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41 May the Best Pet Win

This episode was mean and sad this episode was one of the reasons I hate rainbow dash. She was so mean to the pets I the beginning and middle. In the end it was sweet that she chose the turtle like that but she pushed the animals so hard. :( I personally didn't like this episode or putting your hoof down.

Charlotte Fullerton strikes again. The tortoise enters the race for no other reason than to achieve the ending Fullerton wanted. Most of the episode is Rainbow Dash mistreating animals (especially the tortoise) and putting them in danger, while none of the Mane 6 call her out on this. And what's up with that climax? The tortoise can somehow lifted a giant boulder because...?

This episode is predictable, boring, and kind of unpleasant to watch.

The worst episode by far. Really rainbow dash? You choose a turtle over a eagle? Oh dashie! What are the writers doing to you?!

42 Do Princesses Dream Of Magic Sheep

I'm not opposed to the idea of a kids show tackling self-harm, as it's a widespread problem around a lot of young people, some younger than you'd think. But they handled it absolutely terribly.

I'm sorry, but Luna trying to hurt herself is really something that shouldn't be in a kids' show.

They really did a bad job of dealing with a subject as serious as self-harm.

The episode's title is based on the books title
Do Androids Dream a Robotic Sheep aka Bladerunner 2049 which the movie releases a few months after so I don't watch mlp but I'll give a fact.

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43 Amending Fences

Hmm, I don't understand how anyone can honestly put this episode below other episodes of this season, especially the more overrated ones like Make New Friends But Keep Discord. This is probably the best episode of the Season so far. :3

Twilight had "friends" in name only, but wasn't even remotely close to them. From Twilight's PERSPECTIVE, they were "acquaintances" because she never appreciated them and only was around them, not interacting with them. From the three ponies' perspectives, they were "Twilight's friends" because they understood her and liked her for who she was, even if Twilight didn't reciprocate their friendship and treat them like friends.

Actually, the backstory and emotions for Moon Dancer makes perfect sense. All six unicorns used to be great friends. However, in the flashback, we see that out of all the ponies in the circle, Moon Dancer related most to Twilight in the sense that they're both reserved and studious. ...more

Mitchell Aaron Larson, you forgot to reveal Moon Dancer's sister's real name, didn't you? Next time, please reveal the real name of Moon Dancer's sister, okay? Don't you ever even dare forget to reveal the real name of the sister of Moon Dancer next time. Got that? I will be disappointed if you ever even do or did that again, then I will be disappointed in you. Got it?

That female unicorn with glasses and black sweater holds grudges hold her back from forgiving Twilight easily. Twilight never ever even meant to be a bad friend so far back then before. Let it go already, Moon Dancer! Twilight is trying to fix her mistakes and you just had to be rude and harsh.

Why do people hate starlight but love moon dancer they have same motivations! - TheRealSilverlay

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44 Scare Master

HOW?!? How did Fluttershy manage to pass through all the things she thought she could never do, but lose ALL her character development by this horrid atrocity?!?! It's like she just became as weak as she was in Season 1 & 2!

I didn't really like this episode.

45 Suited For Success
46 The Cutie Re-mark

Yes, it was a lot of fanservice, but it wasn't the mess you're saying it is. Seeing all those different alternate futures was very interesting. The reason the future was different each time was because Starlight's way of stopping the Rainboom was slightly different each time. I also hear other complaints such as why a different villain was ruling each time. Well, a number of things could have happened. In one timeline, Celestia may have successfully been able to rebanish Nightmare Moon, but not in the other one. Or perhaps Tirek or Chrysalis overpowered her. Perhaps her timeline in which she was ruling also took place before they tried to take their rule. Remember, Nightmare Moon was all the way back in season 1, and Chrysalis and Sombra weren't until seasons 2 and 3.

Sure Starlight may have been overpowered and her redemption rushed, but those were the only two real problems. Those of you complaining that this was a "sloppy mess" probably haven't watched very many ...more - MLPSpikeDragon

This episode felt like it was just a massive ego trip for the main 6. It's basically saying that without the bond that Twilight and her friends share, Equestria is doomed in one way or another. Most of the big episodes have had a subtle hint of "Twilight and her friends are better than literally everyone else," but this episode takes that subtext and puts it into the text itself. It also shows just how useless Celestia really is as a ruler. Without Twilight as her student, Celestia gets bested by Sombra, Discord, Tirek, even the Flim-Flam Brothers. How sad is it that the princess of the sun gets bested by two idiot con men?! If Nightmare Moon was able to maintain her rule and defeat the other threats, there's no excuse for Celestia.

