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81 Lemon Zest

I like lemon zest

82 Granny Smith

I like granny


She killed the MLP Gameloft app...

83 Zesty Gourmand

Not a cool character.

84 Queen Novo
85 Lord Tirek Lord Tirek

What one earth two are on this list

W-what?!?! Tirek and Lord Tirek are the EXACT SAME! Why are they BOTH on the list?!?!?

86 Zecora

Guys PLEASE trust me, it's all my annoying little sister who is putting these rude comments, I seriously never said that to her, but she lies about me and Grace. Hit Grace in the face today, any solutions, please reply - Catscatscats

Hi my name is Zecora (just pretending) and I don't care what other people think about me, I'm still going to be myself even how much burger eating dudes hate my voice. - Catscatscats

Seriously? She's not even bad!

I like her she's mysterious

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87 Lyra Heartstrings

SAIGE how many times did I tell u not to put my name there and lie about me - Catscatscats

Saige since when did I say that by the way this is Grace

Saige, calm down - Catscatscats

Thanks Grace - Catscatscats

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88 Featherweight
89 Vinyl Scratch Vinyl Scratch

How come SHE'S on here? Everyone loves her and she doesn't talk so why don't you like her?

OK, who added her!?

I meant now not niw

Everyone loves vinyl WHO DESIGNED THIS WEBSITE oh wait
This person is a troll that makes sense niw

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90 Feather Bangs

He was inspired by Justin Bieber so he should be #1

91 Sunburst

He's rude and he's ugly

he's ugly - FluffyLayette

92 Sunset Shimmer Sunset Shimmer

She was a bad one then in rainbow rocks sunset shimmer went to a good one so don't hate her

Sunset Shimmer: please, get me off the list. Why? I love you guys. You're all my friends. But just think for a moment, dose it make sense that someone stupid as Twilight sparkle out there, dawdling behind us? I think it dose.

You guys are mean to put Sunset Shimmer here she rocks.

She is nice now not mean

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93 Queen Chrysalis Queen Chrysalis Queen Chrysalis is a female changeling who serves as the main antagonist for the season 2 finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

The most dastardly awesome and best villain. She is the most amusing. Tirek, Discord, Sombra, They're not as good as her.

I don't hate chrysalis she is awesome

Chrysalis rules! I would want to have her powers!

I think her and the Changeling Army are the most disturbing villains... I mean, Changelings exist only to fool other ponies by disguising themselves as their friends or family and then, if I understand it correctly, FEED ON THE LOVE UNTIL THERE IS NOTHING LEFT BUT A BARREN SHELL OF HATRED AND MISERY.
And we all know that foals have free roam of Ponyville, and they seem to like to run off to dark, scary places in the middle of the night with one or two friends, and, since they're pretty much children, are very loved... what if some poor foal is led into the Everfree Forest (or somewhere like that) by what they thought was their friend, but is subjected to THAT instead?
Although I do like Thorax from "The Times, They are a-Changeling."

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94 Braeburn

I like Braeburn's enthusiasm for where he lives. I also like how he is able to become friends with the buffalo.

95 Big Mac

He was already listed as Big Macintosh. He should not be on here twice. Also, he is a decent character.

All he says is yep nope - Coolmen50006

96 Gummy

I love Gummy, he's best pet. Whoever put him here needs to take him off. He doesn't even deserve the 85th spot.

I like his monologue. Pretty heavy stuff for a kids' show...

What is life an endless search for a cutie mark that is one bugbear attack away from oblivion(slice of life)

I forgot who that was

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97 Ms. Harshwhinny
98 Pumpkin Cake

Same thing as I said for Pound Cake: Pumpkin Cake is an INFANT who has done you no harm.

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99 Rarity's dad
100 Mrs. Cake

Mrs cake is not really bad but she is preety ugly

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