Top Ten Worst Nancy Drew Games

The Nancy Drew PC Games by Her Interactive are pretty cool, but they can be a flop sometimes. Here are the worst flops Her Interactive has ever made. Note: This is both my opinion and popular opinions.

The Top Ten

1 The Creature of Kapu Cave

Extremely boring. Terrible pacing. Guessable plot.

I looked it up, and a lot of people really hate this one. Like, really badly. I myself never finished it because of the part when you have to break into the lab, but people say it has horrible plot, characters and ending.


2 The Shattered Medallion

There was no plot and the characters don't contribute to the overall game.

This is the absolute worst game they've ever made. The plot (if you can even call it that) is so stupid, the characters are so awkward that they're painful to talk to, and the ending makes no sense at all. I hate it

How is this not higher on this list? This game is so, so stupid. Secret of Shadow Ranch shouldn't be anywhere near this list.

3 Secret of the Scarlet Hand

This is another I never completed, BECAUSE THE GAME NEVER LET ME CONTINUE EVEN AFTER I DID EVERYTHING! And it's also rather dull, being to have to be on the phone for most of the game. And all the chores.

4 Ransom of the Seven Ships

Absolutely dreadful. Between the tedious navigation, thin plot, lack of characters and terrible puzzles; I won't be going anywhere near this game again. But if you hate having fun this is a must!

There is literally only one person who could be the culprit.

5 Secrets Can Kill

Yet ANOTHER game I couldn't complete because the girl always came just as I got on the computer in the teacher's lounge! Just really didn't like it. It had that early nancy drew bad after taste.

6 Message In a Haunted Mansion

The oldest Nancy Drew game I own (I played the remastered version of SCK). Enjoyed the plot, but the characters (besides the amazing but embodiment of Christian religion hate in modern world besides sin Abby) were like mannequins, and lacked any personality. At all.

7 The Haunting of Castle Malloy

This game started out pretty well, but I lost interest really fast. I heard (and this is a spoiler) that the old dude justs keeps the crazy old woman from the explosion in a cottage and doesn't try to get her medical help? And doesn't he kidnap the groom? Or was it the woman? Or was the groom trapped or something?

8 Trail of the Twister

LOVEWD THIS, but added it because for many people, it was too easy and too boring. I loved doing it!

9 The Haunted Carousel

The characters were annoying, and the plot didn't interest me. Joy especially got on my nerves. I love replaying all the Nancy Drew games, but this one isn't one of them.

The first my family owned, it was very short and easy. A bit of a thriller ending. I didn't feel bad spilling paint on his stuff at all.

10 Secret of Shadow Ranch

I don't want to do boring tasks like build a fire, pick ripe vegetables, and ride a horse around. It's a mystery game not a farm simulation.

I really liked it, but I heard a lot of people don't? Why? Why do you hate this awesome game?

The Contenders

11 Stay Tuned for Danger

Never played it, but I had to add it here because once again, it had that bad early and taste.

12 Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

Even though I LOVED this game, I must add it here because It had a bit too much filler projects, like SSH. I mean, come on! Recording birds? Photography? A forest I easily navigated? It was also a bit of a let down from the pretty sweet opening scene.

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