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61 Rarity Takes Manehattan

I hated it hated it hated it HATED IT! It's the copy of the Muppets Take Manhattan!

This is a good episode with a thought provoking message, a good story, some great music and a sense of character development by showing the evolution and growing maturity of the protagonist.

What were those writers of this episode thinking portraying Rarity negatively out of character? Huh? They didn't have to portray her negatively out of character, did they?

Too bad it wasn't based on Friday the 13th - Jason takes Manhattan. Then it might have been interesting.

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62 Hurricane Fluttershy

I love this episode. Yes, my favorite and least favorite episodes are both fluttershy ones. I like it because it has a realistic moral, instead of ohhh try your hardest and all your dreams will come true. No. This shows that you can try your hardest and still fail, but that doesn't mean you should stop trying. I am in track and not quite the best runner, but this moral really made my day. - wolfythefree

And there's also boast buster or mare do well how is this episode worst when it's funny it's not worse than mare do well or rainbow falls

Only TheTopTens hate it. The fans love this episode


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63 Green Isn't Your Color
64 Sisterhooves Social

No offense but if only Rarity hadn't chose to refuse to participate in Sister-hooves Social, none of this sisterly drama between Rarity and Sweetie Belle would've happened.

The ending song pissed me off.

Why the heck isn't this in the top 20!? This episode, along with Ponyville Confidential shows CHILD ABUSE and Rarity is a hipocrite because Sweetie Belle is trying to be a good sister.

This is just garbage. period. too much sister abuse. period, again.

65 The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

The moral was a giant middle finger to what was established in lesson zero and I liked that episode.

66 Pinkie Pride

I do not hate this episode because of Cheese Sandwich and the music was so awesome! So why is this on here?

This episode sucked. It make me sad seeing how this was most people's favorite of season 4.

In my top 5. Come on, who doesn't like Weird Al?

This episode is pretty good, but it is VERY overrated.

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67 Brotherhooves Social

There should've been pony brothers too, not just pony sisters. What were those writers of this episode thinking? This episode was messed up.

Somebody needs to call Dave Polsky and tell him that trans people exist and that the whole "man in a dress ahaha how funny is that! a MAN in WOMEN'S clothing! " thing was never funny to begin with. While Big Mac was in drag I saw several displays of transphobia that I see on a daily basis against the real trans people that garbage media like this hurts. I was honestly in disbelief at this episode. I guess he's not a good enough writer to write an episode like this without using transphobia as a crutch...

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68 Dusk's Dawn

Dusk's Dawn isn't an episode. It's fanfare so don't put it on the list

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69 On Your Marks V 1 Comment
70 The Crystalling

While Flurry Heart can't take all the hate, blame the writers. I mean, we knew Flurry was going to be an alicorn, so I don't mind; but the problem lies in that her wings are Dumbo-sized, and she is WAY too powerful for her age. I mean Celestia could have been powerful as a filly, but wasn't. Very weakest season premiere we've gotten honestly.

This episode is really boring compared to the other two-parters.

71 Slice of Life

Nothing but fan-pandering, just for the Bronies folks, because it is nothing but background pony after background pony. Okay the scene with Gummy talking was good but people really need to stop giving this episode too much praise since it is not special as everyone says it is.

It made NO sense whatsoever.

It's nothing but an episode for fans who made up Doctor Whooves or Lyra and Bon Bon friendship stories! My least favourite!

In the infamous words of Cpt. Price: "Pretty good, but I've seen better."

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72 Over A Barrel

Remember the time Twilight Sparkle said that natives deserved to have their land taken from them because settlers "needed it to live? " Because that's what she said in this episode. Remember how the only thing that even compares to what settlers did to native Americans in real life is the literal holocaust? This episode is disgusting and super insensitive... One of the worst, no question.

The episode is so stereotypical. Poor spike ;(

I found this episode a little dull..

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73 Friendship is Magic, Part 1

Its hard for a show's first episode to be the best episode they had very short time to establish the equestrian society.

74 Friendship is Magic, Part 2

So does this one - ChefSquidward

75 Bridle Gossip

WHAT!?! How is this episode so low? This episode had one of the biggest plot holes of the whole series, the Mane Six had a xenophobic and ignorant attitude throughout the whole episode that they never show in any other episode, and the Mane Six had to have the moral spelled out for them by Zecora instead of learning on their own! This episode should be at least in the top 10 worst episodes, if not #1...

This episode is funny, but not that enjoyable otherwise. The thing that I hate about it is that you have to watch it, despite it being bad. Zecora is a big part of the show, so you can't skip it

I don't understand why voice of reason considered this the worst episode of mlp

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76 Winter Wrap Up

Well, this episode is okay, except for the winter wrap up song.

Applejack just had to be disrespectful and overreact.

Drama tension is one of the worst scenes ever.

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77 The Return of Harmony, Part 1

Because of the vitriolic friendship tiff drama issues between the Cutie Mark Crusaders about who's right and who's wrong about the facts about Discord at the beginning of this episode.

Instead of accepting and respecting each other's differences about what the "statue" of Discord represents which means they chose not to respect each other's different correct answers.

78 Secret of My Excess

Like how can it be worst than putting your hoof down or mare do well and even spike at your service

This is personally my favorite Spike episode unlike others including Dragon Quest Just For Sidekicks Equestria Games, and Owl's Well That Ends Well.

I can't belive 22tugerdude considered this the worst episode of the show this is awesome why does he think it's the worst

79 Hearth's Warming Eve

Another worst nightmarish episode all because of the disrespectful girl drama tension issues between the Mane Six at the play. What was Merriwether Williams thinking? Huh? Why did Merriwhether Williams write the real disrespectful girl drama between the Mane Six? If this is the special holiday Christmas episode, why does this special holiday Christmas episode have to be all about disrespectful real vitriolic girl friendship tiff drama tension issues between the Mane Six including earth ponies, unicorns and pegasi who or that are being disrespectful toward each other at Christmas? Huh? I really don't like the Mane Six being completely disrespectful toward each other at Christmas just because they're different and have differences anyway. I wish this special holiday Christmas episode never ever even had to be all about nightmarish disrespectful friendship tiff drama issues between the Mane Six in the first place.

It's a bit sad when one of my favorite Shows has one of the worst Holiday specials, first the mane 6 are on a play, when I see them in a play it's kinda awkward because they're a bit out of character, and the ending is them arguing, isn't that the best way to end the episode
No it's not but this is the lesser of 5 evils. Thanks a lot, Lauren Faust. You made this special holiday special episode worse.
It's all entirely Lauren Faust's fault for creating this worst drama holiday special episode. I can't believe that stupid Lauren Faust portrayed The Mane Six negatively and out of character.
What was Lauren Faust thinking?

What were the writers of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic episodes thinking? Huh? Don't they know and realize we can't stand vitriolic friendship drama feud episodes? Did they know what they were doing? I really hope they know whoever dislike feud episodes of the series.

I entirely hate this Christmas episode all because of the friendship girl drama anger issues between the Mane Six. Merriwether Wiliams will regret portraying the Mane Six negatively out of character just to affect all the viewers and all the other viewers. Don't all of those and all those other stupid creators, especially writers and authors know, realize and understand all the and all the other feud episodes can or could always, easily, entirely affect all the and all the other fans, especially all the and all the other viewers and even readers.

Well, at least it was better than some of Merriweather's other episodes.

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80 It's About Time V 2 Comments
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