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101 Tash

I'm thinking of trash.

I'm THE TRESH MAN. - mattstat716

102 Moltana
103 Bigzo
104 Shamond
105 Paris

My sister's name is Paris and my brother's name is Brazil and my name is ca ca coo coo you look like poo poo

From chupacabra

There's a brat in my fourth grade class named that. She's my archenemy.

Paris is a nice name I like it

Paris France - SpencerJC

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106 Rudolph

Santa's little helper

107 Marco

Marco is a cool name really people

Stupid name

108 Sidney

Whats wrong with it?

109 Merlin

But who wouldn't want to be named after THE greatest wizard of all time?

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110 Raven

Sounds nice to me. Even of its meaning. Its nice. Especially if your a little gothic.

Does anyone know this is a damn ugly black bird!

it doesn't sound pretty (especially if you're from the south) it gives you shivers - Queen-aholic

I'll use this if I wanna name my kid after my favorite superhero.

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111 Marion

This is my best friends name, I love this name what is wrong with it?

Who named their child after a county

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112 Alexander

You think Alex is a bad name? I'm afraid for your future. It rocks!

Sounds like drinks all night! cheers

I like Aleksander more. It has that Euro feeling to it.

FNAF fan art shows this guy to be 0% human, 100% demon.

113 Bella

I think that revenge for an emotionless, talentless, retard (not a twilight fan) isn't worth it. - username34

My best friend is called Isabella but everyone calls her Bella for short.

One word. Twilight. Me voting for this name is revenge for bella not choosing Jacob.

Bella is a nice name

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114 Beatrice

Women seem to like this name for some odd reason. Men hate it, sounds like a very old angry lady to guys. And just because you know someone with a name and you like that person, doesn't mean the name is a good one! You're all crazy!

That's the name of my cousin I love the name! How is it on this list?

This is an absolutely beautiful name. In the book series "Divergent" by Veronica Roth, the main character, Beatrice, renamed herself Tris. It is even better than Beatrice.

Beatrice is a good name,
Your all pretty dumb with putting
These on, Mitch is a wheird name though...

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115 Edith
116 Nick

Perfect name perfect life

Nick is an perfect name

117 Pain
118 Zelda

Hmm... You know... You know this game...

119 Kaitlin

That is my sisters name it is a nice name! I still don't like this website now

What the heck are ya'll talking 'bout because MY name is katelyn and this is offensive

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120 Mortekai

I know a four year old named this, seriously people, you have a new baby son who's just SO adorable, and you name him Mortekai? - Queen-aholic

Sounds like something from Children of the Corn.

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