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1 Sakura Sakura Sakura Haruno is the main heroine of the series "Naruto Shonen Jump!" and Naruto Shippuden. She is the only female ninja of Team Seven. Her family consists of her mother, Mebuki Haruno and her father Kizashi Haruno. Her clan is likely not very well known around Konoha and up until "Boruto: Naruto Next ...read more.

All she does is cry. And she does nothing in battles except for healing. The only battle she actually did something was the battle against Sasori. And the only reason why she wasn't killed is because Granny Chio saved her. - pryan96

Have you even seen all of Naruto? This is coming from fuzzy memory, but didn't Sakura have a rough time anyways? Also, one time in the series (not saying when), she tried to revive Naruto. - Qryzx

Sakura might seem strong at the first few episodes of Naruto Shippuden, but after a short while, she's just kinda lousy. Sakura got help from the powerful granny Chiyo to fight Sasori and won by default, she didn't even fight in the shinobi world war. In terms of personality, Sakura should at least treat Ino and Naruto better and not be so mean and bad tempered. Sakura just seems like a copycat of Tsunade, she should at least try to create her own jutsu and not completely rely on Tsunades teaching.

She is the worst character of the series for a reason, and it is LAUGHABLE that Watch-Mojo placed her as number 4 in their 'Top Ten Best Naruto Character' List. I urge you all to go out there and dislike that video, because that list is trash. She is not only notorious for just generally being an unpleasant character to feel some sort of attachment to (she is selfish, shallow, manipulative, abusive to Naruto, annoying, unfunny and grossly egotistical in actually believing she has some sort of skill as a ninja), but she is so poorly developed within the series itself. In Part I, she was this aggravating, weak, useless pathetic excuse of a ninja who merely held a kunai in her hand for over 200 episodes and always had to be saved by Naruto and/or Sasuke, though at the very Part II she showed some promise. She finally showed us that she could her hold her own in a fight (somewhat, as she needed the help of Granny Chio). Regardless, her fight against Sasori was her first real fight she had ...more

Sakura is literally the most selfish, annoying and egotistical character on the show. Literally she is completely useless from the beginning. The only reason she is still alive now is because so many people had to save her ass. She is given way too much credit for being powerful, because hello SHES NOT. sure her punches are super strong but when has that ever actually come in handy? And don't get me started on her obsession over Sasuke. She acts as if she's the only one who cares about him, and decides to kill him on her own. Which she would never be able to do. She expects to kill him with a poison knife like this is Sasuke we're talking about, would he really die that easily? NO. She didn't even fight in the war and is just a complete copycat of Tsunade. I think the only substantial thing she's ever accomplished is when she detected the white Zetzu in the camp. And even then that wasn't that impressive. She just gets in the way of everything and should just stay on the sidelines ...more

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2 Karin Karin

Her obsession with Sasuke is totally not HELPING, it only makes things worst! She was acting all flirty to Sasuke even she knows Sasuke is not interested in Karin. She even entered at the Male Hot Spring only just Sasuke would get her sexiness. BAKA! - Nokito

She is even more annoying then Sakura. The fact that in every episode she's on, all she does is obsess about Sasuke. But honestly Sakura's healing powers are way better than Karin's because I mean, Sakura's waists chakra but Karin's well you need to bite her arm in order to heal yourself (she must have A LOT of bite marks on her arm). Although I'm actually happy to find out that Sasuke and Karin didn't have a baby together it was actually Sakura (found that out in the manga series). But anyway what I'm trying to say here is for Karin to "GET A LIFE! "

I admit that I never likee karin but once you look at it from the perspective of her being purposely annoying and in your face I began to like her. She has some spunk to her attitude And I know she gets compared to suckura a lot but let's be honest here...
Karin told it to Sasuke as it is. She is not afraid to raise her voice at him and Sasuke being with her makes A LOT more sense in the plot. He actually gave Karin a smile and that smile changed her life. She had a very bad and abusive childhood and Sasuke can relate to it. Sasuke if he has to be with any girl it should be Karin her tsundere behaviour was cute if not slightly annoying.
She is even an uzumaki and related to some of the best characters like Nagato and naruto making her naturally strong and even sasuke recruited her into his team because he "needed" her. He acknowledged she was useful to him and her lending chakra to him with his bites was selfless of her. Suckura is none of that. of course the only picture ...more

She should be above Sakura to be honest. At least Sakura becomes slightly more useful in shippuden

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3 Danzo Shimura Danzo Shimura Danzō Shimura is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

This guy ruined all these characters lives: Nagato, Konan, Yahiko, itachi, sasuke, shisui, the entire uchiha clan. He is selfish and greedy and is the main cause for most of these characters going bad or crazy. He may have not anticipated the future of most of his actions and decisions but he is responsible for a lot of what has happened.

