Worst N64 and SNES Games


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1 Superman 64

This is the only game that SHOULD be on here - venomouskillingmachine

Actually, I would argue that Yoshi's Story also deserves its place on here. 😒 - xandermartin98

This is the only game that deserves to be on the list

I had a feeling of this being on the list

Superman 64 is Worst
Best 0/100
Great 0/100
100 stars 0/100
Super good 1/100
Rock 2/100
Very Good 7/100
Yellow 74-65 9/100
Pretty good 10/100
Greatest 10/100
Like 10/100
Cool 10/100
90 stars 10/100
Story Good 10/100
70 stars 10/100
Not bad 15/100
3 stars 18/100
Awesome 19/100
60 stars 19/100
5 stars 19/100
Rule 23/100
Good 36/100
80 stars 37/100
4 stars 38/100
Boring 68/100
Pretty bad 70/100
Awful 72/100
Story Bad 73/100
Disappointing 75/100
Not good 75/100
30 stars 75/100
Dark red 0 78/100
2 stars 80/100
Bad 82/100
Dislike 90/100
1 stars 90/100
Stupid 97/100
Red 49-1 99/100
Worst 100/100
10 stars 100/100
Superman 64 give a 10/100

V 4 Comments
2 Bubsy
3 Daikatana
4 Carmageddon 64
5 Home Improvement

Never mind this deserves a spot - Berger

6 Shaq Fu
7 Mega Man 64 V 2 Comments
8 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I know! This kid is a filthy casual who either can't afford good games or is bad at them and whines about them on the internet.

I Hate the User Who Put This At Number One, Look, I See It's His Opinion and All, But What I FAIL To See Is HOW IS THIS ABOVE SUPERMAN 64? , Whoever Made This List Doesn't Deserve To Call Himself A Gamer - VideoGamefan5

The guy who made this list didn't put them in certain orders, people add their own poles and people vote on it, it's higher on the list depending on how many votes it has - Sanicball

Anyone who thinks this game is bad, let alone the worst N64 game, is retarded. - Puga

Whoever made This List Needs To Get A Life And Then Stop Playing Games - VideoGamefan5

V 9 Comments
9 Lester the Unlikely
10 Rise of the Robots

The Newcomers

? Hong Kong 97

There are no words to describe how awful this is.

I barely even have to explain why this sucks, it doesn't even qualify as horrible, it's like playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and LJN games multiplied a million times, meaning that this game makes those games look amazing.

The Contenders

11 Earthbound

What who put this here - Doobber

12 Mario is Missing!
13 Chrono Trigger

It is 1 of the best games of all time!

14 Final Fantasy V

You're bad at it and at life.

15 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Someone doesn't understand the concept of time.

16 Super 3D Noah's Ark
17 Captain Novolin

Those creepy giant cookies and Usain Bolt granola bars give me nightmares to this day. - Entranced98

18 Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt
19 Yoshi's Story

This list sucks . Burn in hell. - EastZombie

20 War Gods
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1. Superman 64
2. Shaq Fu
3. Daikatana
1. Superman 64
2. Rise of the Robots
3. Shaq Fu
1. Bubsy
2. Home Improvement
3. Mega Man 64



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