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21 Melfrid

It sounds like one of those anti-social names. - username34

God gave me a good name what happened to you

But that's my friend's name. -.

22 Espn

well somebody either loves sports or i dont know what - Rocky5

who is so insane to name somebody like that? - manya93

"Welcome to ESPN Seattle! Today, the Seattle Seahawks take on the 49rs! Seattle wins. What a surprise! Not." - username34

It's actually pronounced Espen

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23 Cody

I actually quite like this name it's really cool! It shouldn't be on this list!

It just sounds really weird to me... I don't know - Navylexi

I actually like this name. And Alexis

Cody maverick - NightmareIsHere_

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24 Opal

Actually, Opal is a gemstone. I wouldn't name my child Opal though, it doesn't really have a nice ring to it. But it does look good written down. :P

This name is cool in my opinion.

This name is actually good

Opal or opay

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25 John

Why is my name on here? Why is it bad? At least it's not ridiculous like Gaylord or Shaniqua - MusicalPony

But he is the cool guy in my school

My dads name is john

What - Belle9090

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26 Felicity

I used to hate this name, but Arrow changed my opinion.

Felicity! Felicity SMOKE! I love the flash!

She's my BFF on hi puppies who quit I think this name is epic

This is a good name not a bad name

27 Felicia

Um this is actually my name... To be honest I think its kinda boss because Alicia was just too mainstream :P

Bye booboo this name is great

It sounds like "fellatio"

Pretty, cute, shy, quiet, introvert but smart girls have this name. I love them ♥ - malamJONES

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28 Erwin

Erwin Smith! I think this is a great name!

Reminds me of a bug disguised as a leaf for some reason. - username34

This name is like a sneeze "Erwin".

I think some one has been watching too much Attack On Titan and for some reason really hates the Survey Corps. They are obviasly sick in the head.

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29 Austin

Austin is a nice name!

Most cities and places are named for or after a person. In this case, the person who founded Austin Texas must be named Austin or something like that. - username34

I know a city and a kid named Austin. I like this name. My name is John though.

I have a friend named Austin but everyone calls her Grace for some reason.

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30 Bartholomew

Same like my comment on John. Bartholomew is one of Jesus apostles

Sounds like you're throwing up. - username34

This is Bart Simpsons real name from the show the simpsons

What?!?! Bartholomew and Olga should marry each other and have kids named "Bartholga and Olgmew"

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31 Mary Jane

Name of a prescription healing herb that grows from the earth. I'm sure the many of cancer patients etc. named their kids this after the miracle plant that helped relieve pain and destroy their cancer cells. Take your "prohibition" elsewhere and go get drunk, loser.

I love that name a lot. It's better than Apple

Sounds like its from the 60

420 BLAZE IT - GriffinDoge

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32 Ramadan

I think that's racist because that's an Islamic special month and it doesn't sound that bad

Ramadan is an actual name guys... - Badassblackman

That is the worst name ever


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33 Melvin

Wow how did that comment get approved

Who would name a poor child Melvin. It doesn't sound right MELVIN

What the hell?

The the the daaa. - mattstat716

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34 Mckenzie

I love this name But MACKENZIE pronounced Ma-ken-zee. A lot of people hate it because its boys but do you think I care if Mac is for boys. A lot of girls have Mackenzie which now makes it unisex so you can't just say its for boys.

Sounds ugly and horrible. Kinda reminds me of McDonalds (Mac should also be on here for all the same reasons).

I have no problem with this name!

Mckenzie? Why not Mackenzie? Mckenzie reminds me of mcdonalds

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35 Bob

I love Bob! Not that I would name a child that though

Bob the builder

Blob laugh out loud

It my nick name

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36 Jhon

Jhon uh that sounds just like a normal name here in the U. S which is spelled John.

it is cool

37 Ezmaralda

Sounds like an evil witch's name - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Sounds like an evil queens name. no offense. - username34


38 Gil
39 Sextina

Parents: We should boost our child's probability of becoming a hooker!
Friend: How?
Parents: By naming her Sextina!
Friend:... - username34

This woman better watch out because there are a lot of perverts out there who love these type of names!

WHY? SERIOUSLY! WHY? WHO DOES THIS? Her parents must have a very sick humor and with there daughter purposely offend everyone who meets her.

I love it when Sextina touches my Aladeen

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40 Adele Adele Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is an English singer and songwriter. Graduating from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in 2006, Adele was given a recording contract by XL Recordings after a friend posted her demo on Myspace the same year. She is best known with her international hit singles ...read more.

I love the singer Adele, so I can see myself using this as a tribute to her.

Adele is a pretty good singer, I don't love her music, but I like it. - username34

What is rong with that name. Say one good reason for that being a bad name … well oh wait there isn't one

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