How is Danzo not #1? Danzo killed a messenger pigeon to Naruto, which, if he got to Konoha faster, would have probably prevented the village from being destroyed. None of the Sasuke run-off like an avenger bull would have ever happened if it weren't for him. During Pain's invasion he wasn't fighting. Why? Cause he claims to be to old. If he's too old to fight then he shouldn't be hokage it's that simple, while Kakashi, who is the second biggest candidate is risking his life to protect the village, Danzo is sitting in a bunker counting all the Uchihas he's killed. Worst character hands down.

Why is he not number one he screwed Over Itachi yahiko Nagato konan Shisui sai and the whole Uchiha clan. He is the biggest prick to walk the planet. This dude made the worst organization ever where was he durning the nine tailed fox attack and Pein attack.

Danzo should be the WORST character in the animeverse. He is so SELFISH. He always say he was doing his best to protect the Konoha but he was doing it for the best of himself. It is his fault that Itachi did the uchiha clan massacre. He ruined many lives. He was greedy of the uchiha's Sharingan. I bet he commanded Itachi to kill the clan so he can collect all the powerful eyes. Stupid Danzo. It is his fault that the once happy sweet little Sasuke turned into emo revenge seeker young man. Danzo wanted to be a Hokage for I don't know reason. He don't know what is means to be a hokage even he mentioned many times about 'self-sacrifice'. A hokage should be like the person who think of peace and love for both of the shinobi, village and clan like Minato Namikaze, Itachi Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, Jiraiya and many others. I'm glad Sasuke killed him...

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4 Sasuke Sasuke Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

I really don't understand how Sasuke is below Sakura. He is much worst. I get it. Sakura is whiny, weak and selfish, but there are worse things than that. Like Sasuke. In Naruto, Sasuke killed Naruto once and almost killed him again in the same battle. He deemed Naruto a best friend, but he still killed him by choice? Even though Sakura is obviously mentally unstable in her obsession with Sasuke, Sasuke has two people who are alive and care about his well-being, but instead of accepting this he has actually killed and tried to kill both of them. Don't get me started on him killing Karin after she helped in his battle with Danzo. Sasuke treats everyone who cares about him like crap. And the stunt he pulled after defeating Kaguya with Naruto, trying to kill the tailed beast is unacceptable. Naruto had to lost an arm to stop this clown. I'm sorry, but Sasuke's selfishness is a whole lot worst than Sakura's. Even after finding out his brother's true intentions, he disrespected him and ...more

So, the reasons that everyone gives to hate on Sasuke are: he tried to kill people, is inconsiderate, is weak, he wanted to destroy Konoha, because he is "emo", ungrateful...

Srl? Like, did you read the manga?

First: do you remember the situation? He tried to kill his best friend, if you don't remember, the first time was because Naruto wasn't letting him go. He didn't just attack Naruto out of nowhere. The second time, it was because he wanted to be completely alone, so he could become the "dark hokage" and the ultimate enemy, to make sure all the villages would continue being allies. When he tried to kill Sakura, it was self-defense. She tried to kill him first. Then he killed Danzõ. Are you going to complain that he killed Danzõ?

Second: people are inconsiderate with him. Honestly, he mostly minded his own business until people come and mess everything up. He didn't consider Sakura's feelings? Why should he? I mean, he was her teammate, ...more - Addiction

Sasuke has steadily dropped to the bottom of the barrel. He leaves nothing but misery in his wake. His brother Itachi is infinitely superior.

He's just so annoying. All he wants is revenge, and he's so whiny about needing to be better if he finds someone better than him. Well, guess what Sasuke? Lots of people are better than you. Honestly, all I wanted to do was slap that boy. I honestly think he should have died instead of people like Neji because he's just really ungrateful. He knows what it's like to have no parents, yet he distanced himself from his own daughter. He found out the truth about his brother, yet still acted like a dick. Really though, I just hate how they made a main character like him very powerful but ruined him by making him the way he is. He could've been so much better, could've even sent out a message to the viewers, but no. He was just a pain in the ass.

