Diamond Tiara

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I'm partially not perturbed by Diamond Tiara's antics as she is young. And being well known in the community makes her the easiest target for such ridicule. If anything, the number one spot is more akin to Garble or Hoops who may have had more experience. But we wouldn't know that because they're one note bullies! That's not to say I'm defending her. She's a one-dimensional character with unknown quarrels against the CMC, we know nothing of her personal life and she has no aspirations! Exploit this, writers! Back story, new character traits! You don't have to make her the nicest pony, but it would be great to know how she operates! - Thifer20

Yeah. As much as I hate Applejack, she at least had SOME positive attributes. Like honesty and determination. Diamond Tiara is just a one-note douche bag. If there is ONE pony at all that I really liked aside from Rarity, Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy, it's Applebloom. I REALLY feel for her as a character and as a motivation to keep watching Friendship is Magic. Will and when will she get her cutie mark? And that's the root of my hatred for Diamond Tiara. Or who I'd like to call, accessory to annoyance. All she does is get shoehorned into bullying the CMC. And nothing else. She is a pointless character that needs to be shipped to an insanity island.

Diamond Tiara: Blank flank! Blank flank!
Applebloom: Get away from me!
Me: STFU Diamond Tiara! Nobody bullies someone as cute as Applebloom!
*Gets out shotgun and shoots D.T. in the stomach*
"Have a slow and painful death, you bitch!

She's a total BRAT and she's super mean to the crusaders. That should be enough reason to HATE HER PRISSY LITTLE GUTS.

Diamond Tiara is one of those ponies with rich parents, a horrible attitude, and won't be around any other pony unless they have a cutie mark. She is very stuck-up, and an idiot to other ponies. I'm not at all surprised that she is at the top.




She's always being a bully to the crusaders along with her bitch friend Silver Spoon. She's just that bad.

She should be one! She is annoying, bratty, bossy, RETARDED! She treats the Cutie Mark Crusaders like crap, without Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash knowing! I'm surprised she hasn't been killed off yet. I feel like raping her and body slamming her. - airplain313

I hate Diamond Tiara! She thinks she's so pretty and popular! But NO! She's ugly and her stupid little cutie mark is a stupid little crown! I mean what's THAT supposed to mean?!? I HATE Diamond Tiara! I hate her! I hate her! I hate her!

Diamond tiara is an equivalent to baby peach (both their symbols are crowns) enough said - wariolady

Diamond Tiara is fat and she wears diapers one time I even saw her be mean to her friend Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara bullies the crusaders If I was Apple Bloom I would hoof her in the eye

I used to hate her, and can fully understand why she'd be on top, but I still think everyone should consider the Crusaders of the Lost Mark episode, because that episode made me love her. She doesn't deserve the crap she has to go through. - mikachuu

I hate dimond tiara! She is so mean to the poor crusaders and makes fun of their blank cutie mark space. She was once a blank at one time, and now she has one, she is such a jerk! She thinks she can rule the crusaders and everyone she meets! Even Silver spoon, her own BFF, (That's her name, right? ) is bossed around by DT. Well, I know she will be sorry someday! It's all about her cutie mark she thinks. Someone! Throw that tiara in the garbage! That's what caused her cutie mark, and her cutie mark is causing misery!

She is a snobby rich brat who abuses the CMC for NO REASON! It used to be because they are blank flanks, but it seriously doesn't matter. But later into the show, she abuses them for NO REASON, and is a bully (at the same time, everyone loves her at her school for WHAT reason, because she's RICH?!?! ) I wish they would just take her out of the show.

Umm... Diamond Tiara was reformed near the end of season 5. Are we just going to ignore that? Someone should really restart this list so we could see how people think now.

Try watching "crusaders of the lost mark" then you'll like her.

The worst character in the show, EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER IN THE SHOW. Yeah that's right bronies I had the balls to comment this, bring on the hate people.

Why is she below Fluttershy? Fluttershy's a million times better than her!

Hm. Well, let's see. "Call Of The Cutie" made me dislike her. "Family Appreciation Day" made me hate her. "Ponyville Confidential" made me wish violence upon her. "One Bad Apple" made me want to send her to jail for a thousand years. "Flight To The Finish" made me want to KILL THIS BRAT.

I can't believe you people! She's still just a filly, who probably isn't any older than seven or eight. Just look at the picture here! She's CRYING! I don't see anybody hating on Veruca in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fandom or Angelica in the Rugrats fandom, and they're the same as her.

Watch Crusaders Of The Lost Mark. The real bad guy is her stupid, stuck-up parents. Especially her mom who calls the Cutie Mark Crusaders Blank Flanks!

I think that it wasn't her fault she was this mean and bratty. Her parents raised her to be like this.

I wish The Chosen One, The Dark Lord, and The Second Coming (Animator vs Animation) would kill her.

That little filly brat ass can burn in hell so can silver spoon

She's terribly spoiled and very evil - jeweldashie_19

Diamond is just a pain. She often puts down and USES other ponys, like when she did with Babs. Some little girls may think shes pretty and all, but boy, in the inside, shes just plain rude! Silverspoon also goes for this, but everyone knows that this one pony is no piece of cake. I mean, pretty much every cartoon has a mean, rich kid (Johnny test, powerpuff girls, etc. ) but Diamond is a level escalated. some say shes a "villain" because of negativity, dishonesty, and etc, but really, shes just a little filly whos rich.