Twilight Sparkle

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Twilight Sparkle is the primary main character of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is a female unicorn pony who transforms into an Alicorn and becomes a princess in Magical Mystery Cure.


This stuck-up Mary Sue drives me off the wall. I hate how everyone is always all "Twilight is the best" because she is the main character. I know everyone can have their own opinions, but hey! That includes me and others who think that Twilight is just a unlikable and unrelatable character who is always the star! Honestly, by now its more like the Mane 1 and 5 Sidekicks than the Mane 6, and people have began to stop watching mlp because of it.

I don't have a very extreme opinion on her but she has too much attention! SHES A ALICORN LATER IN THE SERIES! Like honestly, if your going to give wings and the lead position in the show to someone, give them to applejack, who in my opinion has much better leadership skills and traits

If Twilight gets killed off in the show, I be so happy!

Twilight unicorn was nice. Since season 5 and 6 was really nasty. She does not even deserve the title of 'Princess of Friendship' because it is very hypocritical, when she easily pardoned the serious crime of Starlight Glimmer guilty of high treason in the 5 ° season and has a resentment and prejudice towards Trixie in the following season to the point of forgetting that Trixie had apologized to him before, then to prevent that it had its first friend in Starlight and Trixie was not so bad in comparison to Starlight. She is the PRINCESS OF HYPOCRISY. Twilight like princess Is a completely hypocritical character and a Mary Sue. She was a better character when she was unicorn. Now she is no longer as humble nor does she perform her mission as 'princess' as she should be. She went from being one of my favorite characters to being in my top 5 more hated characters.

She is so selfish and stupid and always boss over the others! I just don't know why she is a princess! I hate celestia's choice

Well celestia choice is right because twilight is brave and the most powerful pony in the series - Disneyworld

She's too overpowered, overused and overrated! Give the other mane six some epic moments creators, Twilight isn't the only pony in the mane six who should have those.

I hate this girl! She always thinks she's the best but she's the worst!

No she doesn't think like that! It's just because she's the main Character! Twilight is smart and a type of character that can be an example

Total Mary-sue, stopped watching after it leveled up to "princess omni-corn"... unbearable.

DOES TWILIGHT SPARKLE HAVE TO BE THE PRINCESS? THAT IS WHAT MY FRIEND TOLD ME. I don't watch this show, My Little Phony, but I already know that she is a bossy-kong, she thinks she's a smart whip, knows EVERYTHING about friendship, and but... SHES A COMPLETE CLOD. I don't understand why she has to be the brat and the princess. The Princess people made a mistake why she has to be the ruler! Why cannot it be the rainbow one? Geez. Thanks for ruining the theme of Twilight DULL. I wanted to see her die when the royals made her into a Unicorn with wings. I wish that the Discord person came, and just crush her horn. That way, she has more humor in that show, hornless. She needs to find Humanity some day. And when my friend showed me the intro of the show, it says that "I wonder what Friendship can be..." Well, if she is so smart, why cannot this PONY find it herself? Your pathetic, Twilight. If Twilight died, to be honest with you, I think that would be kinda funney... and SNAPPY!

It's so annoying how Princess Celestia is always like "my dearest, most faithful student, Twilight." its always her who saves the day. APPLEJACK RULES! Twilight always gets all the attention and thinks she's so smart and knows everything. And Discord is like "Magic. Supposedly the most powerful and elusive element." It just shows how Twilight gets too much attention.

She is so annoying, bossy, and reads books too much. Rainbow Dash is right about her boringness!

Swaps friends cutie marks and sticks them with a destiny they don't want to be stuck with but 'it's what their cutie mark is telling them' get's them to fix it by themselves to save problem caused by purple perfect know it all pony (TWILIGHT) yet only one in group to become royalty yeah because that makes SO MUCH SENSE!?!? 1.i do get FiM is kinda bout' her but I would be okay with this if everyone's element was a crown like Twilight's but... That isn't the case so I am not okay with this 2. After out about not sending a letter to Celestia she wreaks havoc by casting a spell which backfires (shocker) to cause FORCED FRIENDSHIP ISSUES sorry for long rant peace out - Geek Gaming out

Twilight Sparkle is SO annoying. I used to think I was the only one that wanted her dead, but luckily I'm not

I find her boring and she kinda has Barbie Doll Syndrome-almost every single episode is about her, she takes all the plots. She's always the one to "save the day." She is overrated (She is the most liked character in the show). She doesn't really deserve the title of Princess of Friendship, she has been showing some sights of being a bad friend, like in Tanks for the Memories.

