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221 Dax V 1 Comment
222 Trenton

All the Trenton's that I know are jerks!

223 Amanda
224 Cassandra V 1 Comment
225 Craz
226 Tracer
227 Oprah
228 Link Link Link refers to several different incarnations of the same protagonist of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.

Rhett: here are some weird names
Link: lets talk about that

229 Shane V 1 Comment
230 Peppa
231 Blasius
232 Clarence

I can't believe this is the middle name of one of my favorite soccer players! - thomwim

This the last name on the list! This should be number 8

233 Henry V 2 Comments
234 Tandy
235 Gracie
236 Makayla

This is a real name I have a friend named makayla

Another one of these weird made up, so called names

237 Usnavy

This means "United States Navy". This is so stupid and a boring American history!

238 Agnes

Agnes isn't actually that bad. It's old fashioned yes, but I love the nickname Aggie!

I love this name the little girl in despicable me's name is Agnes so back of!

Wife: Let's name our baby Anges!
Husband: Yeah. He's not gonna get teased at all! Do you want ourbaby to have an old mens name?
Teen Sister: Seirously, mom. Are you having a baby or a 90 year old?
Little Brother: When I said I wanted a brother, I didn't mean a geaser.

V 2 Comments
239 Wolfgang

This is the worst name ever. This name will make other people think that he or she is mean.

This name is already on the list! - Minecraftcrazy530

240 Ezra

Ezra is the name of my best friend and she is beautiful and I think the name is very elegant

V 1 Comment
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