Worst My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Characters


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81 Lyra Heartstrings

SAIGE how many times did I tell u not to put my name there and lie about me - Catscatscats

Saige since when did I say that by the way this is Grace

Saige, calm down - Catscatscats

Thanks Grace - Catscatscats

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82 Featherweight
83 Lemon Zest

I like lemon zest

84 Granny Smith V 2 Comments
85 Snowdrop V 1 Comment
86 Vinyl Scratch Vinyl Scratch

How come SHE'S on here? Everyone loves her and she doesn't talk so why don't you like her?

OK, who added her!?

I meant now not niw

Everyone loves vinyl WHO DESIGNED THIS WEBSITE oh wait
This person is a troll that makes sense niw

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87 Zesty Gourmand
88 Braeburn

I like Braeburn's enthusiasm for where he lives. I also like how he is able to become friends with the buffalo.

89 Lord Tirek Lord Tirek

What one earth two are on this list

W-what?!?! Tirek and Lord Tirek are the EXACT SAME! Why are they BOTH on the list?!?!?

90 Big Mac

He was already listed as Big Macintosh. He should not be on here twice. Also, he is a decent character.

All he says is yep nope - Coolmen50006

91 Rarity's dad
92 Mrs. Cake V 1 Comment
93 Daring Do V 3 Comments
94 Rumble

No I love scootaloo and rumble second cutest ship.

95 Donut Joe
96 Silver Shill
97 Seabreeze
98 Chief Thunderhooves
99 Aloe
100 Red Gala
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