On top of that, this episode confirms that Starlight Glimmer is the most pathetic "villain" we've ever had. Seriously, one friend of hers gets his cutie mark and sent to Canterlot, and that's all it took to get Starlight on the path the eventually ...more

While I feel that mare do well is worse, this is without a doubt the worst episode writing wise. The pacing is a joke, it's more focused in fan service than an actual story, there's practically no tension, 90%. Of it is just filler since neither the timelines or the fights in the past matter, and it just show how pathetic, stupid, boring, cliche, and down right cringe worthy star was as a Villain.

I was very dissapointed

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47 Apple Family Reunion

So far, Applejack doesn't have that many good episodes except for Applebuck Season and Bats. The only good thing about this episode was the song. But that's it.

The song was good what does everyone seem to don't like this episode and also why everyone don't like somepony to watchover me I notice that most applejack episode are kinda hated

That s one of the worst ones

Such a bouring episode. Applejack giving her family a bad family reunion was bouring. The lesson was weak, the song was weak, and Applejack's family is bouring. The only good parts were Apple Bloom and Pinkie Pie.

48 Power Ponies!

Yeah, pretty bad Spike episode. Move along to season 6, he gets a lot more character development and better episodes focused on him, trust me.

Wait wait wait wait wait. Is this seriously not on here already?! It sucks so much! It's so repetitive, and Spike is so annoying in it!

This episode had a clever premise, but it was overall just another cliched "Spike feels useless" episode.

Gosh that is very creepy.
Well good thing I look away because the villain got defeated by getting bald I will look away like Adam Sandler style.
Oh it's a knock-off episode of Power Rangers so I hope Saban will know this if he become against this show.
I'm out.

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49 The Last Roundup

The only good thing about this episode is that Derpy Hooves talks. That is it

A letter comes in about AJ not coming home right away... That could mean a late train or something... But what they saw was that went missing and/or died, and it's about the mane 6 (excluding AJ) chasing AJ around equestria... The only good thing about this episode is DERPY

50 Keep Calm and Flutter On

I wouldn't mind Discord becoming a good guy, if it didn't feel like Fluttershy was blackmailing Discord by saying "If you cause any trouble, I'm not going to be your friend anymore."

I don't know if it's just me, but the rest of the mane 6 (minus Fluttershy) were kind of jerks to Discord.

They castrated the most terrifying villain of the series.

Discord and Fluttershy both sucked in this episode. This episode is why Fluttershy is no longer m y favorite pony.

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51 The Show Stoppers

The CMC's obliviousness hurts. Really, everything after the first three minutes is painfully watching as they go on missing their talents. No comment about the song. And that ending is an unfunny slap in the face.

But weird thing is she can sing in later songs like babs seed or hearts a strong as horses

I can't watch this episode. It's so painful. Between Scootaloo's horrendous singing, the whiney emo lyrics that sound like something a 7th grader wrote, and the older pony's reluctance to sit down and say, "I appreciate that you really want to do XYZ, but this is REALLY not a good idea", the episode is just plain unwatchable. I can sit and watch all the other episodes in this list but every time this one comes up, I skip it. It's the only one I do that with.

The CMC song is HORRIBLE. It's off-key, Scootaloo can't sing, it's just ear-bleeding! The rest of the episode is just a rehash of Call of the Cutie.

52 Swarm of the Century

Pinkie knows the solution, but is too stupid to tell anybody else, because otherwise we wouldn't have an episode. Fluttershy is stupid enough to keep one parasprite, even though she knows the logical outcome, because otherwise we wouldn't have a third act. How about Pinkie telling her friends about the solution, but it's already too late, because other ponies also found parasprites near the woods and brought them home with them. Then the Mane 6 could work as a team to get rid of the swarm before Ponyville is completely destroyed. Moral of the story: don't take home animals you don't know. Oh, and teamwork!

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53 Crusaders of the Lost Mark

WAY too many songs from Disney's Top 100, the remaining running time (less than 5 minutes) to "solve" a plot you could see coming from a mile away, and the completely forced "redemption" of Diamond Tiara made this one of the worst episodes for me. Remember kids: If your parents are stuck-up a-holes, you're bound to become one too. Great moral (sarcasm). Oh, and you can become a better person by just singing about it. Yeah, sure...

