Worst My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Shippings


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41 Rainbow Dash x Applejack V 3 Comments
42 Rainbow Dash x Flash Sentry V 4 Comments
43 Twilight Sparkle x Discord
44 Shining Armor x Luna

I hate it when Shining Armor or Cadence is paired with someone other than each other, Chrysalis being an exception because she was literally disguised as his fiance, they're married for ponys sake

Shining is married to Cadance already, and their love is too strong for divorce.

V 1 Comment
45 Twilight x Trenderhoof

Someone explain to me why ships are so screwed up now?

What has become of society these days?

V 3 Comments
46 Luna x Big Mac

I don't really have a huge problem with this (or any) ship, but it just seems like a crack-ship on so many levels.The two have never spoken to each other, and (in my opinion) their personalities don't really go together in a romantic pairing. In all cases I have seen it, it just seems as if their love is a little forced. I can see this ship work in a platonic way really well (They both can feel ignored by others, they both are pretty chill, etc.), but as a romantic/sexual relationship? It doesn't make much sense to me.

I think luna is too old for big mac and they never really talked so...

I like it in the comics... But that's it

V 2 Comments
47 Princess Cadence x Shining Armor

Why...They're married, and who else would you ship with Shining OR Cadance?!

V 4 Comments
48 Applejack x Big Mac

Ewww they're siblings! People shouldn't ship them but some people do.. *barfs* - PoopyPants

49 Apple Bloom x Big Mac V 1 Comment
50 Pinkie Pie x Maud Pie
51 Pinkie Pie x Marble Pie
52 Maud Pie x Limestone Pie
53 Babs Seed x Apple Bloom V 1 Comment
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