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121 Twilight's Kingdom Part 1 V 1 Comment
122 Twilight's Kingdom

There was so many thing that could be taken badly like the giant black tentaculs and twilight drinking this mysteries white liquid like serisle they proble put that in there to tease the like 10% of the show and how they protrade the mane six it kinda ticked me off

123 Castle Sweet Castle
124 Bloom & Gloom V 2 Comments
125 The Hooffields and McColts

The plot is stretched out way too long. - SomeRandomGuy9001

V 3 Comments
126 Made in Manehattan

Nothing but an excuse to bring the current title holder for the shyest pony, Coco Pommel.

This episode is very, very boring.

127 The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

Lesson letting out a secret is damaging to your life - Ihateschool

128 Hearthbreakers

Oh great, nothing but an excuse to create a random pairing (MarbleMac) that is yet to be considered incest since we don't know that Marble and Big Mac are family yet.

Lesson try and change others traditions then pretend later everything is ok - Ihateschool

129 Flutter Brutter

Zephyr Breeze is one of the worst, if not the worst character in the whole MLP FIM universe, the songs are weak, the ending was over predictable, and you just want to punch Zephyr in the face over and over and over and over again. - Xean45

130 Every Little Thing She Does

This episode was @$$. It was a predictable and generic plot that's been done a million times over, the cast interaction we should have gotten was practically nonexistent, the blank 5 provide the only good humor in the episode, and this episode is a clear example as to why star sucks as a character and can't hold an episode to save her life, but further proves how much of an idiot and a nut job she is. This episode just sucks

This episode was very boring to me. It had so much potential to be hilarious, but honestly, it didn't sell me.

And this is, why Starlight as a main character still rubs me the wrong way. She hasn't learned anything from her past behaviour. If there's a problem she can't handle, she uses her magic to manipulate ponies the way she always did. What exactly made the Mane 6 forgive her at the end of season 5?
Still, cudos for remembering one of my favourite Police songs of all time. Now make a stupid episode with Chumbawamba's "Farewell to the Crown". It would please the anti-Princess-Twilight-brigade very much (sarcasm)...

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