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21 The Ticket Master

I don't like this episode! It shows how greedy the ponds can get! Pinky pie, applejack, rainbow dash, rarity, EVEN FLUTTERSHY! She was honest and kind about it but still! They learned a lesson in the end and I know that's what they do every episode but this was not so good

Disney's Weekenders already did this plot, and it was just as stupid, because the characters acted stupid. Like in this one. Here's an idea: "Dear Princess Celestia. Thanks for these wonderful tickets, but I've already made more than one best friend here in Ponyville (as you should know, because you've already met them at the end of Friendship is Magic pt. 2). Could you send me 4 more tickets, so we can all go? Thanks in advance. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle." Problem solved... oh wait, we wouldn't have an episode then.

Man, any and any other writers of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic didn't have to portray the negative girl friendship drama tension between the Mane Six just to easily affect us and make us complain, did they?

I liked the plot of this episode. It's humorous and clever.

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22 Applejack's "Day" Off

This episode is a serious contender for the most boring episode of the show.

This felt like a G3 episode. Just a boring plot dragging it's feet for 22 minutes while hindsight punches Applejack in the face while she criticizes how others do things. Comedy gold, right? Whoever made this atrocious episode should be fired...

Another episode that deserves to be in the top 20. One of the most boring, dull, and unintelligible episodes in the whole series. The pacing is sooo slow and Applejack just looks like an idiot here. Rarity wasn't much better here, either. - TexasBro93

I don't hate any episode of the show but this one is my least favorite just because of how boring it is

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23 The Times They Are a Changeling


So, Changelings talk and aren't evil. Why must they reform all of the villians. Also, it was a Spike episode. When I heard the name, I got so excited because I hoped we would see Queen Chrysalis after 4 seasons. She was in it for a few frames in a flashback. The moral could have been great, about accepting everyone no matter their race. Instead, it was solved by a song that I thought wasn't very enjoyable, and everyone was forgiven in 3 minutes. At the end, they even talked about trying to reform Queen Chysalis and the other Changelings. I know the show is aimed towards kids, but teaching kids that everyone can turn good by being friends isn't realistic. I love the show, but this episode really let me down, even for a Spike based episode. There is more that I could say, but I won't. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and this is just mine. I don't care if you liked it or not, and if you have a different (and respectful) viewpoint, I would love to hear it. Have ...more

I feel this is almost worthy for Top Five Overall Worst now that its fixed up sequel To Change a Changeling has aired... - TylertheTitan

24 A Canterlot Wedding Part 2

This was one of the best finales! And the best song in the show was in it!

What?!? This episode was better than part 1!

I'm pretty sure you mean Part 1, because that half of this finale sucked!

Freeks me out a bit so kinda

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25 Best Night Ever

More like the worst night ever.

Here's what I'm looking at. This episode was really gross and flat, And the songs sucked more than that, and there's this one song that does not shut up. This makes my eyeballs sore, I'd rather watch aqua teen hunger force. But that was made many years before this clunky piece of crap you worship so much.

This was the perfect conclusion to the first season.

It made Fluttershy act mean!

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26 Spike at Your Service

In my opinion, from all the episodes when Spike is the main focus, this is the worst!

After Spiker ended getting lost in to the Everfree Forest and been chased by some timberwolves, Applejack do a ex-machina moment and saves the little dragon, which makes him now loyable to her. After that, instead of Spike been a good assistant, he's a living disaster and the only way to make it stop, its to make him save Applejack.

There is so many things wrong with this episodes that I don't know where I should start. The biggest problem about the episode, its Spike itself. Like I said before, instead of been a good assistant, he does nothing but trouble everywhere. If he is so good with Twilight, why he's not in this episode?

The plot about a character saving another and then letting themselves be saved to be even" is often used in cartoons, and it's plainly shown that they're following a script. Spike usually cooks and does chores for Twilight, but suddently he sucks at everything here. You just had to see this plot device in ONE other show and you could already predict everything that's gonna happen. It's lazy.

The episodes consists of a generic plot and generic jokes, and Spike's clumsiness makes absolutely no sense. After all, Twilight has called him her number one assistant.

