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21 Diamond Tiara x Blueblood

So, basically, this ship says that Prince Blueblood is a pedo? I mean, come on; Diamond Tiara is around nine or ten, and Blueblood is in his twenties - at least!


Wait what no

I NEVER EVER thought about this but..
If Diamond Tiara was older it would be perfect - msdot14

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22 Fluttershy X Big Macintosh

I can understand a little, why people shop this, but that doesn't mean I agree with it! Flutters and Big Mac just don't fit! Sure they might have a similar personality in reference to their shyness! But that's what's bad about it! They would literally have nothing to talk about there so shy it would be awkward and they wouldn't talk! Big Mac needs someone outgoing like cheerilee! And flutters needs someone outgoing to (coughs) discord.

Just because they are both shy doesn't mean they should be a couple

No it doesn't work marble pie x big Macintosh works better

Oh my gosh I hate this ship! The two of them haven't even spoken in the whole show! I'm glad that this is on here. I personally rather Fluttercord. I'm sorry, but it's just my opinion.

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23 Applejack x Rarity

I have no problems with it, though I personally can't see any of the mane 6 as anything more than best buddies

This is my favorite lesbian ship, but it is hard for me to see the mane six as more than friends.

This ship is the best and I love it so much. It shouldn't even be mentioned here.

I honestly don't like this ship by the fact that rarity is to girly and aj to tomboyish in my opinion this is the worst ship of all
Not to hate I just don't understand how the ship works

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24 Applejack x Rainbow Dash

It's too overrated. All Rainbow and Applejack do is compete against eachother and fight. If they got in a relationship, their competing and fighting would only get WORSE.

This ship can burn

I think they are better as friends, is way more cuter


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25 Discord X Twilight Sparkle

I personally wouldn't mind it, but I'd need to see more interaction between them in the show - PoopyPants

That doesn't even make any since, twilight hates discord.

What kind of drug that had consumed the invention that?

I do kinda like this ship thanks to Glass Of Water

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26 Octavia X Fluttershy

This is an actual couple? - Pony

I've never even heard of this ship until now. Who came up with this?

This is a thing?


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27 Twilight Sparkle x Rainbow Dash

I hate this shipping with a burning passion

This ship can burn in hell for all I care

Overrated. And it makes no sense. Ugh... - Zukram97

Yeah no. twilight and rainbow is just why, rainbow is to athletic and into sports and teases twilight for her love of books sometimes, and twilight is way to calm to keep up with RD.

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28 Pipsqueak x Sweetie Bell

So, this is on here but not Button Mash x Sweetie Belle? Double standards much?

Button mash x Sweetie belle would be better

It's not because they're 'too young' but it's because it's plain uncanon. I prefer Button Mash X Sweetie Bell. - MLPFan

Meh. I prefer button with sweetie and pip with Apple bloom

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29 BonBon x Sombra

Wha..? This ship is so random! - PoopyPants

Isn't Lyrabon cannon?

Uh...This ship EXISTS?

This is a ship?!
LyraDrops is too canon for this

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30 Diamond Tiara X Applebloom

If it wasn't for DiamondSpoon, this would be my first favorite DT shipping

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31 Cheese Sandwich X Pinkie Pie

THESES TWO ARE SO SIMPLE! Cheese:Parties. Pinkie:Parties. HUH! We have a similarity that some people are to blind to notice! - sdgeek2003

Sure, let's pair Pinkie with a character designed to appear in exactly one episode and then never be seen again. That worked great with Rarity and Prince Blueballs!

And below this comment t there shall be four nimrods with no concept of good taste.


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32 Big Mac x Cheerilee

Yeah, Big Macintosh and Cheerilee never REALLY liked eachother. It was because of a SPELL, of which NEITHER of them AGREED upon. And remember that one scene when Big Mac got friendzoned by Cheerilee?

33 Marble Pie x Limestone Pie V 1 Comment
34 Granny Smith x Applejack
35 Pipsqueak x Applebloom

Ask the crusaders agrees

It's my favorite Apple Bloom ship

Cutest ship ever

I love this ship so much :3

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36 Discord X Treehugger

Does this even exist? I've been seeing couples that I've never even heard of.

They're hardly even friends. How could they end up as a couple?

Why would anyone ever do this?

I just..l.can't.

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37 Applejack x Caramel

Unless someone can actually write a non-cliche story over this, this remains one of the most hated couples. Typical, clumsy guy. I prefer seeing Caramel with Sassaflash.

I like this ship, but I also like Caramel with Sassaflash too.

I love this ship...Probably because Applejack doesn't have many stallions to love other than Caramel, Trenderhoof, and Flim. There might be others but I don't know

I do ship Applejack with Caramel, but Caramel with Sassaflash is, like, wut? 'Cause in that one episode they were nose muzzling, and then in Magical Mystery Cure, They looked ticked at eachother, whichever comes first. I do like both though.

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38 Spike X Sweetie Belle

This is on the list and Button Mash x Sweetie Belle isn't. What is wrong with you people?! Two characters that make sense because one is everything the other wants but would actually make more sense to be interested in them? Screw that, put it on the worst list! Two characters that never interact outside of fan content but appeared on the same screen for a second and a half so they're totally into each other? ALL OF THE SHIPPING! Seriously people, this is why LyraBon was stupid initially. I am disgusted with the brony community these days.

This ship isn't the worst and I kinda like it, but I ship Spike with Rarity and Sweetie Belle with Button

I don't hate it but Sparity makes more sense

39 Twilight x Discord V 4 Comments
40 Trixie x Snips

Fanboy love lol


Don't get me wrong, I like both of them, but WHY IS THIS SHIPPED? I mean, I know Snips has a crush on her, but the age difference makes this a little weird.
I prefer Trixie x Starlight Glimmer, and I haven't decided on who to ship Snips with.

ewww what? - PoopyPants

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