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5 Kaguya Otsutsuki Kaguya Otsutsuki Kaguya Otsutsuki is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

No personality, no skills, no reasons to be part of the plot and came out of nowhere just to be defeated in 10 chapters, all of this at the expense of a much better villain.

The only "big" mistake in Naruto in my opinion. Kishimoto couldn't figure out a way to defeat Madara so he just had this pointless twist and had it ended in a few chapters. It was kind of insulting towards Madara and rather pointless to the story. - RalphSaad

Deus ex Machina created to kill Madara.

No introduction and just shows up in the last few chapters of the series. Doesn't make any sense. This Naruto series deserves a much better final villain than this nonsense piece of crap.

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6 Tenten Tenten

It's possible for us to base her character since she gets little to no screen time. I mean, you can't classify her as a good or bad character since really, you have near nothing to define her character. Not getting screen time doesn't make her a bad character.

She is not as pathetic as Sakura, but she is extremely boring! - pryan96

There is nothing bad about Tenten. I wish she got more screen time though - hoekage

Seriously? Very few lines or screen time. Hell her fights in the manga were cut out, and even in the anime she hasn't won a single fight, except for the clone of herself but that's not saying much.

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7 Kabuto

To be honest I actually didn't have a problem with Kabuto... At first. In fact in Naruto I have found myself loving many of the Naruto characters, even the villains... Like the akatsuki memebers I actually found very entertaining to watch. I don't even really mind Orochimaru... But Kabuto... Well where to begin... I hate him... My dislike for him began blossoming during the whole thing with the 3 tails and Yukamaru, that kid who could control it. The way he acted towards that kid during that arc made me hate him. I just find it unbelievable someone could act that way towards a child... So I hope he ends up dying in the end or I will be majorly pissed off... Kabuto is a sick... SICK... Person who REALLY needs to see a therapist...

Kabuto is so messed up he acts like a drug addict and needs to sit down and think things through about his life. He is really messed up, especially since he acts like orochimaru's maid and personal prostitute. His defeat by Itachi and Sasuke is so horrible. I mean they suddenly act like he's powerful but I'm pretty sure even Sakura could defeat her, and that's saying something. Kabuto is a piping hot mess.

I actually kinda like kabuto because he's a more entertaining villian than what's usually here. He should've been developed more and parts with his orichimaru fetish are annoying but what can we expect from Naruto? We get villains who are either insanely generic (I'm looking at you deidara, hidan, orichimaru, etc.) or spend most of their life being an evil prick and spouting their retarded propaganda about how they're "never gonna stop" and "murder everyone" because "society's ed and my life was so hard wah" for them to turn around and magically become good (cough obito, pain, etc.). My point is that interesting villains are hard to come by and even if does act like a drug addict as that guy said, who cares? Literally most of the character's flaws in this manga are so retarded, even choji who has an eating disorder, is kinda a butterfly in the closet, and really cowardly no one cares about because he can turn himself skinny and be caring.

I don't like how Kabuto was portrayed when he was fighting Jiraiya and Tsunade. He consumed food pills to boost his power, and knew about Tsunade's weakness (blood) at that point in the series. Tsunade was weakened from many years of not fighting, Jiraiya was drugged, and both of them did not know much about Kabuto before the fight. Thus, Kabuto comes off as sneaky and lacking dignity.

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8 Choji

Choji is annoying and broken. He turns into a weird gay pride parade butterfly and makes himself skinny. Why have a fat ninja clan if they turn skinny on command, it just totally devalues his character. Not mention he isn't needed. Other characters already have the super physical strength & being a giant pacific rim type thing really doesn't matter when everyone else is op. The only reason he got any attention is because of a scripted horrible attempt at a character arc. Its really funny in the manga how everyone's yelling at him to man up and fight asuma (when he's fat) and when he turns skinny everyone's like "you're so strong an kawai" & " you're perfect nooow! " literally asuma says something like that so talk about fat shaming. What's the point of having a fat ninja if he isn't really even fat? Plus he even says it himself that he would never get a girl to his dad, and its true. The only reason he gets married is because of the plot. Such a boring character in ...more

Choji is annoying! During the war he is constantly crying and complaining. Ino and Shikamaru both tell him to man up constantly. He really is a waste of space in the war.

I like Choji, he's not very strong unless he eats the food pills. He's stronger then Ino and some other people. He's average for a ninja. He eats all the time, its funny.

