10 Worst Mystery Box Guns In Call of Duty Zombies

Please vote for the worst guns to get from the mystery box in call of duty zombies!

The Top Ten

1 War Machine

I definitely agree. It stinks! It sometimes kills me... :/ - tig13

Iv seen my brother with it and it absolutely sucks - TheHabsFan

The gun sucks I always get downed by a stray shot

The War Machine says "don't shoot me! ".

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I mean if u ever pack a punch it adds one knifes damage and gets the worst site and isn't Evan automatic

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3 Kar98k

Ok, no ammo in my pistol or ppsh, I have exactly 950 points, I'm taking a risk. And it is... kar98k. * Presses pause an then quit.*

4 KAP-40
5 C275

I don't care if it's dual-wield or not, this thing is terrible! - BradenC123

6 China-Lake

You know what is it in zombies the launcher class sucks

7 Ballistic Knive

Actually if you play medic like me the Ballistic Knife Pack a Punched is one of your best friends - ComaWhite21

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8 Spectre

This will help you

9 VR-11

This thing is no help in solo! - BradenC123

10 Springfield

The Contenders

11 L96A1

Bolt action, inaccurate, weak, and SUPER common! - BradenC123

12 M72 LAW
13 M8A1
14 Five Seven
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