up her ticket, the moment she see's how upset Twilight is!

7. She patiently put up with Fluttershy's cowardice all the way up to the dragons cave while the others had it getting on their nerves

8. She doesn't hesitate a second to save Spike from the timber wolves

9. In ...more

I think applejack is great why would she possibly be on this list my mom always says she sounds like a boy but I just tell her she's being rude to my favorite character even though she's not my favorite character she is awesome and if you were really mean to her she would strangle you with her rope and so would I cause she's awesome!

Being an Applejack fan is hard, everywhere I go when wanting to talk about her there is hate on her and her episodes. I feel left out and depressed all the time because of this. I barely even share my opinions anymore because I'm always getting hurt. And how the writers pander to popular opinionated fans and being unfair to Applejack fans by giving her less quality episodes only proves the writers are an evil bunch who supports suicide I've attempted 4 times and ended up on hospital the last year and a friend online took her life in 2015.


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19 Flash Sentry

Flash is a bad excuse of a character. He has no flaws and is a typical cool guitarist guy. Whenever he appears, Twilight goes from being an intelligent and strong character to a complete ditz. If the writers are going to give Twilight a boyfriend, couldn't they give him an actual personality?

I don't HATE him or anything, but his character needs more development. He is also just the stereotypical "cool" high school guy who plays guitar, is popular, drives a nice car, and dresses like a rebel. All he is missing is being a jock. REALLY.

A lame boyfriend for Twilight Sparkle. He has no personality.


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20 Owlowiscious

I think he's cute. Stop being mean to him. He didn't do anything wrong.

What did he do wrong?

What did owlowiscious do to you she never did anything so what did she do to you

Don't be mean to the poor owl. I think he is adorable.

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21 Scootaloo Scootaloo

I feel so bad for Scootaloo. She's the least popular Cutie Mark Crusader, and look up her name with "cute" at the end of it and you find very few pictures. Weird enough, though, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom get all the glory and love. Scootaloo deserves better, I spit on this list.

Why does Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle get love when Scootaloo deserves it more?

Where are her parents? If their dead, who does she live with then?

Scootaloo is amazing but Applebloom is better

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22 Svengallop

He is the only character in the whole series that I hate I don't hate any other character in the show I just am not as interested in certain characters but he is the only one that made me want to yank my hair out

At least Diamond Tiara was redeemed. At least Angel Bunny is able to put his attitude away when necessary. There is absolutely nothing good that can be said about Svengallop.

I despise this guy. He along with spoiled rich is now my most hated character I've seen on the show ( even worse than diamond tiara and angel bunny).

He called kids brats

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23 Tirek

Wow. Season 4, you are the worst season of the series so far. Even Gilda is better than Tirek. And she sucks. I think the reason he sucks is because he has a dumb motivation. Luna wants to be appreciated, Discord just wants a friend, Chrysalis needs to feed her hive, Tirek... wants power. He just wants power. He goes through no real character development, making him one-dimensional and bland, and despite his awesome design, he sucks. He's like Sunset Shimmer: they both started out as bland potato bags. The only difference is that Sunset started bad but got good. Tirek started bad... and stayed that way.

(pretending to be tirek) hi, I'm boring and dumb. Even though I can shoot fireballs, I rather let my enemies win.

One of the dumbest and most boring antagonists. Queen Chrysalis is the best antagonst!


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24 Trixie Lulamoon Trixie Lulamoon Trixie Lulamoon, is a female unicorn pony and traveling magician. She tends to speak in the third person and refer to herself as "The Great and Powerful Trixie".

Even if Trixie starts making up and becomes a friend from now on, I STILL won't forgive her! Like other villains, Trixie is also unoriginal and cliched! Her only strength is being a stage magician as well as her appearance and voice, but that's all there is.

FINALLY! Trixie deserves to replace Applejack on the list! She's bossy, her voice sounds stupid, and I'll never forgive her for doing what she did to Twilight and her friends.

Why does everybody love her? She rude and bossy. I hope her personality lowers down in future seasons:(

Trixie is best waifu

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25 Luna

I don't hate Luna. She was selfish in the very beginning of the show because she wanted to start a new colony in the night or something, but Celestia didn't let her. A devil spirit crawled into Luna's heart because of jealousy, and hence, Nightmare Moon was born into her spirit and made the night last forever to make the ponies starve for no photosynthesis for plants. But when she was reformed by the Elements of Harmony, she turned good again. But even about 20 or some number of episodes, Luna came back. And for some stupid reason, (even though every single pony came to the ceremony) they thought she was Nightmare Moon... Ponies have short term memory loss or are more stupid than they look. But at the end, Luna befriended the ponies, and they finally realized she was the Pirncess of the Night, and the haunter of their dreams!

