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81 Lawrence V 2 Comments
82 King

my son's name is King of England, king Of France, king leonard, king louis, etc. parents think that their children are high ranking officials in the throne but actually they are not - ronluna

France doesn't have a king! Viva la France!

That is my dog's first name before we adopted him. It is now Reggie. The real name Is Regonald King McDog Rule.

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83 Jessica

What is wrong with the name Jessica. My best friend is called Jessica and she is a really nice girl. If you have voted for Jessica unvote now.

My sister is named Jessica and she's really nice. Whoever put this here is an idiot.

Jessica Rabbit! Laugh out loud best name ever

Why my cosens coled jeseca

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84 Doggie

If you named your child this, calling them down for dinner would go like this,. mom. Doggie come down for dinner. grandma, who is the new dog. mom I don't have a dog. grandma, you didn't. mom yes I did. child. Yes mother. doggie grandma is here.

Get down Doggie. Come here Doggie. What is wrong with people?

Never ever call your child the position that they were conceived in.

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85 Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116

Three words: Sweden naming law.

Sounds like the parents have completely ran out of ideas for a good name - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

This sound like a derpy minecraft username

How do you even pronounce this name? - GriffinDoge

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86 Trump

Worst name ever

Terrible name

Woman hater

That's fart in english lolol donald trump
fred trump

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87 Miley
88 Yoshi
89 Sander

I added this name because this name is my enemy's name - lovingicecreams

The name sander reminds me of bad people - lovingicecreams

90 Osama
91 Angus

A type of cow. Call your kid this, you're basically calling them fat. - blueyes

You're so wrong. My older friend (not older than me, just at a different school now) was a really nice friend and was nice to everyone. You should try and open your blind eyes and see that. - username34

Named after a burger. How nice.

At least there's a g in it

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92 Dope

Is this based on the idea that you should name them after what you saw the day after they were born? Because if so that's sad. Really sad.

It suck make one up it suck badly in my opinion

Do they take dope?

Weed for life

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93 Satan

Yes, because naming my child after the God of evil definitely isn't going to get him teased or offend any religious people! *sarcasm*

If he's really popular, everyone is going to be like

"All hail the mighty Satan"

What messed up parents would name an adorable baby that!

But if he's JB's baby, then it would be fine.

Horrible name for a child.

Give him a break my bestie s name is Praise God so name him Christian just not the devil's name please...

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94 Joey
95 Brooklyn

After a city a bridge come on gotta be a little bit better than that

Wow! Seriously? It's a city named after a NAME.

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96 Michael

My cat is cute

My father is named Michael and frankly, I don't think it's very funny to
Insult everyone with a funny name.

Michael is just spelled funny. It's a really good name. This is my friends name. - username34

It's my annoying bro

97 Lance

This sounds like the name of a mattress salesman.

What sort on name is this?!?!

Elite Four Lance!

Lance Vance...
The Lance Vance Dance...
okay I'm going too far

98 Dai'jadai

Unless you're one of those ugly cat people from Skyrim this is a terrible name.

I'm one of those ugly cat people from Skyrim and I'm offended by that! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

My friends brothers name!

How do you pronounce that? - username34

Khajiit has no words for you.

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99 Becca V 1 Comment
100 Molia
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