Starlight Glimmer - The Worst Thing To Happen To My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Hello ladies and gentlecolts. It’s your trollicorn TK here. I haven’t made a post about My Little Pony in a long time. So I’ll make one now.

If you have been watching the show for a long time now, I am sure you are familiar with Starlight Glimmer. In case you haven’t, Starlight Glimmer is a recent addition to the Mane Six (now seven, or eight if you count Sunset Shimmer). Starlight was first introduced in the first S5 episode where she is the leader of a cult village of ponies. These ponies believe that cutie marks are evil, and have all given up theirs in exchange for equal signs. Starlight insists the mane six give up theirs as well. However, after some poking around, it is revealed that it’s all just a sham – Starlight has removed everyone’s cutie marks except her own. Distraught at being found out, Starlight escapes. Meanwhile, the other ponies get their cutie marks back.

Come S5 Finale –

Starlight returns – and guess what her plan is. She plans to time travel to the past so she can stop Rainbow Dash from doing the Sonic Rainboom that gave everyone their cutie marks, so that the Mane Six will never get their cutie marks and stay divided, as revenge for busting her in the first two episodes. She and Twilight Sparkle go into a fight to stop the Rainboom from happening and stopping Starlight from stopping the Rainboom from happening. The whole thing is complicated so I’m not going to go into it – but we get various glimpses of alternate timelines about Equestria’s future if the Mane Six had never met. They include

- Queen Chrysalis taking over and feeding Equestria to her changelings
- Nightmare Moon enslaving the world
- Chaos overtaking everything
- Dry, barren wastelands full of post apocalypticness that resemble the Attack on Titan world
- Americans loving Tingle (jk)

In one if these time flashes, we see Starlight’s own past.

We see why she’s evil.

We see why she destroyed the lives of so many ponies, who could have potentially benefitted the pony race, but instead lost themselves to a mindless cult.

We see why she divided the Mane Six, and made sure that all the past villains won.

You wanna know why?

You REALLY wanna know why?


Excuse me for a second please –


This, in the history of cartoons, is the WORST motivation of ANY villain I’ve ever seen. Her friend moved away? She thinks her actions are justified because her friend moved away? That’s pathetic.

When I was in fourth grade, my best friend moved away. It was because her family got a new job. Do you see me going back in time and stopping jobs from ever happening so I could keep my best friend? No.

(Okay, you guys know I can’t time travel, but you get my point).

In the end, Twi convinces Starlight to stop messing around, Starlight repents, boom, she’s magically forgiven and faces no consequences for her actions, everyone loves her, she becomes her pupil and all is well.

This is why I hate Starlight Glimmer.

She’s a badly written character. Her motivation is weak, she gets forgiven easily, she never suffers anything for her actions, and even gets REWARDED for all she’s done, by being Twilight’s pupil. What the actual fudge.

Honestly, she was the nail in the coffin for this show. My Little Pony, while a commercial success, really needs to wind up now. I love the show and all, but everything has to come to an end. Please, Hasbro, do us all a favour and end it. Now.

The show itself tries very hard for the audience to like Starlight Glimmer. Its laughable, their feeble attempts. In one episode, they brought fan favourite ensemble darkhorse Trixie Lulamoon and the whole episode acted like the events of “Magic Duel” never happened. And for some reason, they act like Trixie’s actions were worse than Starlight’s (what the hell, Trixie was never the villain to begin with. Its pretty dumb how in Boast Busters, everyone treated her badly for talking about her magical talents, DESPITE THE FACT THAT SHE WAS A SHOWPONY, SO THAT WAS HER JOB). Trixie honestly deserves to be in the M6 and Twilights pupil more than Starlight. In the finale of S6, Starlight comes to play and important role, which only she can do. Those attempts all failed, and made me resent her more than ever.

Also, her redemption. I know I’ve already said it, but she GETS OFF SCOTT FREE for her crimes. Double standards much? When Tirek tried to go One-Winged Angel, he was banished to Tartarus for his crimes. Why isn’t Starlight sent to Tartarus? Why isn’t Tirek Twilight’s student? I know this show is about friendship and all, but they have to establish a Moral Event Horizon here. Is it too much to ask for Starlight to be minced into pony kibble and fed to dogs (Forget banishment to the moon, if anyone deserves that it’s Flash Sentry).

