Top Ten Worst Name Ideas for an Extreme Metal Band

Just make up names that would be weird for a extreme metal band to call themselves.

The Top Ten

1 The Flower Fairies

Or Candy Fairies... - Ananya

This sounds like the name of a childrens band. One in a cartoon. Or a pop artists. Definertly a pop artist though. - Lucretia

If Party Cannon is the name of a death metal band, then anything's possible.

No seriously, look it up. - Sop

2 Golden Castle

This on just sounds dumb. - Lucretia

Or Pink Castle... - Ananya

3 Diamondz and Kash

LOL, this name can't be metal. This is a bad name idea, yeah. - Metal_Treasure

I know, this lists is things extreme metal bands, shouldn't call themselves. - Lucretia

Sounds like the name of a awful rap group... - Lucretia

4 Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

This would be dumb for any band to call themselves, really. - Lucretia

5 Heavenly Romance

Sounds like the name of a porn site... - Lucretia

6 Rainbow Love

Sounds like the name of a LGBT tumblr account... no extreme metal band is callng themselves this. - Lucretia

7 Love Jesus

This would be a dumb name... - Lucretia

8 Happiness and Light
9 I Luv Candy Candy Candy

Dumb name... - Lucretia

10 I Love

The Contenders

11 Beautiful World Of Light
12 Not an Extreme Metal Band
13 Yummy in My Tummy
14 Pink Fluffy Unicorns
15 Baby Boos
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