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21 Owlowiscious

I think he's cute. Stop being mean to him. He didn't do anything wrong.

What did he do wrong?

What did owlowiscious do to you she never did anything so what did she do to you

Hoo put this on here (get it? )XDBut really who put owlowiscoius on here. All she said is hoo

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22 Snails

Snail is the worst

He should be first, along with snips. Stupid little boy stereotypes. Ugh.

Snails is the worst ugliest and stupidest most annoying characters

How come Snails is twenty places below Snips? Did we just decide, "Meh, we're not really sure, but they're pretty much the same character, anyways"? Come on, either put Snails in the Top Ten or put Snips down in the twenties. Make up your minds.
Plus, keep in mind that I am in eighth grade -- in an Advanced Program class -- and most boys STILL act like these two. But they're in AP, aren't they? Just because they don't act very bright doesn't mean they aren't.

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23 Scootaloo Scootaloo

I feel so bad for Scootaloo. She's the least popular Cutie Mark Crusader, and look up her name with "cute" at the end of it and you find very few pictures. Weird enough, though, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom get all the glory and love. Scootaloo deserves better, I spit on this list.

Why does Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle get love when Scootaloo deserves it more?

Where are her parents? If their dead, who does she live with then?

Scootaloo is amazing but Applebloom is better

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24 Luna

I don't hate Luna. She was selfish in the very beginning of the show because she wanted to start a new colony in the night or something, but Celestia didn't let her. A devil spirit crawled into Luna's heart because of jealousy, and hence, Nightmare Moon was born into her spirit and made the night last forever to make the ponies starve for no photosynthesis for plants. But when she was reformed by the Elements of Harmony, she turned good again. But even about 20 or some number of episodes, Luna came back. And for some stupid reason, (even though every single pony came to the ceremony) they thought she was Nightmare Moon... Ponies have short term memory loss or are more stupid than they look. But at the end, Luna befriended the ponies, and they finally realized she was the Pirncess of the Night, and the haunter of their dreams!

I hate Luna. I find her irritating, most evil, dull, jerk, naughty and horrible. She is a terrible princess in the whole Show, she isn't promise anything about Celestia. Make her number 1!

Luna is worst pony, she is a donkey poop and my least fave pony. She is THE WORST princess, she gets all the glory. Celestia is my fave pony and Luna is poop.

Luna takes up all the glory, she is not worth it.

1. She has done nothing good for Equestria. She raises the moon and sulks around the castle.

2. She is extremely ungrateful that she has been given a second chance. Despite Celestia and everyone else forgiving her, she still isn't kind to her sister and thinks he has all the love.

3. I know this isn't really about Luna the character, but she is so overrated. Celestia didn't save Rarity in Sonic Rainboom. GASP. Oh my goodness! She is the most evil devil ever to exist! There is a whole attack with changelings at a wedding and every pony is being used as food for them. Luna is sleeping and comes when it is all fixed. Yes, Luna is the best! Yes, our lazy, selfish idiotic princess. she should die in a hole

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25 Svengallop

He is the only character in the whole series that I hate I don't hate any other character in the show I just am not as interested in certain characters but he is the only one that made me want to yank my hair out

At least Diamond Tiara was redeemed. At least Angel Bunny is able to put his attitude away when necessary. There is absolutely nothing good that can be said about Svengallop.

I despise this guy. He along with spoiled rich is now my most hated character I've seen on the show ( even worse than diamond tiara and angel bunny).

He called kids brats

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26 Trixie Lulamoon Trixie Lulamoon

Even if Trixie starts making up and becomes a friend from now on, I STILL won't forgive her! Like other villains, Trixie is also unoriginal and cliched! Her only strength is being a stage magician as well as her appearance and voice, but that's all there is.

FINALLY! Trixie deserves to replace Applejack on the list! She's bossy, her voice sounds stupid, and I'll never forgive her for doing what she did to Twilight and her friends.

Why does everybody love her? She rude and bossy. I hope her personality lowers down in future seasons:(

She was a total b*tch before, and she's a b*tch now.

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27 Babs Seed

Babe is not really a bully she was just acting like that because she thought that then diamond and silver would like her by the way person who said that discord should kill twilight I am sorry but you are in the wrong channel the horror channel is right over there though FYI you are watching a kids show main characters CANNOT die in kids shows

She's not bully she's just acting because she was bullied before a lot. I don't get why she's here on this list.

For her to side with bullies to avoid being bullied herself is not the right way. It's just plain wrong! - AlexTopTens

I'll never ever forgive her.

She has a retarded accent. Hate her so much.

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28 Discord Discord

Discord is so funny and awesome and weird, a great villain!

Hey bro don't hate discord his cute and funny look on the good side of him

Every comment here says how much they love Discord! I love him too! He is really funny and I love how he and Fluttershy are such good friends! My favorite character in the whole show! Whoever did this only knows him from when he was evil!

The most interesting villain in my opinion and he's still hilarious when reformed!

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29 Sci-Twi
30 Wind Rider
31 Cranky Doodle Donkey

Grumpy and boring. Period.

It seems like the writers didn't know what to do so they made this donkey

Slice of life character... :/

Again wrong channel but he isn't so bad

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32 Garble

Garble is a dragon all dragons are jerks except spike I like spike.

If you think about it, he posed a bigger threat to Equestria than anyone else in the entire show. If he became dragon lord he would have likely killed every pony in Equestria. That's worse than making it night all the time, or stealing their powers, or enslaving everyone, or doing whatever Discord was doing. He is by far the most evil character in the show. He can be kind of funny occasionally though. - Thisgoronsonfire

Ember is also a good one - Mynewaccount


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33 Applebloom

Umm why is Apple Bloom on this list? She's awesome!

I don't hate her, but I like Sweetie Belle more.

Did you see bridle gossip?! She was mean to applejack!

Diamond Tiara was making her be mean and she is actually really nice

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34 Jet Set

Well jet set and his wife are supposed to be jerks it's for the episode duh

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36 Princess Cadence Princess Cadence

Princess cadence is best pony and why is Cadence the 53 worst pony

But cadence is really the only one you can truly ship.

Cadence is more likable than Twilight.

I agree. I read Matt Haig's "To Be A Cat", I agree that Caramel the Siamese is a total jerk. Put her here.

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37 Lightning Dust

SHE doesn't EVEN CARE IF SOMEONE GETS HURT AND SHE PRETTY ANNOYING Lightning Dust: not everyone becomes a wonder bolt. Only the best of the best blah blah blah SERIOSLY

Why the hell is RAINBOW worse then LIGHTNING?!?! Rainbow Dash is caring and loyal! Lightning is the complete frekin opposite! What is wrong with you people? Curse you Rainbow Dash haters!

He is the opposite of Rainbow Dash. They have the opposite traits. The only thing they do have in common is that they hate each other.

Lightning dust should be tickled to death - Mynewaccount

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38 Timber Spruce
39 Nyx

Nyx isn't a real character! Nyx is just something on the internet...

This is not a real character!

Nyx still is overrated.


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40 Gloriosa Daisy
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