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61 Magic Duel

Trixie just can't give things a rest now can't she? She pretty much wants to get revenge on Twilight every moment she's with her. She even goes far to use her new friendship with Starlight to get revenge again on Twilight in No Second Prances!

It just proves that Trixie is predictable as a villain by making herself worse. I have been explaining how unoriginal she is.

This episode is boring. It's only a fill in so the viewers don't think it got cancelled.

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62 It Ain't Easy Being Breezies

Good episode. The moral was, if you love something, you have to set it free. And if it doesn't wanna leave, you gotta get firm about it!

The breezies are very annoying

This is not the worst of the show

Was just boring in my opinion

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63 Rarity Takes Manehattan

I hated it hated it hated it HATED IT! It's the copy of the Muppets Take Manhattan!

This is a good episode with a thought provoking message, a good story, some great music and a sense of character development by showing the evolution and growing maturity of the protagonist.

What were those writers of this episode thinking portraying Rarity negatively out of character? Huh? They didn't have to portray her negatively out of character, did they?

On Breaking News:
Jason Vorhees says that "this show wants to lose my reputation in my 80s days.'

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64 Tanks for the Memories

I honestly can't see how this is even #51. This episode was probably one of the best episodes of the season, but people are too caught up with Rainbow Dash being "rash" and "out of character," but they don't see the underlying theme. Death, the episode is a literal allegory for death, and the 5 stages of grief to cope with death. If you literally replace any "hibernate" with "die," it suddenly becomes clear why Rainbow Dash acts like she does. It is the message the creators wanted to portray, that you can't stop the inevitable, and how to cope with losing someone you love. There are videos and articles online that explain it better than I am, but this episode definitely does not belong on this list at all.

I can't believe Rainbow Dash in this one. She legit tried to stop winter because Tank had to go to sleep. If that's not bad enough, she was mean to Fluttershy! I mean come on! Hibernation isn't forever Rainbow...

How on earth is this 78? this needs to be #1. They completely ruined rainbow dash in this episode. She banged the turtle against the wall, spinned him around, just trying TO PREVENT HIM FROM HIBERNATION. Rainbow, would you rather spin him around so much he gets sick, or let him sleep. Not to mention the fact that she looked like a wimpy jerk. Crying, animal cruelty, needs to be number 1.

Just put tank under the desk lamp, rainbow.

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65 Slice of Life

Nothing but fan-pandering, just for the Bronies folks, because it is nothing but background pony after background pony. Okay the scene with Gummy talking was good but people really need to stop giving this episode too much praise since it is not special as everyone says it is.

It made NO sense whatsoever.

It's nothing but an episode for fans who made up Doctor Whooves or Lyra and Bon Bon friendship stories! My least favourite!

Hate this episobe

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66 The Cart Before the Ponies

Although it does have a satisfying ending, the older ponies were horrible especially applejack( congraulations episode you made me hate applejack first bridle gossip and now you.) applejacks character in this episode wasn't just insulting me as a fan of her, she insulting to me as a fan of racing seriously your so obsessed with being traditional that you would rather finish in last place then at least try to win. I know winning isn't everything but you should at least try somewhere. After this episode applejack came off as annoying and seeing how 28 pranks later followed after this episode applejack was still unlikeable, is season 6 actively trying to ruin applejack? So far I'm not afraid to say season 6 is by far worst season

Rainbow dash, Applejack and rarity were TERRIBLE in this episode. Every time the cmc tried to tell them what they wanted for their cart they either ignored them or removed any changes the cmc tried to add.

Very predictable episode and a forgettable song. This was definitely in my bottom 3 for season 6. - TexasBro93

I actually liked this episode (even though I never saw it) because it has the feeling it is the same as MK (Mario Kart)

67 Not Asking for Trouble

Why on earth did newbie writer May Chan think bringing the yaks back and developing them in the same manner would be a good idea when Confalone already tried at it and utterly failed in that sense just two years earlier? It's absolutely boring and is nothing new to series, not to mention annoying and cheesy. Other Season 7 episodes like Fluttershy Leans In and Hard to Say Anything get a little too much unreasonable hatred. Not Asking for Trouble however deserves every last bit of hatred it gets. Heck, I think it deserves to be one of MLP's worst efforts for the yaks alone. enough said! - TylertheTitan

I actually rather liked this episode. We get another good glimpse of the Yaks, which I find pretty decent characters. Not to mention it's a Pinkie Pie episode, my personal best pony. - MillieTrina_Prower

This is a decent episode for Pinkie, but I didn't like seeing the ponies come in and do everything for the yaks. I guess it goes to show that ponies really are the master species.

Oh god, not the Yaks again! My advice: Strike Yak-Yakistan from the canon and use the then-vacant space on the equestrian map to give us something interesting: polar bears, seals, penguins. Anything is better than those too-stupid-to-live Yaks!