Not a bad episode, but just pretty much meant to redeem Diamond Tiara since the writers got tired of the hate she been enduring, if only Spoiled Rich was introduced EARLIER, we would hate her instead of her daughter! Why does MLP make rich/nobles into such snobs? Why is stereotyping so common on this show?

Whuh-huh? This episode has such a positive following. How'd it end up here?

This is actually a good episode. What I don't like about it, though, is the way it was done. Diamond's approach was kind of unrealistic. In reality, when you tell your parents: "Mom, Dad, I don't want to be (insert job that your parents want you to work as), can I be a (insert job that YOU want)? " The obvious answer to that is a big fat NO. Heck there are even some kids who get beat up for standing up for themselves.

The moral is good, just needs a better solution. - MillieTrina_Prower

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54 Feeling Pinkie Keen

The moral is so bad that Faust herself apologized for it.

I think this episode is okay the moral is bad though

The moral of this episode contains religious undertones that can offend people of various religions.
"There are wonderful things in this world that you can't explain, but that doesn't make them any less true. It just means that that you should choose to believe in them."

Sixth senses and mumbo jumbo. Nothing to like in this episode, and it diminished my tolerance for Pinkie Pie.

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55 Rarity Takes Manehattan

I hated it hated it hated it HATED IT! It's the copy of the Muppets Take Manhattan!

This is a good episode with a thought provoking message, a good story, some great music and a sense of character development by showing the evolution and growing maturity of the protagonist.

What were those writers of this episode thinking portraying Rarity negatively out of character? Huh? They didn't have to portray her negatively out of character, did they?

This is the other episode in the show that I dislike Rarity in. She acts like a jerk to everyone.

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56 For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils

I see people criticise luna for torturing Sweetie Belle with images of her sister sad, but what if it were Sweetie's own fear taking hold and making things go more and more nightmarish?

This is my favorite episode in the series.

Who cares about this episode?!? I really hated Princess Luna in this episode espacially Rarity who they act like such a JERK!

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57 Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

This episode is the first in Season 4 where Twilight feels like her old self again. The dialogue and humour is intelligent and well written. I particularly enjoyed the subtle foreshadowing at the beginning.

Who posted this? This is the best episode ever! Pinkies rap was hilarious, and the moral was AMAZING! This is the most hilarious episode of the entire show. Whoever posted this needs to take it off IMMEDIATELY.

This episode really brings up what I hate about the MLP fandom. I couldn't even finnish watching it... IT'S THAT TERRIBLE!

Hopefully Hasbro will ban this episode...

58 Too Many Pinkie Pies

This one is taking a break from all the rarity drama, and throwing in some hilarious pinkie pie comedy, And also taking a break from those fill in episodes of twilight trying to solve a simple spell.

This episode gave me a headache with all the pinkies.

There wasn't anything wrong with this episode, there just wasn't enough to keep me entertained.

Annoyace my number 1 worst

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59 Trade Ya!

It's only because of the drama tiff between Rarity and Applejack.

Rainbow Dash almost got rid of FLUTTERSHY to get the 1st copy of a book when Twilight has a lot of copies of that book in her library.

Everypony's flanderized (except maybe Twilight, but the lesson that she "learned" turned out to be completely useles literally four episodes later). Rainbow Dash trading Fluttershy for a book is probably the single stupidest conflict this show has ever had. And the humour wasn't all that great.

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60 The Cart Before the Ponies

Although it does have a satisfying ending, the older ponies were horrible especially applejack( congraulations episode you made me hate applejack first bridle gossip and now you.) applejacks character in this episode wasn't just insulting me as a fan of her, she insulting to me as a fan of racing seriously your so obsessed with being traditional that you would rather finish in last place then at least try to win. I know winning isn't everything but you should at least try somewhere. After this episode applejack came off as annoying and seeing how 28 pranks later followed after this episode applejack was still unlikeable, is season 6 actively trying to ruin applejack? So far I'm not afraid to say season 6 is by far worst season

Rainbow dash, Applejack and rarity were TERRIBLE in this episode. Every time the cmc tried to tell them what they wanted for their cart they either ignored them or removed any changes the cmc tried to add.

Very predictable episode and a forgettable song. This was definitely in my bottom 3 for season 6. - TexasBro93

I actually liked this episode (even though I never saw it) because it has the feeling it is the same as MK (Mario Kart)

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