He has the strongest striking power. He also can turn to HUGE Giant fighting machine

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9 Hinata

HOW IN THE WORLD OF RAMEN IS HINATA USELESS? I she may be weaker than Sakura but AT LEAST she tries her best to fight. Sakura stood for 200 ep doing nothing BUT hitting Naruto, hating him, favoring "the hot awesome sacred Sasuke Uchiha" in QUOTES, and not appreciating her family unlike Naruto and Sasuke who lost their parents so early.

Hinata to me, has to be the worst character in the whole franchise. Considering she never really did anything special. She never accomplished anything, proving what her father thinks about her is true. She's worthless as a shinobi. She tries and tries and every single time she fails, she's still a chunin, and cannot control her children. The only "useful" thing she did was her confrontation with pein. But yet she was one-paneled lol people praise this moment as the ultimate Hinatas moment, but yet what she did was so idiotic. She confronted pein, which went against NARUTOS wishes, and confessed. She was fully aware that she was going to die. She was fully aware that Naruto will watch her die. She was fully aware that this was an opportunity to confess without a probability of rejection. What she did wasn't brave. It was a cowardly bravado. She is the heir of her clan, yet she is the weakest. People say she's shy. She isn't. She's soft spoken that's all. You don't see her fainting and ...more

Nah but forreal you guys who hate Hinata for whatever reason. Your actually being really unreasonable and your opinion sucks. Like your being really prick-ish if that's even a word...maybe it isn't but that's how angry I am to know Hinata is even viewed as an annoying character cause he's not just cause she's soft and shy makes her annoying? No it's not annoying that's how she was and it's not annoying it's different the only annoying females in the anime are sakura Karin Ino plus tenten sakura Ino and Karin would all get wrecked by hinata's gentle fist! And Hinata is basically one of the strongest females so you people either need to shut up or stop or both. And take Hinata off this list! She doesn't even belong here! She isn't useless as most characters and she's smarter than some and she's not as annoying as sakura!

I don't necessarily hate Hinata, but she is not the most useful or strongest character. You can compare her to Sakura, but I think talking about just Hinata will suffice. Hinata is mostly hated since her fans are very biased and worship her like a goddess. Hinata's fight with Pain was barely fleshed out in the manga compared to the anime. Most of the naruhina moments in part 1 was filler, therefore not necessarily cannon. She is about an average Hyuga, while Neji was one of the bests. Hinata's sister, Hanabi, probably surpassed her. Hinata is also hated since many of her fans say she can beat Sakura in one hit, but that is not true. Sakura is faster than Hinata in the 3rd data book. So Sakura can easily dodge Hinata's oncoming attacks and hit her in the back or whatever. Sakura can take her down, but I wouldn't know for sure until they actually have a fight. Sakura is also shamed for not having gigantic boobs, but I don't think boobs can save you from a ninja attack. Also, in the ...more

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10 Ino

She is not that strong... But she is not boring... I love her! She is beautiful and she is trying her best to become strong. - archiesweirdmysteries

She is so much better than Sakura.

Ino Yamanaka is the worst character in Naruto BY FAR! Ino is far more useless in battle than Sakura if she is without Choji or Shikamaru. Mind transfer jutsu can only work on one person at a time so she could easily just be killed if too far away from someone else. She cried for Sasuke when she found out he had been marked as an S-rank criminal. SHE STILL CRIED FOR HIM AFTER ALL HE DID TO BETRAY THEM! Ino can be quite rude to other people as well. She's bossy and obsessed with fashion. She is a gossip freak and can't keep a single secret.

How do you call Ino useless?! Sakura can be replaced cause if she wasn't in the series and replaced by another person, it would be no difference! But Ino, she is unreplaceable. If Ino wasn't there on the Ninja war, Naruto, Kakashi, and Guy would be dead corpse right now! Ino encouraged Sakura to embrace her forehead. Whatever, back in the war, Ino linked her mind to ALL THE SHINOBIS OF THE NATIONS! And u still call her weak and useless?! Well if u do, u are NOT a Naruto fan...

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11 Sai

Sai is actually pretty funny...especially when he's dissing his teammates (mostly sakura) and the fact that he uses artwork for his attacks is pretty cool too. He may not be the strongest but he sure is cool and his back story is pretty sad compared to others...I mean working under Danzo (who's a prick) and meeting a brother like guy who you eventually gotta kill is pretty scaring I mean sasuke killed his awesome brother Itachi but that was out of hate and basically a misunderstanding...Sai on the other hand had to kill his brother because it was kill or be killed and plus Sai loved his brother so that's pretty sad for the kid. And the way he's so fake is laughable cause it's just so stupid but cool I guess anyway Sai is sick to me anyway he shouldn't really be on the list along with Naruto, Hinata and others!