I hate Luna. I find her irritating, most evil, dull, jerk, naughty and horrible. She is a terrible princess in the whole Show, she isn't promise anything about Celestia. Make her number 1!

Luna is worst pony, she is a donkey poop and my least fave pony. She is THE WORST princess, she gets all the glory. Celestia is my fave pony and Luna is poop.

Luna takes up all the glory, she is not worth it.

1. She has done nothing good for Equestria. She raises the moon and sulks around the castle.

2. She is extremely ungrateful that she has been given a second chance. Despite Celestia and everyone else forgiving her, she still isn't kind to her sister and thinks he has all the love.

3. I know this isn't really about Luna the character, but she is so overrated. Celestia didn't save Rarity in Sonic Rainboom. GASP. Oh my goodness! She is the most evil devil ever to exist! There is a whole attack with changelings at a wedding and every pony is being used as food for them. Luna is sleeping and comes when it is all fixed. Yes, Luna is the best! Yes, our lazy, selfish idiotic princess. she should die in a hole

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26 Discord Discord

Discord is so funny and awesome and weird, a great villain!

Hey bro don't hate discord his cute and funny look on the good side of him

Every comment here says how much they love Discord! I love him too! He is really funny and I love how he and Fluttershy are such good friends! My favorite character in the whole show! Whoever did this only knows him from when he was evil!

The most interesting villain in my opinion and he's still hilarious when reformed!

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27 Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie is a major character in the 2010 show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, based on Surprise from My Little Pony G1, She represents the element of Laughter.

Pinkie Pie is far too hyper and energetic for some of the fandom. I get that, but why is she on the list? Better question: why are any of the mane six on the list? They are the main characters after all. Either way I also dislike Pinkie Pie she's far too hyper for some of us like me. She acts like she's a filly all over again. I get that her main goal is to make ponies laugh but she tries too hard. WAY too hard. In the episode where they introduce Cranky -- I absolutely HATED Pinkie Pie she tries to talk to someone who CLEARLY doesn't want to talk to anyone and wants to live a quite life, she bothers him until he just gets mad at her. Pinkie Pie doesn't get much character development and sometimes she just feels like the writers just use her for comedic relief.

Why is pinkie on this list?

I don't hate her, but she is my least favorite of the six main ponies. First of all she is way too talkative and hyper for me; I guess I just find her annoying. And second of all is that she is obsessed with parties, which I find sort of weird.

Pinkie pie is awesome, remove her!

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28 Sci-Twi

Why couldn’t Sunset Shimmer stay as the main character of Equestria Girls?

29 Babs Seed

Babe is not really a bully she was just acting like that because she thought that then diamond and silver would like her by the way person who said that discord should kill twilight I am sorry but you are in the wrong channel the horror channel is right over there though FYI you are watching a kids show main characters CANNOT die in kids shows

She's not bully she's just acting because she was bullied before a lot. I don't get why she's here on this list.

For her to side with bullies to avoid being bullied herself is not the right way. It's just plain wrong! - AlexTopTens

I'll never ever forgive her.

She has a retarded accent. Hate her so much.

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30 Wind Rider
31 Applebloom

Umm why is Apple Bloom on this list? She's awesome!

I don't hate her, but I like Sweetie Belle more.

Did you see bridle gossip?! She was mean to applejack!

Diamond Tiara was making her be mean and she is actually really nice

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32 Jet Set

Well jet set and his wife are supposed to be jerks it's for the episode duh

33 Uppercrust

Shes a dick, that's all.

Agreed. (I am laughing so hard.)

34 Cranky Doodle Donkey

Grumpy and boring. Period.

It seems like the writers didn't know what to do so they made this donkey

Slice of life character... :/

Again wrong channel but he isn't so bad

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35 Princess Cadence Princess Cadence

I hate her because she is so a mary sue!

Princess cadence is best pony and why is Cadence the 53 worst pony

But cadence is really the only one you can truly ship.

I agree. I read Matt Haig's "To Be A Cat", I agree that Caramel the Siamese is a total jerk. Put her here.

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36 Starlight Glimmer Starlight Glimmer Starlight Glimmer is a recurring character, initially an antagonist, in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She first appears in the season 5 premiere, The Cutie Map. From The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2 to Celestial Advice, she is Twilight Sparkle's student in the ways of friendship.