Everyone in Ponyville always treats Starlight like a normal pony. Again, see what I said about redemption and all? Luna had to deal with being treated like a freak, until the M6 helped her fit in. Sunset Shimmer was at the absolute bottom of the school hierarchy, and worked hard for her forgiveness. It was a long time until everyone accepted her again. Fluttershy was the only one willing to take in Discord at first, and Diamond Tiara had a whole episodes worth of redemption and earning forgiveness. But not Starlight. No, we were supposed to forgive her right away for all her sins. Even the villagers she used to rule, whose lives have been lost, destroyed, ruined etc forgave her in a heartbeat.

She is also RIDICULOUSLY overpowered. She can best Twilight at any spell (HOW CAN AN ORDINARY UNICORN FIGHT AN ALICORN?). She even had the power to swap Celestia and Luna’s cutie marks (Celestia and Luna are basically pony goddesses). Oh god, please don’t tell me she’ll ascend to Alicornhood. Because then, the moral of MLP would be “If you act like a whiny baby womanchild who rips the world apart because her friend moved away, and instead of attempting to contact him which would be much easier than enslaving a whole village of ponies and then going back in time and ruining other people’s lives and just be a bitch in general, you’ll get rewarded for it and everyone will forgive you and you get to be a princess”.

So, yeah. That’s why Starlight Glimmer is the worst thing to ever happen to MLP. This is solely my opinion. Tell me yours in the comments below. See ya later, because now I’m busy trying to banish Flash Sentry to the moon. Now where did I keep that spellbook…..


Yeah, some admins on RWBY wiki and I were talking about it. We always make fun of the fact that the villains in MLP are either boring and die or they're forgiven no matter how badly they messed up. Starlight seemed to be the weakest of these former villains. Her motivation was very weak and pathetic really. At some point in life, everyone moves on from one of their friends. But that doesn't mean we turn into bitter people who don't care about others. Plus the fact that she's just as good at magic as the Alicorns makes her seem unrealistic as a character and the show doesn't explain why she's that power. She just is. - RoseRedFlower

ikr? - TwilightKitsune

She isn't that bad - BoyGenius234

Is to me - TwilightKitsune

To me she is the epitome of everything that is wrong in modern life. Those that oppress and bully others are rewarded - Wolfie22

I still resent her, even when she "redeemed" throughout seasons 6 to 8. gonna see the new season soon? - visitor

I kinda quit watching the show after s6 but I'll try to catch up - TwilightKitsune

Did you quit because of dash and starlight? - visitor

Hit the nail right on the head - TwilightKitsune

:D you really got a great sense of humor, especially when answering my questions. lmao - visitor

Haha thanks - TwilightKitsune

I quit the show after season 5 and I'm never going back - Wolfie22

I like Starlight Glimmer. I think she earned forgiveness and respect after she saved everybody from Queen Chrysalis at the end of season 6. Her storyline and personality has been a good addition that keeps the show fresh. - girlcool

Her storyline is weak and makes her look like a womanchild who set up a communist village and destroyed the world because her friend changed his address. I mean seriously, couldn't she pony-Facebook him or something? And if she really did care about Sunburst, she wouldn't have destroyed the world he lived in. To me, it seems as if she is a selfish narcissist who just wants control of him.

Her personality is an expy of S1 Twilight Sparkle with a bit of Sunset Shimmer and Rarity. Nothing original.

I don't care if she saved everyone in S6. She still sucks. I'd rather Chrysalis kill her and team up with the M6.

This show is literally a dead horse. - TwilightKitsune

I'm not an MLP guy, even though I seem like one, ik. But, kudos for this post, TK - EliHbk

Thanks buddy - TwilightKitsune

She sounds like a mary sue to me. I mean, she's instantly forgiven for her crimes? Is extremely overpowered? Tops an alicorn when she's only a unicorn? "Tragic" past (not tragic at all to be honest. She should stop being such a crybaby over her friend moving away)? And even gets rewarded after her crimes? Sounds like a complete mary sue to me. Great post though, Twily. You deserve a pizza 😄 - MLPFan

Funny you should say that, I had one yesterday - TwilightKitsune

Funny you should say that, I had one yesterday - TwilightKitsune

Yeah, Starlight Glimmer is the epitome of everything that is wrong in modern culture. I went from loving MLP to hating it in one episode. I will not support it while she is a character and I haven't looked back at the show since. - Wolfie22

Me too. I hate her - TwilightKitsune

Glimmer made me hate the show completely, sorry. - Wolfie22

Not you, but a large part of the brony fanbase hates her - TwilightKitsune

I wanna write a song about Starlight. - RoseWeasley