I love sai! he's so adorable because he's antisocial and awkward haha. He's not uninteresting; the fact that he is quiet and awkward makes him interesting. - alicial28

Sai's character is literally not having a character. It doesn't get worse than that. - SunGoku

Sai looks like the version of sasuke wearing weird clothes

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12 Naruto Naruto Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Naruto is the best he is named after the show and has more power than sasuke and he doesn't get all his power from the nine tails even without it he has a large chakra reserve. he beat pain, orochimaru, and sasuke. and he doesn't want all the praise he just wants to save his friend sasuke. he should be number 1,000,000 not three so just shut up

Why are you saying Naruto's power is fake and he's annoying? First off, Naruto was born that way. It's not his fault that he had Kurama in him.. Sasuke is in fact weaker than Naruto. Even though, they are pretty equally matched, Naruto has the hard work and improvement that Sasuke will never have. Stop saying that Naruto is weaker than everybody without the fox. Well, take Sasuke's sharingan away, He is mostly then powerless too. Also, Naruto has many types of rasengan and has mastered senjutsu. He would be stronger than Sasuke. Naruto is not annoying. He was only like that because he wanted attention. So Sasuke's clan was killed by his brother. But he was loved all the time by the village while Naruto had nothing. Do you know that Sasuke means traitor?

Naruto is annoying because he doesn't arc at all. Overpower, This Gary Stew is born special and better than everyone and then becomes messiah. Sasuke's attempt at an arc was laughable but at least better than his. Naruto had a messed up childhood but never has an arc or something where he loses his resolve? Unrealistic. He has moments of doubt in a battle for like two seconds and then he has his fully drawn panel at the end of the chapter where he says his "epic" generic quote like "I'll never let my friends die! " and etc. A very bland character, rock lee would've been way more believable to fit the "anyone can become strong if they work at it" theme that was at the START of Naruto. Towards the end it became about who can become a more overpowered 10 tails jinchuurki mary sue, and how can we drag this series on to reach 700 chapters?

Naruto is an arrogant self-righteous prick who believes that someone can get over the pain of losing their loved ones and living a cursed life as easy as he got over being lonely as a child. He's a moronic Jesus wannabe who's only power comes from toads, a gigantic fox and god, yet he somehow manages to have so many fans. Naruto is a Gary Stu at its worst. He learns things as fast as an Uchiha, if not faster; it seems that, like a wielder of the Rinnegan, he can learn anything; he's always right while anyone who opposes him is wrong, and he's so protected by the plot that God himself wouldn't be able to strike him down. What really pisses me off is the fact that the two best characters in this series were sacrificed for the two worst characters to 'develop'. In my opinion, this show would have been a thousand times better if it were about the Ame orphans or Itachi's life. Naruto Uzumaki sucks big time.

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13 Yukimaru
14 Killer B

This list is the worst I've ever seen. Orochimaru in the top 10 worst characters and Kabuto at 11? Anyway, I really like Killer Bee. He's original and really awesome and he always makes me smile. I didn't like him at first, but I started to like his character as the series progressed. He's lovable in the same way Naruto is, yet wise like Jiraiya. Really, he's one of the best.


Very annoying and too talkative! But he should be closer to #1 worst annoying Naruto Characters. He uses poor rhymes, overuses the word "yo", and has one of the worst "Tails" in existence. I really do think this guy needs some sleeping pills...

He is the coolest

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15 Konohamaru Konohamaru Konohamaru is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

How dare you putting him top 10 worst character?
In part 2 he kind a good looking character and he tryed his best
And stop hating on him. -.-

He and his group are really funny.

Why you hatin on Konohamaru
He beat a pains ass into a wall then made that epic speech

So annoy it just pains me to think that he gonna be the 8th hokage he's so cringy and dumb

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16 Obito Uchiha Obito Uchiha Tobi is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

Obito is the WORST character on the list, worst than Sasuke, and I HATE Sasuke. This guy caused a war over a dead childhood crush. Instead of accepting that she was dead and killed herself (like who knew she had done the entire time), he both blamed Kakashi for her death and created an elaborate plan to put the world into a dream-like state because he couldn't accept that she died as a Kunoichi. Bro, she gone, accept it. But instead of growing up and accepting that people die he had to drag the entire world into his nightmare. I think it's even worst because he can't even imagine Rin as a adult, instead this grown man is seeing his love as a little girl. Life sucks, grow up. He caused a ton of problems. Neji's death, Iruka and Kurenai's parent's death, Minato and Kushina's death (therefore causing Naruto to suffer and become a jinchuuriki),


