Rainbow Dash

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Rainbow Dash is a female Pegasus pony from the popular 2010 kid's show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She represents the element of loyalty is one of most well known characters of the show. She may be a little mean sometimes but she still does what is best for her friends .


"You guys are mean for putting Rainbow Dash on here."

Actually, it's not mean because we all have our opinions. And if you ask me, I don't like Rainbow Dash. She's an over-confident show-off who thinks she is better than everypony. She has done so many mean things to her friends and this is a list of them.

1. She hurt Fluttershy's feelings even though she knew she was scared. (Dragonshy)

2. When Rarity tried making a pretty dress for her, all she did was complain and say it had to be cooler. (Suited for Success)

3. After she bragged and started slacking off on saving the town, she and everybody else got all mad just because Twilight and the others tried to teach her a friendship lesson. (The Mysterious Mare Do Well)

4. She called Twilight an egghead for trying to cheer up when she broke her wing. (Read it and Weep)

5. Even though Pinkie Pie was kind enough to throw her a big party, Rainbow tried to replace her with Cheese Sandwich and insulted ...more

Let me tell you all the bad things she did in the episodes. In Party of One she dragged Pinkie Pie by her tail to Applejack's barn and pushed her in it, then in Dragon Quest she dragged Fluttershy by her tail and tried to push her out of her cottage before the intro, then in Testing Testing 1 2 3 she blew spitballs at Twilight Sparkle but Twilight took the straw out of Rainbow's mouth, then she was fighting with Twilight, then at one point she yelled "Enough! " at all of the mane six, then in The Last Roundup she yelled at Derpy, then she bumped into a cart Applejack rode in while some ponies we're pulling it, tackled Applejack to the ground after she said "Not so fast! ", and left Rarity and Pinkie Pie in the desert. - andrewteel

Rainbow Dash doesn't deserve to be so high on this list. She doesn't deserve to be one of the mot hated characters in the entire show. People would say that she is OVERRATED, but really? They need to open their eyes. There is hate almost everywhere on Rainbow.

I mean yeah, she can be a jerk sometimes, but she is a really loyal friend-look at Rainbow Falls. Her dream was RIGHT THERE, and she could just grab it-but she was a loyal friend and chose to stick with her friends instead. Anyway, when she IS being a jerk, she's mostly trying to help her friends out, like in Hurricane Fluttershy.

Just because Rainbow Dash is hated doesn't mean she can't be overrated. That's some dumb logic you got there. - MillieTrina_Prower

She's basically the ultimate kids character. She's the easiest one to like out of all the ponies for most people. She's sporty, "cool", and way overrated. She's the best flier and has accomplished things no other pony has even been close to, and kids like that because it makes her different.

She's shown so many times that she isn't actually loyal, and has given up on her friends a lot. Sure, at the end of the episode she "learns a lesson", but then she goes and does it again. So...

I have to admit though, she's the only pony who could pull off rainbow hair.

I really don't hate Rainbow Dash, though, and I absolutely have no problem with people liking her because of her abilities. I know she's well-known for her Sonic Rainboom and her super-fast flying. But yeah, the REAL reason why she had to be on the list anyways is because apparently, she is an unoriginal concept based off Firefly and makes real tomboys look bad. If you remember Firefly back in the original series, you would know what I'm talking about.

Here's a fact:
Lauren Faust, the creator of this show, wanted Firefly, her favorite character to be in the G4 series. But since Hasbro didn't let her because of copyright issues, she had to base Rainbow Dash off of Firefly.

Really? She's on the list? WHAT

But people shouldn't say that she deserves to be on this list. Actually here are the reasons why she's not really the worst character:

1. Rainbow always stands up for what she believes in.

2. Rainbow never gives up!

3. Rainbow isn't mean and rude and bad. She's just misunderstood. No one understands who the real her is.

4. Rainbow sacrificed herself for her friends from joining the Wonderbolts in Wonderbolts Academy.

5. Rainbow is just trying to play it cool. Yeah she's always bragging, and teasing Fluttershy and Twilight. But come on she just wants the best for them.

6. In Tanks For The Memories, she never gave up for letting Tank go away. People say that she's so emotional because Tank will just be away for a few months. But Rainbow was expecting that she and Tank will be together in Winter but she knew that she had to hibernate. Rainbow really loves Tank and that's what matters.

Ok. That's all. ...more

Rainbow Dash is the worst. She's an overrated character that's a overconfident braggart show-off. She just cares about being "awesome" or whatever. She was such a prat in the Mysterious Mare Do-Well, and didn't even get me started on how she acted in the Iron Pony competition. Rainbow should be at number 1 for being a cheater, trash talker, overrated prick.

Yeah, she is kind of mean being a big show off and stuff and trying to prove she is the coolest pony ever better than anyone. But I actually like her and I know she has a soft in girly side from "Tanks for the memories" and " may the best pet win". She is my second favorite actually.

Rainbow dash is best pony! Don't say anything bad about her rainbow dash haters!