Why is Statlight so low on this list? She brainwashed an entire town, almost killed Twilight and Spike many times, tried to stop the cutie mark connection and played with the time JUST because she lost a friend when she was really little?! Starburst saved her LIFE, or saved her from getting seriously injured by those books that could've squished her like an ant, and got his cutie mark. Starlight wasn't even a little bit happy for him? She was the one being a really bad friend. Starlight can't get away with the horrible things she did. She was just HANDED friendship and that is NOT something you'd want to teach kids;"Somone tried to kill a princess and her assistant, brainwashed a town, played with the time of the world? Give he lots of love and friendship! " Mother of God.

Starlight Glimmer is the worst character! 1. She has a poofy mane. 2. She seems to be a watered down version of Twilight Sparkle. 3. She is insane. She lost one friend and turned into a homocidal maniac. 4. Then she just turned good and actually saved the Mane 6. She must have a personality disorder. 5. That poofy mane... seriously! 6. She mopes around feeling sorry for herself all the time. She stole a whole town's cutie marks, but sees herself as the victim? What about all the years she stole from the other ponies forcing them to conform to her idea of perfection? 7. Hasn't tried to make amends for her actions. I hardly think a simple 'sorry' suffices for the years of suffering she enforced on other ponies during her period as dictator. 8. Ruins Twilights dinner with Princess Celestia because she's selfish, ungrateful and self absorbed. She saved your behind, have some appreciation. 9. Freeloader. Moves in with Twilight and free loads. Tries to cheat in her friendship lessons by ...more

She should be first on this list. She ruined the show by taking the spotlight in the premieres and finales when the remane five deserves it more, she was too new and too soon to interfere like that. Her fans are a bunch of hypocrites and very misunderstanding and cruel to other fans. The whole fandom has gotten hypocritical because of Starlight, when I complain about the unfairness, hate and discrimination of my favorite character everyone hates me but when Starlight fans complain about the same thing but about her everything is ok? That's just unfair and despicable. I used to be neutral to Starlight even though I always felt she took too much focus too soon she had a lot of potential, but they messed it up. But it's her fans that makes me outright hate her. Starlight is so overrated! I no longer watch the show and buying the merch because of her and the fact my favorite pony has always been unfairly written.


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37 Timber Spruce
38 Nightmare Moon Nightmare Moon

Why do I hate Nightmare Moon? It's because of HER that the riff of the Royal Sisters started in the first place! She took over Luna's body and purposefully tried to murder her sister and all of Equestria under the so-called "eternal" night. I don't know how stupid this demon gets. Does she realized the world cannot live long enough without the sun? It's just ridiculous. - MillieTrina_Prower

Naw Nightmare Moon is cool!

Baby your so beautiful

Love nightmare moon - Mynewaccount

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39 Nyx

Nyx still is overrated.

Nyx isn't a real character! Nyx is just something on the internet...

This is not a real character!


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40 Gloriosa Daisy
41 Mayor Mare
42 Filthy Rich

I was looking for his wife but I forgot her name. I hate diamond tiaras parents because they want their daughter to be a bratty bully

This character is just here as a plot device. Also boring in my opinion.

He needs merits... and a personality! - Thifer20

43 Garble

Garble is a dragon all dragons are jerks except spike I like spike.

If you think about it, he posed a bigger threat to Equestria than anyone else in the entire show. If he became dragon lord he would have likely killed every pony in Equestria. That's worse than making it night all the time, or stealing their powers, or enslaving everyone, or doing whatever Discord was doing. He is by far the most evil character in the show. He can be kind of funny occasionally though. - Thisgoronsonfire

Ember is also a good one - Mynewaccount


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44 Bon Bon
45 Rumble

No I love scootaloo and rumble second cutest ship.

46 EG Shadowbolts
47 The Sea Serpent

What do you mean the that hilarious sea serpent who helped the donkey on his moustache in slice of life he funny

48 Iron Will

Iron will should be much higher in the list and not be a person (I don't care if your a minotaur) who exists.

Finally why is he 43 he should be 2 not who was it again? I think it was twilight

49 Plaid Stripes

Yea he is annoying - SushigirlO6

50 Sunset Shimmer Sunset Shimmer

She was a bad one then in rainbow rocks sunset shimmer went to a good one so don't hate her

Sunset Shimmer: please, get me off the list. Why? I love you guys. You're all my friends. But just think for a moment, dose it make sense that someone stupid as Twilight sparkle out there, dawdling behind us? I think it dose.

You guys are mean to put Sunset Shimmer here she rocks.

Reformed Sunset has go to be the worst character in the entire My Little Pony franchise. a blight in the world of animation. I still cannot believe she was reformed by way of brainwashing! that alone makes her unlikable. and her fanbase is one of the worst fanbases ever. seriously, she was better off as a bad girl... why she isn't even in the top twenty, I don't know.

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