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41 Sacha

Spell it normally at least. Sasha. - username34

Too bad Sasha and Sacha don't even sound the same.

You would say this name as sucker

That's my dogs name

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42 Barney

It only works if you're having a big, annoying purple dinosaur who has his own sitcom.

IS he or she that purple dinosaur that I used to watch when I was little or something?

Barney Rubble! He's one of the favourite character of all time.

Barney from the Simpsons

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43 Benalia
44 Shaniqua

I hate all of these ghetto names. Just because you are of a different social class doesn't mean you should name your kid something ridiculous like this! It sounds like a tiny Latin American country!

Read the book freakonomics. Even if I liked the name, you have doomed the child to a lifetime of negative assumptions. I'm not saying it's fair, it reality. For similar reasons I wouldn't name my kid "Rothchild".

I love this name, it's mine and my friends nickname "shaniqua the lamb" this shouldn't be on the list, it's an awesome name.

It is a funny silly ass name bitch

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45 Boy

This name is like the name guy, is it like when boy is a kid then you call him boy and when boy is an adult you call him guy like stupid names.

Maybe there mutants or a lesbian had sex with her and just for cover called him boy

I'm gonna name my daughter this when I grow up and give birth to a girl just for the sake of it

Some Pervert in my class name is "My'Son"

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46 Uthgherd

What? This is the dumbest name ever! - RockFashionista

I swear I've seen this one in Skyrim before

Haha sips uses this name

It sounds like a Norse god's name.

47 Keith

Ugliest name in the world. The fat ugly pervert that sits next to me in math is named Keith

According to Family Guy, the worst name is -- MEG!

Family Guy, this is the worst name bar none

Excuse me but my unculs name is keith so yeah it's a perfect name.

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48 Texture Dude

Look at this dude


Best name.
If they go missing, you can put up a purple and black cube poster.
"Missing Texture". - mattstat716

49 Barbara
50 Frank

Frank Sinatra. History class. Don't remember who the name belongs to though. I think it was a singer. - username34

Well, we have the bringer of the worst show of the internet. FILTHY FRANK MOTHAF***A! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Frank Furter. Comes from an even worse name, Francis.

51 Danil
52 Kyia

It's spelt kiyah

53 Kimmy
54 Billy Bob

Now that there is Billy Bob's kid junior, then he had a kid. His name is Bobby Bill - SirSkeletorThe3rd

This is someone's name in Cubit Castles with like, the BIGGEST clan EVER!

Billy bob is a hillbilly name so I will never name a kid billy bob.


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55 Gavin

What are you talking about? This name is awesome!

What's wrong with gavin

For a boy its awesome

Phaha ths name reminds me of this bum called javin

56 Gertrude

The sound you make when you barf

I like this name, I'm reading a book at my school library called Margaret and the moth tree and in it there is a person called gertrude

I was almost named this. Good thing I got Grace.

Remember that ugly bird named Gertrude from Because of Winn-Dixie

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57 Mackleroy

ARE YOU ACTUALLY BEING SERIOUS?! This name reminds me of a fish, for some reason... I know! MACKEREL! That's what it is! Who would name their kid that?

"Hi! My name's Mackleroy!
"No! Makeleroy! "

58 Sedona

The name is dumb and your kid is not a city -

59 Melina
60 Fred

, its Fred from YouTube, not this annoying bastard!

Also because Captain Cookie grew a creepy obsession with a skull and named it

I love this name because of Fred Jones and Fred Flintstone

Laugh out loud I named a ball fred

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