I've never actually watched my little pony but everybody acts like a brat sometime in their life so just back off stop saying mean stuff about her

Rainbow Dash is a brat and all she cares about is speed. And, how is she the element of loyalty? She is more honest than loyal. Apple Jack she be loyalty! Why the heck is she even in the mane six? I would rather have DERPY as loyalty. There has only been one time she was ever loyal. AND THAT WAS THE FIRST EPISODE!

She's awesome. And loyal. And Awesome. She turned against her only hopes of being a wonder bolt for her friends in season 3! Oh, and did I mention that she's awesome?

Rainbow Dash is the most selfish, rude, obnoxious, and dumb pony of them all! She even LAUGHED AT and TRIPPED Fluttershy in Rainbow Rocks! Every pony, even Scootaloo, would be better off without this pony who made the bronies exist!

Rainbow Dash disgusts me. She is a terrible excuse for the element of loyalty. She cheated in the IronPony competition by using her wings and changing the signs, she left Pinkie and Rarity in the desert, she eavesdropped on AJ and Twilight in 'The Ticket Master' and traded Fluttershy for a book. Why is she the element of loyalty? Applejack deserves to be the element of loyalty. She repeatedly bullies Flutttershy (like forcing her in a gladiator fight in 'The Crystal Empire' and beating her badly). Dash, we are sick of you. - TwilightKitsune

You guys are mean to be putting rainbow dash here.

Actually, How could it be mean? Everyone have their own opinion. I mean she likes to show off. Though I think she deserves to be called Rainbow Crash. In one episode she was about to quit the young flyers competition just because she gets laughed at and because of Rarity's butterfly wings, And she almost trade fluttershy just for a signed up book! Really, Rainbow Dash, You rather gave up your friend just for a book?! What type of friend would do that? That's wrong Rainbow Dash because you could've just buy the book without the autograph or ask for Daring Do's autograph once you got the book! It's just the same! - MLPFan

Why do everyone are rooting for her that much? She is not the official best pony! - MLPFan

She so doesn't deserve this much hatred! It's kind of ridiculous as a matter of fact. Just because she makes a few mistakes doesn't mean she never learns from them. She's actually become more likable as the show continues, and it's really amazing!

Again I totally vote for her hands down. I've NEVER LIKED HER.She is so mean even when everyone else is so nice to her. Look at trade ya where she totally drags Fluttershy into it and makes her trade everything she has and then repays her by clearly stating that she would prefer an daring do book than a friend. Oh and in mare do well she DERSERVD EVERY BIT OF IT. DO YOU THINK HER STUBBORN ASS WOULD LISTEN IF HER FRIENDS JUST ASKED NICELY? OF COURSE NOT! And stop lying and saying that she was just voicing her opinion because if she was doing that she would have said no I think it's this way not No egghead its this way. that's CALLED BEING A JERK! And calling someone an egghead is an insult Nomatter how you look at it. And she did try to replace pinkie! Look at the episode where cheese sandwich comes to town she is so mean to where pinkie tried to move away. How is that NOT a inconsiderate. And in Dragonshy she was just plain rude! There is a right way to say everything and you don't ...more

Rainbow dash is so bossy and is very bossy. She always want to be the leader and tells the other ponies to do what she wants to do. Crazy rainbow dash and selfish rainbow dash. I HATE RAINBOW DASH!

I don't even understand why Dash's friends hang out with her, and why she is so loved by fans. I think Rainbow Dash is disloyal, cruel, a bully, and a loudmouth.

I love rainbow dash as a character she the best only fame gets to her head which is bad

Many ponies could've died without her. Look at the Mysterious Mare Do Well. She saved so much lives, and it makes sense that she bragged about saving lives.

(Crying) I LOVE Rainbow Dash! She's JUST like me! But, she WAS kinda mean to Fluttershy in the episode "Dragonshy." Hey, poor Fluttershy couldn't help it. She was scared. BUT STOP SAYINg" MEAN THINGS ABOUT THE ONE AND ONLY RAINBOW DASH!

Glad that she is on this list. Twilight doesn't deserve to be on this list. I just want to blast her to the sun. Haha! Her body will burn! I just hate her so much. She think she is the only type of core character that everypony and everyone should know and love. Because of that brat female douche bag, Rainbow Dash, Princess Twilight, The main character is hated by most people. Like what I once said 'I will tell the truth of who is the official best pony'I would actually like yo tell now. Because I had enough! Okay. I'm going to make another comment about who is it later. Feel free to reply this comment about 'who do you think it is' - MLPFan

Dash is hilarious. I love it when she mocks Twilight. It's not like she's doing it to be mean. Friends pick on each other sometimes. There's nothing wrong with that. - vopn25

She is a bad name for every actually awesome, cool character. Awesome is something the viewer decides. the creators basically shoved the idea of her being cool in our faces! And she is an egotistic, self centered, Idiot!

I just don't like the rainbow dash in season one. She was a real brat on dragonshy because she showed a hatred for poor fluttershy. And she was even a little bratty on sonic rainboom when she was talking rudely to fluttershy. And on suited for success she was rude to rarity and fluttershy. And she was mean on fall weather friends when she called twilight on egghead and cheated. So I think rainbow is an ok character.