The thing that I don't get is why does Obito try to destroy millions of people's lives over one person, even though Kakashi had it worst. I mean first Kakashi lost Obito (he also blamed himself for Obito's "death"), then he lost Rin were she went in front of his attack, making it so Kakshi kills her. He had to live with the guilt of both of their deaths. But then his Sensei dies. Everyone from his team dead. But Kakashi didn't try to destroy the world. Does Obito get a get out of jail free card because "Oh his crush died", even though Kakashi endured way, way more than that and didn't try to destroy the world.

I get that his girlfriend died when she was only 13 but this guy killed people just for that when they had nothing to do with it. - DarkBoi-X

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17 Guren
18 Suigetsu

He's not a coward, well depends on the situation; but he wasn't one when he was facing super Killer B!

I have lost my faith in humanity due to him being on this list. He just needed a little more character development, ya know?

Noo die in hole like a few more of my favorite characters are on here come on why so negative

He is annoying but it's so funny when he cuts Karin flirt on Sasuke

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19 Karui

Right after Naruto beat Pain and when everybody starts respecting him, she just comes over and starts hitting him. She is lucky Naruto is nice or else she would be destroyed in less than second. Pisses me off so much!

What is up with her? She just beat Naruto senseless. I just hate her.

My 2nd worst character with danzo being the worst. Right after Naruto beats Pain, she shows up with 2 other useless ninja and decides to trash talk sasuke who could kill her by literally opening his eyes. She then goes and beats up Naruto even though he said that he would help them look for Bee. Stupid character. GRAHAH I hate her so much.

I like Karui she very pretty and so what if she beat up Naruto. I would have done the same thing to get information out about Sasuke so I can find killer bee my comrade. wouldn't you have done that to find or help Your friend?

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20 Zetsu Zetsu Zetsu is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Don't really hate him but just like Madara, he is one of the real mastermind of the shinobi wars yet the blame is put on Obito. Besides Madara and Zetsu, who are the real masterminds of shinobi wars are never good people since start.

Real mastermind but he barely did anything.-DarkBoi-X

The one behind everything, leaving thousands, if not millions of people dead just for a cause that never ended up happening. Black Zetsu to be more exact.

He ended up playing too much of a role at the end even as a really boring and underdeveloped character, he's very flawed as a villian because he gets a pretty BS backstory compared to other more interesting villains such as Pain, Kabuto or Orochimaru. What I felt made naruto unique as an anime was the complexity of its villains and their ability to redeem themselves like Gaara did, this dude doesn't redeem himself or do anything interesting he's just cowardly.

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21 Orochimaru Orochimaru Orochimaru is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

OROCHIMARU is my son. Fight me - failross

Naruto Is my favourite anime and I don't have a problem with many characters, but this guy has always been the worst part of naruto for me. For one he is scary and makes sasuke a not as good character. Although, as one of the main villains, I admit that he is a vital part of the series, and is a very cool designed antagonist. I also give him points for being an original well made character, but he's just over the top evil and scary for me. Also his snake jutsu is disturbing and he's just a evil. Some of the antagonists in the series has a part that's likeable and good but orochimaru is heartless and has no good side.

He's awesome

If you don't like Orochimaru then you don't like Orochimaru and that's ok but people PLEASE stop throwing the terms rapist and paedophile around when you clearly don't know what they mean. You can't even spell the aforementioned term for a child molester. If anyone has those tendencies in Naruto it's Jiraiya! That dude straight up told naruto he has "a tight sexy little waist". How gross. I don't even know why people bring sexuality to the table when discussing Orochimaru because he's above all that, he's not even a specific gender or human at this point, any creepiness he displays is intentional and he loves acting that way. He's creepy to just about everyone incase you hadn't noticed so there are no specifics anyway! Also he's a villain so in actual fact you aren't supposed to like him but these kiddy fiddler and "Michael Jackson" comments have always been sick and gross and most importantly IRRELEVANT. Orochimaru ain't that guy.

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22 Madara Madara Madara Uchiha is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

How is Madara Uchiha on this list like what!

The strongest villain of the series. Without him I suppose there would be no thrill.

Why is Sasuke's clan the focus of the series? Why did Madara turn out to be the strongest person in the world? Why is he still alive?