So applejack saves him and he is her slave how many times did twilight saved you nursed you fed you and helped you I mean his code is stupid I would tell spike to destroy his code and leave me alone -_-

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27 Filli Vanilli

This episode gets really start to hate it. The story was Fluttershy was singing in the garden (that makes me cry for 24 hours) while her friends came her garden to scare her. Then she joins to Cheerilee's schoolhouse to get more worse. Afterall, Fluttershy has got male voice in the scene but the ponies are laugh to her voice (Most annoying scene). At Fluttershy's House, Pinkie tries to scare her like Putting Your Hoof Down, Pinkie make Fluttershy cry (Very boring scene). THIS EPISODE SHOULD BE NUMBER #1!

Pinkie is really out of character in this episode.

I cried a lot at Fluttershy's singing in the garden. It was the saddest beginning ever

Even without Pinkie, this episode is terrible. I didn't find Fluttershy to be sympathetic here.The songs were vapid, dull, and were about nothing. The use of the poison joke in this episode is pure pandering.

Hurricane Fluttershy is one of the best episodes in the show, and Filli Vanilli is nothing more than a bad ripoff. It feels like the writers were simply to lazy to bother creating an interesting episode for Fluttershy, so the simply copied Hurricane Fluttershy but without the charm and emotional depth that makes Hurricane Fluttershy great.

Pinkie Pie simply took what was already a bad episode and made it worse.

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28 Appleoosa's Most Wanted

This episode felt like a game to see how many plot elements they could rehash in one episode.

Worst season 5 episode. Still even when the 2nd half comes

A.J and the whole town were acting really hypocritical and out of character in this episode!

"Applejack at her absolute worst. - FireMarshallBillBurns

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29 The Cutie Re-mark

Yes, it was a lot of fanservice, but it wasn't the mess you're saying it is. Seeing all those different alternate futures was very interesting. The reason the future was different each time was because Starlight's way of stopping the Rainboom was slightly different each time. I also hear other complaints such as why a different villain was ruling each time. Well, a number of things could have happened. In one timeline, Celestia may have successfully been able to rebanish Nightmare Moon, but not in the other one. Or perhaps Tirek or Chrysalis overpowered her. Perhaps her timeline in which she was ruling also took place before they tried to take their rule. Remember, Nightmare Moon was all the way back in season 1, and Chrysalis and Sombra weren't until seasons 2 and 3.

Sure Starlight may have been overpowered and her redemption rushed, but those were the only two real problems. Those of you complaining that this was a "sloppy mess" probably haven't watched very many ...more - MLPSpikeDragon

This episode felt like it was just a massive ego trip for the main 6. It's basically saying that without the bond that Twilight and her friends share, Equestria is doomed in one way or another. Most of the big episodes have had a subtle hint of "Twilight and her friends are better than literally everyone else," but this episode takes that subtext and puts it into the text itself. It also shows just how useless Celestia really is as a ruler. Without Twilight as her student, Celestia gets bested by Sombra, Discord, Tirek, even the Flim-Flam Brothers. How sad is it that the princess of the sun gets bested by two idiot con men?! If Nightmare Moon was able to maintain her rule and defeat the other threats, there's no excuse for Celestia.

On top of that, this episode confirms that Starlight Glimmer is the most pathetic "villain" we've ever had. Seriously, one friend of hers gets his cutie mark and sent to Canterlot, and that's all it took to get Starlight on the path the eventually ...more

While I feel that mare do well is worse, this is without a doubt the worst episode writing wise. The pacing is a joke, it's more focused in fan service than an actual story, there's practically no tension, 90%. Of it is just filler since neither the timelines or the fights in the past matter, and it just show how pathetic, stupid, boring, cliche, and down right cringe worthy star was as a Villain.

I was very dissapointed

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30 A Friend in Deed

Come on this was the worst, most boring episode ever. I love every episode of my little pony except for this one. and by the way I hate the donkey

The only thing good about this was the Smile Smile Smile song from Pinkie Pie. In season one however, I personally hated pinkie pie because of her season one songs. Fortunately, she is not being her usually random self in season one. She just to make everypony and everybody smile.

Everything about this episode was crap except the song.

While the song was the best scene of the episode, Pinkie just got flat-out annoying and nosy and should have understood Cranky's message: PISS OFF! I mean she HUMILIATED him in front of Ponyville!

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31 Do Princesses Dream Of Magic Sheep

I'm not opposed to the idea of a kids show tackling self-harm, as it's a widespread problem around a lot of young people, some younger than you'd think. But they handled it absolutely terribly.