I liked this series, (I was not brony since there are other things that I like much more than MLP), but I lost interest in MLP, for the same reason: Twicorn or Princess Mary-Sue Sparkle. Her five friends behave like cranks retards back on Twilight, (especially Pinkie Pie and RD) and, sometimes, are unimportant characters, just to exalt Twilight. All the ponies in the background love her, admire her, adore her, etc. but she is a despicable character. She is conceited, hypocrite, ridiculous and in that world of almost utopian ponies without a own criteria and mind, she is perfect. So in real life society: they love those who exalt, and others like Trixie and Thorax hate them just for not being hypocritical or having an elevated position like Twilight. And also, Twilight without explanation is the protagonist of EG, now a stupid teenager insecure. In MLP the episode "Magic Duel" Twilight gets angry because "Trixie cheats"... and what does Twilight do? He also cheats ...more

"Disneyworld": As you say, you're still a child who still looks for his personality. But anyway, answer my opinion if you want, I do not care what opinion says a nobody like you.

I hate Twilight (especially after becoming alicorn) because it has all the flaws I hate in a person. 1) She is a massive hypocrite, because she is the "Princess of friendship" and does not let Trixie be friends with Starlight, when Trixie apologized in the third season, and even after No second prances, Twilight still has a grudge against him. end of the sixth season, and is believed with Discord. 2) She is immature in Lesson zero and in a chapter of Discord. 3) In E.G Sunset shimmer deserved to be the protagonist because it really made more achievements, arrives the insecure teenager, with smelly feet as human Twilight to take away protagonism. 4) It's a Mary Sue. In fact I think her stupid friends see themselves as secondary in their lives and Twilight as the protagonist. I hate Twilight Sparkle.

She's not a good role model for little girls watching the show. An Einstein pony that is a princess and always comes back from every mistake? Very OP and unrealistic for little girls.

Applejack should've became a princess, and deserve this much praise and respect. Twilight shouldn't because she sucks!

For those people who think Twilight is underrated: BULL CRAP! Applejack is the one who's underrated and, in my opinion, is the only likable member of the main six.

I think that Twilight Sparkle is selfish and he can be very jerky. For example, in "What about Discord? " she was acting really immature.

Always the center of attention! The creator always gives her attention in every last and first episodes of every season and most of the episodes, which is getting annoying! I believe she is not selfish but she's always the center of the attention! She is the one who freed her friends from Tirek, she's the only one who knew the real Cadence, she's the one who found out the elements of harmony! This show is called My little pony, not My little Twillight! The creator made her smart and always the one who solves the problem, not all smart people deserves to be pony turned alicorns! Fluttershy or Rarity deserves to be Alicorns, sure Rarity is dramatic, but at least she is generous and helpful, Fluttershy is shy but has kindness and sweet to every pony! Fluttershy even stopped Discord to be completely evil, who is a chaotic evil former villain that can destroy Equestria!

Not to MENTION she blamed the CMC's for supposedly causing Cozy Glow to flunk a test, and Twilight didn't even APOLOGIZE for it. I mean, what kind of principal would do that crap?!?! She already trusts Cozy Glow instead of letting the CMC explain! She's known the CMC for MUCH LONGER than Cozy Glow! And just banning them from the school and preventing them from socializing with the students?! Damn.. I don't see HOW diplomas are supposed to make up for it... because they don't. At ALL!

She should be first on the list not fluttershy

I hate Twilight and like her at the same time. Twilight thinks that she knows EVERYTHING. She's a nerdy character, and I hate nerdy characters.