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121 Kevin

Hey who put this on this is a great name

We had a sick named Kevin at my school but this mean kid stole him

Yeah my dad almost named me this thank God I am a Girl! - qaz123tt

I babysit for a guy whos named kevin! Really nice too

122 Pepples

Ugh. Just name them pebbles and get on with it instead. - username34

Should just name them stone

123 Laura

My name is Lauren and I'm sick of getting called Laura all the time

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124 Shawn

Shawn and sean are the same name


Everyone called me shawn I don't know why everybody doesn't how to call name
He called wrong name
I don't think shawn calling wrong name - SpencerJC

125 Elizabeth

Liz is the greatest friend in my grade at school I have. She is incredible. She's leaving and I am disappointed at this.

This is my cousin's name and shes nice and all and she also has a giant house

This is my middle name I look upon it as my royal connection.

I love my name WHY is this on the list that's horrible!

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126 Vivian

My little 6 year old half step sister (my step sisters half sister, so technically my younger step sister who is my half sister also) has this name, and her mom tries to make her seem like one of those hopeless, defenseless girls and takes her to places like Hawaii 2 times in one year. She then comes to my house and cries about her matress catching on fire and then won't go to sleep without someone sleeping with her because she expects to get whatever she wants because that's how it works at her moms house. - username34

In the 20th century its just cruel

This is my best friends name and I love it๐Ÿ’•

127 Ben

This is my name and I must say I deserve this position on the list. - Nebby_

Why is Ben on here? it's a perfectly good name

128 Harris

Stop giving kids last names as first names - GriffinDoge

This is my last name.

129 Jasmine

Jasmine is the name of a princess, because it's so beautiful.

Jasmine is a worse name than Gavic

130 Rodolfo
131 Bellwether
132 Leslie

Would be a better name for a girl than a bot because guys can't work names like girls kinda like Dylan I would love to be named dylan

That's my dads name it's a fantastic name I don't like this website now

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133 Milton

This name isn't quite as sweet as chocolate... sounds like a fat bearded guy who works at the mill a ton - tornadoeater

The name might not be as sweet as chocolate, but it sure does Milton your mouth

134 Ashlyn
135 Tred

What is this? Really? Tred? Whoever is named Tred should do us all a favor and just leave... Just stay away from the rest of society... Thanks

It was suppose to be Ted, but there was a mess up on the birth certificate (;

136 Clistin
137 Cotton

Really why just why hey cotton how's it going don't you get put in Our shirts

138 Paramaribo

This isn't a name it is a capital to a country I. South America but not the worst name ever I. The world

139 Block

This is good for idiots, who'd name their kid block?

To block your kid from learning. - username34

140 Jeremey

By the way it's spelled Jeremy and I know this because it happens to be my name!

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