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101 P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View) V 1 Comment
102 Hard to Say Anything

The Cutie Mark Crusaders' job is to help ponies discover their cutie marks and their meaning, not to play matchmaker. Ugh, this episode is fanservice. Really the whole show now feels more like it's catering to it's adult male fanbase than it's target demographic. It really disgusts me.

103 Spike at Your Service

In my opinion, from all the episodes when Spike is the main focus, this is the worst!

After Spiker ended getting lost in to the Everfree Forest and been chased by some timberwolves, Applejack do a ex-machina moment and saves the little dragon, which makes him now loyable to her. After that, instead of Spike been a good assistant, he's a living disaster and the only way to make it stop, its to make him save Applejack.

There is so many things wrong with this episodes that I don't know where I should start. The biggest problem about the episode, its Spike itself. Like I said before, instead of been a good assistant, he does nothing but trouble everywhere. If he is so good with Twilight, why he's not in this episode?

The plot about a character saving another and then letting themselves be saved to be even" is often used in cartoons, and it's plainly shown that they're following a script. Spike usually cooks and does chores for Twilight, but suddently he sucks at everything here. You just had to see this plot device in ONE other show and you could already predict everything that's gonna happen. It's lazy.

The episodes consists of a generic plot and generic jokes, and Spike's clumsiness makes absolutely no sense. After all, Twilight has called him her number one assistant.

So applejack saves him and he is her slave how many times did twilight saved you nursed you fed you and helped you I mean his code is stupid I would tell spike to destroy his code and leave me alone -_-

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104 Fall Weather Friends V 4 Comments
105 Griffon the Brush-Off

I hated this episode! Griffon was such a douche! She likes to hang out with "cool people". Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and the other Mane 4 are more than that! That's all she cares about! Everything that is cool. I'm going to go over there and show her the difference between cool and not cool. - airplain313

Just because gilda is mean doesn't mean it's a bad episode. It shows that rainbow had to stop being friends with gilda because she was so mean to the new friends

Gilda is not really cool, neither is rainbow dash. Kind is lol, so that's Fluttershy

Gilda acted like a meanie in this episode. But it was still awesome.

106 Dragonshy
107 Call of the Cutie
108 Stare Master

It's all because of the vitriolic girl friendship tiff disrespectful drama issues between Applebloom and Scootaloo.

Because of the vitriolic friendship drama tiff between Applebloom and Scootaloo.

109 The Cutie Mark Chronicles

This is the best season 1 episode to me.

What the this is the best cmc episode who put it on here

BORING! but maybe it was not that bad but I got bored

110 The Return of Harmony, Part 2

Who put this on here? Discord is a very cool villain. It has some good stuff, but there are three things why I like this episode. 1 Discord, 2 Discorded Fluttershy, 3 Twilight Sparkle says jerks.

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111 Luna Eclipsed

Great episode, but Scaredy Pie (even if she was pretending) is the reason this episode is on here.

112 Family Appreciation Day

Lesson grandparents are cool no matter how retarded they are - Ihateschool

This episode is not focusing on social Sisterhooves Social is

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113 Read it and Weep V 1 Comment
114 MMMystery on the Friendship Express

So high, yet so little criticism. Again, most of the negativity is from this episode not accomplishing anything other than being a generic filler episode, but I'm not a fan of this because of a more general reason. The inconsistency with Applejack and her element. Albeit, there's not much that can be done around the idea of honesty from someone whonis supposedly awalys honest, but having Applejack eat the MMM cake and say nothing and watch while Pinkie blames everyone else for eating the cake is unbearable with how counterintuitive she acted in this episode compared to how she is expected to act with the element of honesty.

115 The Crystal Empire, Part 2

So instead of congratulating Spike for saving the Crystal Empire, the ponies just sing a song about Twilight passing her test? Yep, Spike abuse.

Like I said before, a scary episode.

116 Wonderbolts Academy

What is the creator of the list drunk or something?

117 Simple Ways

Rarity is such a jerk in this episode.

I really hated this episode because Applejack and Rarity are acting like a MANIAC! Very silly episode!

Very lame episode. Even I've seen Rarity is the worst.

This episodes "love triangle" plot was completely uninspired.

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118 Maud Pie

I know that Maud was made to be super boring on purpose, but she really brought down the whole episode. Not even Pinkie Pie's wackiness could have saved this episode.

119 Daring Don't

Daring Do should've stayed a fictional character.

I love this one

By that I meant a character from a book and not an actual pony.

120 Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 1
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