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161 Dalton

Laugh out loud people with the name Dalton smell like cat piss!

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162 Tristram
163 Willard


164 Constance

Sound's like the name of a 110 year old cat lady

I like the name it is a French name a and it is a goo one.

Oh come on I love this name

Off of monster house

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165 Rhydian
166 Kendavion

Umm I don't know bout this name

167 Alanasia

My name is Alana but not Alana si.

168 Fegelein

He is the master of antics - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Social outcast status: 100% - username34

169 Brenda

What? This name isn't that bad.

That is worst of all history

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170 Chaz

Chaz is a better name than whatever your names are (not counting the people who think Chaz is a good name). My best friends name is Chaz and he could probably beat you in damn near anything you challenge him in. - username34

I met a girl whose nickname was Chaz. It sounds nice for a girl though, even for a boy name.

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171 Destiny

I love this name! Why is it number 80!?!?

My name is Destiny ass hole.

It is now 136.

U mean 136 not 80

172 Nancy

I love it was my Nannies name and she passed away

173 Joel
174 Jessie

Who the hell put this Jessie is a great name and the one that goes to my school is really nice

What? This is a really good name not a bad one!

Who the heck put this name up here!? This name I completely normal, there is like 4 jessies in my class

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175 Andrew

This name isn't that bad. (It's actually my name) but listening to people repeat it over and over and over, sometimes not even to ask me a question or say something and only to piss me off, is TORTURE!

Awful name. Not only does the most spastic kid in my school has it, it's a cargo pants and golf name. - Puga

That's my dad's name! It's a nice name!

HEY! - WonkeyDude98

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176 Dominique

Boy name should not have become girl name

A GIRL NAME?!?! Since when?! This belongs in the BOYS ONLY file. - username34

That's my classmate's name and she is so nice

My cousins name is Dominique. She is a butiful young woman.

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177 Eileen

COME ON EILEEN - Drewman1211

178 Matthew

There's a kid in my class named Matthew and he's my best friend

To all the red head mathews out there, you suck

To all the haters of a perfectly normal name out there, you swallow. - mattstat716

There is a Matthew at my school and he is an annoying asshole so he can go and get stuffed

179 Belle

Such an ugly name and everyone will misspell it 'Bell'.

180 Isabelle

I like this name I agree it's a French name and it's a lovely one

This is a French name and its one of my favorites.

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