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241 Felipe

Too simple. Specially if you are a young man.

242 Tahniya
243 Skylar V 2 Comments
244 Kye
245 Matin V 1 Comment
246 Harper

Canada's mean-spirited, authoritarian EX-prime minister! Looks like a penis with eyes.

I guess it's fine as a last name but not as a first name - GriffinDoge

I like the name harper, that's what my aunt is naming her daughter in a few months so stfu - bella_zago_13

247 Errol

The Weasley family's owl.

V 1 Comment
248 Maude
249 Nina

That is my middle name and it is a nice one

250 Ezmarelda
251 Quinn

This is my name, I HATE it. It sounds like a bunch of swear words. (I'm a guy)

Hey this is my name :(

It's such a slut name and I cringe every time I hear it
Go back to Saint kilda

252 Zoey

Gosh, so many awesome names here!

V 1 Comment
253 Suzy
254 Maranda
255 Joshua
256 Jonah

Some stuck up, ass kissing, nerdy-math-boy in my class is named this. He always brags about his math level and shoves it in my face. Go to hell, Jonah!
Also really stupid name.

I agree, math sucks and I hate people who shove math in others' faces. #gotohelljonah

V 1 Comment
257 Jesse
258 Owen

My name is Owen and I love it... It's a smart name

I am an oven...

259 Pam
260 Sue V 1 Comment
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