Madara is awesome too bad the "Great" Ninja War arc ruins him. - SunGoku

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23 Yota

He don't shut up

He suck

Although I like children with op super powers...this little kid was supper annoying :P
and his character design was a typical ugly filler deign.

24 Chojuro

In boruto he almost lost to the new seven swords men which were a bunch of brats. Why is he the mizukage.

He's a crummy little nebbish.

Sucks up too much to Mei.

This guy is Mizukage?


25 Mei Terumi Mei Terumi Mei Terumi is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

She's so cool and she is definitely not a poor choice for a kage. If anybody insults her, I will eat their brains for dinner

A poor choice for a Kage, a bubble-headed bimbo.

She's cool and powerful, what is she doing here?

Mei literally has no brain just looks I don't no why she's so over powered

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26 Baki

I liked Hayate, and when he nobly tried to protect the Leaf village, Baki killed him. Baki was never punished for this. What a stinker.

Well he looks like a garbage leech - Sasutobi

No really a big deal he is normal not bad nor good

It doesn't matter as he only appeared for like 30 episodes

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27 Jugo Jugo

He's a nice enough guy but the most unnecessary character ever.

He's like the android 16 on naruto, I like him

I think jugo is a very great character. No idea who put him here

28 Shino

Shino is great. He's a good contrast character, not much screen time, but mentioned enough to gibe the feel of him being strong. Also, he's like a second shikamaru.

He is a good fighter but when he speaks his voice is a little low for some reason which is kind of boring

Shino is infested with bugs, obscures his face, and has a dull personality. He is not appealing.

Shino is great, who in their right mind would put Shino here?

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29 Onoki

He's an ugly little troll (classical sense of the word). He flies thru the air without wings, like Superman, and floats like a balloon, so annoying. His particle style jutsu is revolting and seems out of place in the shinobi world. Onoki said nothing but nasty insults to his student Deidara. No wonder Deidara left the Stone village.

This guy has awesome cool abilities and can fly even without sage mode. heck he had the balls to stand up to Gaara. And that guy mercilessly messes up Hidden Rain ninja and destroys forests like it's no big deal

He is a flying little 10000 years old ugly little potato

30 Kankuro No Sabaku

He was willing to die for Gaara! He does anything for his brother. He's so underappreciated...

I frankly like Kankuro. He actually has a lot of skill.

WHHHAT? He wanted to save gaara his own little brother why are you so anoying like that I know at first he was annoying with konohamru but that doesn't really matter he changed guys he changed

31 Konan Konan Konan is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

What is Konan doing on this list? She uses PAPER to kill people. Seriously. Think about it, Nagato relies on Rinnegan, Sasuke relies on Sharingan and Orochimaru's curse mark, Naruto relies on Kurama, and most of us wouldn't even notice Kabuto without Edo Tensei. All of the previously stated abilities are quite powerful, and Konan is put here because she uses paper. PAPER. Jiraiya without his toads, Orochimaru without his snakes, Obito without his mask, Guren without crystal release, Kisame without Samehada, Haku without looking like a girl, Kimimaro without his weird boner, Tsunade without her huge boobs...

Sorry but I don't get what you're saying. Are you saying she is bad?

Strongest female character - hoekage

I wish she had more time. I liked her character, she was different. Everyone has something flashy. Her power wasn't Generic like the powers of other's... (Sasuke, and Naruto...)

Who put her on here! She's the best female character so far. - Goku02

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32 Rin

Rin have so much potential to become best character but I lost respect about her when she say I love you to kakashi after obito death

The problem with this character may seem small, but it just ruins any charm she had. Well my issue is the fact that she confessed her love to Kakashi right after Obito's "death". Just why would she do that? Instead of greiving for her friend she says she likes Kakashi. Wasn't she the one who "brought the team together"? And this is brought into the lime light when Kakashi refuses her love and basicly says that Obito loved you, I am not going to accept your love. This just ruined the character. She has no regard for her team mate and "friend". There is no excuse for why she did it. She just thought this was the right time to confess her love. Terrible character with a terrible heart.

She's kind, pretty and was willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of her village. She shouldn't be on this list!

Most boring and paper-plain character on the show, she felt more like a plot device than a person. She's just that one sweet, lovable childhood friend we'd all crush on. No idea why she has an army of hurt fans defending her, she sucks. Boring, even her name is just plain as hell

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33 Fugaku Uchiha

He sucks

34 Temari Temari Temari is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.


She's a badass girl that finished the Forest of Death exam in under 2 hours!