I'm sorry, but Luna trying to hurt herself is really something that shouldn't be in a kids' show.

They really did a bad job of dealing with a subject as serious as self-harm.

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32 A Dog and Pony Show

I liked it. It is in my top 10. Before this one I really didn't care for rarity.

This episode is worse than Green Isn't Your Color, because of Rarity who was whining. This episode should be CANCELLED!

This should be 1# because it has dog abuse! DOGS ARE ALWAYS BAD

This episode is second worse next to Putting your Hoof Down.

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33 Sleepless in Ponyvile

This is one of the only episodes that I enjoyed in Season 3, that season was a huge disappointment for me.

I put This episode it should be cancelled what I say

Well a lot of people don't like season 3

Lol hated this episode.

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34 Party of One

I honestly can't understand why this is so high on the worst list, this was a pretty decent episode for the first season, and for good reason. This was at a time where Pinkie was still being developed as a character, and she seemed very one note, and creating this alter ego based on her past and her positive personality really widened the spectrum of how people saw Pinkie as a character. Most of the negativity surrounding this episode is due to the controversial Cupcakes fanfiction which really has absolutely nothing to do with this episode, except the already obvious fact that Pinkie is insane.

Hey everybody lets team up and kill pinkiemena

This episode makes me look at Pinkie Pie's craziness a bit different.

This passed the line of creepypasta mlp it got banned where I live because it was gruesome. and just showed that if the rest of the mane 6 actually avoided her on purpose she would probably kill her friends or kill her self that episode wasn't even for kids at all! well the first theory I made could be right because when I found them celebrating a party without her I thought she looked like she was gonna shut the door and kill them! I hated pinkie the most out of the mane 6 due to her crazy side and now a upcoming episode called secrets and pies Is about rainbow hiding something from pinkie (by the way how I found the episode was wikiapedia) anyways I hope this episode doesn't get gruesome (which it will) and possibly will involve more abuse and guess why pinkie is cray cray from this episode because rainbow dash threw away one of her cakes RLLY PINKIE!? If I were her I wouldn't be getting in other peoples business because it could be somebody wants it really private like if somebody ...more

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35 Magical Mystery Cure

There is WAY too much singing.

"Follow your own destiny, but oh, Twilight, you're a princess now! Just because! " I like most of the episode but the ending was confusing and seemed to undermine the moral

It's the worst finale. they should have had a more epic event for a event like turning into a princess

They essentially take one of the most important moments in the show, and rush it in every possible way. Could've been a two parter, but instead they just pull and idea out their ass, and resolve the whole problem in half the episode. Too many songs and the good songs are not long enough to be enjoyed.

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36 A Flurry of Emotions
37 Sweet and Elite

I don't like Rarity episodes in general -_-


38 The Cutie Pox

An episode talking about how you need to be patient for your cutie mark. Totally original.

This episode is just boring filler.

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39 No Second Prances

This is why I was sceptical of the whole "Twilight is the Princess of Friendship" arc - not because it's gimmicky or cliche, but because now, given her newfound responsibility that's been built up over several seasons, if she shows the slightest bit of stubbornness or apprehension towards someone she disagrees with/disapproves of, she looks 1000 times more out of character than she would have done had she exhibited the same behaviour in season 1.

I actually like this episode it finally gave a character the respect that she needed a long time ago, but yeah twilight was pretty bad here, but in the end I'm happy Trixie is finally accepted by everyone and is still the loveable former baddie that we all now and love

Twilight is out of character in this episode.

Starlight and Trixie were great, but the so-called "Princess of Friendship" was what ruined it!

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40 Look Before You Sleep

This episode is always our worst nightmare all because of the vitriolic friendship disrespectful girl drama tension issues between Rarity and Applejack. Any good friends who or that act like bitter enemies called Vitriolic Best Buds. I really can't stand Vitriolic Best Buds. Vitriolic Best Buds are one of the worst nightmares.

Rarity and Applejack fight for next to no reason AND act like children for about 18 minutes. While they fight, Twilight is an idiot that can't see the obvious and instead focuses on her book. Even without these flaws, it's not very interesting either way.

So the reason for Rarity being on this list is because of the writers of those episodes I don't like with Rarity being portrayed negatively and out-of-character.

Twilight is super smart, but this episode makes her look like a complete fool.

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