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68 Hurricane Fluttershy

I love this episode. Yes, my favorite and least favorite episodes are both fluttershy ones. I like it because it has a realistic moral, instead of ohhh try your hardest and all your dreams will come true. No. This shows that you can try your hardest and still fail, but that doesn't mean you should stop trying. I am in track and not quite the best runner, but this moral really made my day. - wolfythefree

And there's also boast buster or mare do well how is this episode worst when it's funny it's not worse than mare do well or rainbow falls

Only TheTopTens hate it. The fans love this episode


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69 Green Isn't Your Color
70 Sisterhooves Social

No offense but if only Rarity hadn't chose to refuse to participate in Sister-hooves Social, none of this sisterly drama between Rarity and Sweetie Belle would've happened.

The ending song pissed me off.

Why the heck isn't this in the top 20!? This episode, along with Ponyville Confidential shows CHILD ABUSE and Rarity is a hipocrite because Sweetie Belle is trying to be a good sister.

This is just garbage. period. too much sister abuse. period, again.

71 Pinkie Pride

I do not hate this episode because of Cheese Sandwich and the music was so awesome! So why is this on here?

This episode sucked. It make me sad seeing how this was most people's favorite of season 4.

In my top 5. Come on, who doesn't like Weird Al?

This episode made me cry. And these are the reasons:
1. Pinkie pie almost gets replaced for good by a cheap sellout ripoff. ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE PONIES (besides Fluttershy) BEING ALMOST FORGOTTEN!
2. And Rainbow dash has the NERVE to criticise Pinkie's parties. I dislike Rainbow with a bright red hot passion, but she's just crossing the line! She was selfish, thoughtless and needy! Pinkie went out of her way to try and make Rainbow dash happy, but then Cheese sandwich had to step in and ruin everything!
3. Her friends really aren't true friends! If they were, they would have just said "oh, you can help Pinkie here prepare for Rainbow Dash's birth-a-versary! " But instead they are like "screw Pinkie! " I feel so sorry for Pinkie! She's selfless, thoughtful, and one of the funniest characters in mlp in which fan fiction had to ruin by turning her from an innocent cheerful pony into something dark! I don't have anything against Pinkamena by the way
I did kinda like ...more

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72 Bats!

The mane six where literally abusing flutter shy in this episode. They didn't listen to her advice about the trees regrowing. She got her revenge by turning into flutterbat.

Hold up! That Yellow Hippy always take care of animals and alike, but scared by bats. Seriously, a bat!? Does'nt mean bats are not animals anymore. This really made Dracula and Batman an animal and not this. Is there any logical explanation about fear of bats?

Lesson ignore then finally agree about almost half an hour later - Ihateschool

I hate this because the mane 6 just abuse flutters in this and it supports animal abuse and I don't care how much money aj lost in this episode and the person who said that should watch what they say that comment just supports animal abuse

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73 Twilight Time
74 Brotherhooves Social

Dave Polsky is not a bad writer, actually. He's proven to write some very funny episodes. His only problem seems to be the more serious elements he has to deal with: Big Mac in drag here, Religion over in Feeling Pinkie Keen. When he's cut loose from those serious elements, he can produce some very entertaining stuff, like EQG's Mirror Magic and anything in Feeling Pinkie Keen aside from the religious undertones. The slapstick in Feeling Pinkie Keen was hilarious!

There should've been pony brothers too, not just pony sisters. What were those writers of this episode thinking? This episode was messed up.

Apple Bloom at her Worst

The cringe is everywhere!

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75 Dusk's Dawn

Dusk's Dawn isn't an episode. It's fanfare so don't put it on the list

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76 On Your Marks V 1 Comment
77 Daring Done?

Predictable and bland. Not much else to say. Next!

78 Once Upon a Zeppelin

This episode was... interesting. Almost the same concept as "Fame and Misfortune", though not as mean-spirited in its execution. Can't really say if I liked or disliked the episode. It's just kinda there. Though one thing bugs me: Why was Iron Will the guy behind this shady trip? Shouldn't the Flim-Flam Brothers be a better choice, since they truly are con men? Iron Will is a personal trainer and a rather reasonable guy, as seen at the end of "Putting your hoof down". Pulling a con like this doesn't seem to be his style.

I like this episode. It shouldn't be on this list. Though it had its annoying parts, it was funny and entertaining overall. Twilight Velvet was awesome! This was Fame And Misfortune done right!

Let's say that Led Zeppelin will going to roll his grave for this episode. Hehe!

79 Over A Barrel

Remember the time Twilight Sparkle said that natives deserved to have their land taken from them because settlers "needed it to live? " Because that's what she said in this episode. Remember how the only thing that even compares to what settlers did to native Americans in real life is the literal holocaust? This episode is disgusting and super insensitive... One of the worst, no question.

The episode is so stereotypical. Poor spike ;(

I found this episode a little dull..

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80 Friendship is Magic, Part 1

Its hard for a show's first episode to be the best episode they had very short time to establish the equestrian society.

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