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61 Spike

No actual character depth. He's arrogant (For those saying 'Well RD is too' well, she is, but at least she's important.) I don't remember Spike doing anything but save the Crystal Empire, which he wouldn't have done if Twilight didn't tell him to go save The Heart. Last thing, I'm not sure if he notices, but Rarity knows by Celestia she can do better, so much better. He needs to be written off.

Laugh out loud! Did you know that the voice of Spike the Dinosaur is played by a woman? It be not a wonder he is so feminine.

Most overrated character in my opinion

Noo spike is the best - SushigirlO6

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62 Hoity Toity

All he cares about is dressing up

63 Principal Cinch

She only cares about her Reputation and blackmails Human Twilight into competing in the Friendship Games (even thou she was only good at ONE Event) and when she found out about Twilight stealing Magic, Cinch forced Twilight to release the Magic, which turned the latter into Midnight Sparkle who almost destroyed the World by opening Portals to Equestria.

Oh and at the End Cinch tried to blame Canterlot High for the Midnight Sparkle Issue

Let's just say that her actions in Friendship Games are just downright despicable.

Ugly, blackmails and accuses other schools falsely.

Who's that - Catscatscats

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65 Pinkamena

What? Pinkamena is PINKIE PIE! PInkamena Diane Pie is her full name.

Pinkamena is not a real character. I hate her though.

The scary pony that appears In "party of one".

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66 Spitfire Spitfire

Lemme think...

1. She never learns the lessons taught, which she got taught TWICE.

2. She just watched Soarin' fall to his possible death.

3. She lied about Soarin's wing, in attempt to get Rainbow Dash on the team.

She should be much higher on this list. - FireMarshallBillBurns

She is my worst favorite character.


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67 Prince Rutherford

He and the yaks are a bunch of hypocrites. Enough said.

68 Coco Pommel

No no no... Suri Polomare should be on this list. Please take Trixie, Coco, and Twilight away from this list

69 Sweetie Bell

Everybody who hates Sweetie Belle is a dumb idiot.

Sweetie is adorable!

To cute not is one of the worst ponies

Sweetie Belle is stupid! I hate her! She is hell, ugly, whiny stupid and fool! Why everybody likes this whiny brat?! Scootaloo and AppleBloom are cool, but Sweetie Belle is ugly hell! STOP LOVING THIS WHINY BRAT! Why everybody hates Scootaloo but loves Sweetie Belle? Scootaloo is my favourite from CMC, and she is really cool, such as AppleBloom! Sweetie Belle gets best things every time, her name should be Sweetie Hell!

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70 Trenderhoof

Yes! I agree with Self-absorbed and totally clueless about other ponies' feelings

Every time he talks, I just want to punch him in the face.

I don't really have much to say. He just suck

Self-absorbed and totally clueless about other ponies' feelings.

Every time he talks, I just want to punch him in the face.

I don't really have much to say. He just sucks.

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71 Tree Hugger

She's just a pot head. Literally every stoner likes her but she's a god awful character. She has NO personality or back story. She's just a stoner.

Look, Tree Hugger is not boring it's just her personality. She is very kind and mild

Even though I like her she is kinda annoying

Tree Hugger is amazing.

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72 Limestone Pie

She is really mean to Apple

I didn't like her in Hearthbreakers. - FireMarshallBillBurns

So mean
is negative towards everything

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74 Maud Pie

I think maud is funny and weird too...

She may be a bit of a rock fan but still like her

I internally screamed the second she appeared

75 Shining Armor Shining Armor

What? He is My Second Favorite Character.

What the crap is he doing on he doing on the list, for pete sake he's Princess Cadence's love

What he is the only one you can truly ship

Uh, excuse me, but I have to disagree with all of the Shining Armor fans.
I find him a weak excuse for a male character.
He's poorly written.
A Gary Stu.
Dropped in last minute on a Canterlot Wedding, the rest of his appearances felt like cameos, even in the Crystal Empire. I like his Mary Sue wife better than him. Shining Armor is hard to watch in episodes. The only time he made a contribution to the plot was in the Crystal Empire, and let's be honest, he didn't do much. Yep. He chucked his wife off a balcony. Real manly.
Please, pegasisters, don't ship him with anypony but his wife.
Oh yeah, that's the other thing I don't like about Shining Armor.
Everyone decided "Hey, in his first episode he got married. Let's ship him."
That really doesn't make any sense. I kinda wish Shining was higher on this list.

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76 Sassy Saddles

I'm watching the episode right now and I'm dying inside. I hate Sassy. She thinks it has to be all about her. Rarity should have fired her.

Sassy is The worst because she thinks Rarity's boutique is her boutique

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77 Flurry Heart

Ugh, she was born an alicorn. She didn't earn her wings through hard work like Twilight (and probably all the other alicorn princesses) did. Mary Sue alert! This character already irritates me a lot. She's a special snowflake. Special because *gasp* she's Cadence and Shining Armor's foal! She MUST be special. *rolls eyes* I hope she stays in the background. - eventer51314

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78 Sonata Dusk

I hate Sonata. she's overrated as hell and she's NOT funny or humorous at all! Sonata DESERVES to be bullied by Adagio and Aria. She sucks no matter what.


Me too

I don't really agree she is really funny she is funnier than pikie pie and if she was pony she would be a pegesus but still don't dare hate her everypony of everyone

79 Zecora

Hi my name is Zecora (just pretending) and I don't care what other people think about me, I'm still going to be myself even how much burger eating dudes hate my voice. - Catscatscats

Guys PLEASE trust me, it's all my annoying little sister who is putting these rude comments, I seriously never said that to her, but she lies about me and Grace. Hit Grace in the face today, any solutions, please reply - Catscatscats

You fans who hate her gotta except her culture. For one thing her culture may think you guys are weird for eating burgers and fries. Yet, you think she's weird.

I like her she's mysterious

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80 Featherweight
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