People only hate her because of her attitude or she's not as popular as Hinata or Ino. Any other reasons? No. Temari a good long ranged fighter. She would rank pretty high up if all of the female Naruto characters were to get into a fight. Don't forget she had the guts to stand up to Madara Uchiha.

At first, I didn't like her because she was snotty, and I just didn't like her personality. But afyer seeing her develop more, I came to like her. She wouldn't come in my favourite Naruto character though -- even though her fan is wicked.

Who put Temari on here! !

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35 Anko

She thought that she could kill Orochimaru. Enough said

Okay why the hell is she on here

She thinks that she's a drill sergeant. Go sit down!

36 Iruka Iruka


This is cruel...I am SO disappointed in the people who voted on this...

He's a good guy but he's as interesting as watching paint dry.

He's super lame and has zero character development

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37 Sora

He's so annoying

A filler Naruto wannabe character. He's not even that strong for the Akatsuki to go after him.

Kinda good without the stupid half-kurama bs

What was the reason for him to be out there. no point for there to be a second nine tail

38 Sarada Uchiha Sarada Uchiha

I really don't like her. Enough said

Sarada is a cringy Mary Sue.

She is useless

She's OK... ( at least for now ). But she resembles Sakura too much for my liking. That being said, Sakura is still one of the worst characters in anime history. - Goku02

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39 Kinkaku
40 Moegi

She has no personality and does virtually nothing. She is in like four episodes and half of those are filler. Why make a character that is never shown? She is so unnecessary. Period.

Holy! Guys she is just a kid why so rude she never had that much of a camera time!

She's done absolutely nothing for the series. If you take her out, next to nothing would change.

She was in like, 3 episodes.

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41 Kakashi Kakashi Kakashi Hatake is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

I like him

Kakashi to me is fine. He's actually one of my favorite characters in the show. The only thing that's annoying is that we barely get to see him for a lot of Naruto Shippuden because he was constantly MIA or AWOL, so we never really got to see him a lot in action.

I don't hate kakashi as a character but the only thing I don't like about him is how he teaches naruto and sasuke more in their training than sakura. You should teaching 3 kakashi not 1, not 2, 3! - Libropio22

I really like him.

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42 Udon

I eat Udon everyday! Don't be hating on my noodles!

He is the most pointless character of all time Konohamaru deserves better teammates and he will never be like Sasuke who wants to be like Sasuke? Just... What?

He is the most pointless character in the history of the world

Ummm I hate that thing coming out of his nose but he never had that much of a camera time nor any of his teamates

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43 Inari

Inari!?! what!?!?

44 Ginkaku
45 Jiraiya Jiraiya

Why is a great man like jiraiya on this list!

Why the he'll is jiraiya here. He is lobed by all the konoha, itachi and kisame respect and are afraid of him. He defeated 3 paths of pain single handedly without any prior knowledge about them. He could have escapes but he wanted to deliver knowledge about these pains to Naruto. He later on is respected by nagato too. Not to mention he is funny too and a pervert.

Well you guys can't belive that he is the one who made Naruto a better one and made him achieve his goal to become a hokage he gave him hope why is he useless then?

While Jiraiya is a great ninja and everything, I have a bit of a grudge because he simply wasn't there for Naruto when he should've been while Naruto was growing up. I get that he has other responsabilities, it didn't hurt to come by once in a while, he was Naruto's godfather. He could've prevented Naruto from suffering some of the hate from the villagers. He could've taught Naruto many things both ninja and non ninja things. I've rewatched Naruto Part 1 and I'm sure we all know that Naruto comes off as being really dense in some situations, and I think that's because he simply really didn't know these things, he was never taught about these things socially.
If Jiraiya wasn't gonna be there, why accept the job as godfather in the first place?

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46 Haku Haku

Why is he on the list! He is my favorite character! He doesn't deserve to be on here. Even though he died He will always be my favorite.

Why is he your favourite? That's insanely pathetic. I mean, he plays practically no role in the show. - failross

Why is he on the list?!

Eh? Despite his limited screen time, Haku is one of my favourite characters. - Goku02

Oh my Pein, the people who voted this are stupider than I thought.

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47 Shikamaru Shikamaru Shikamaru Nara is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Probably my favourite character in the whole series - hoekage

Why is he even on this list seriously!

YES YES HE IS A LAZY ASS BUT THAT doesn't MEAN HE isn't SMART! Gosh guys stop being rude take him off this list

He's one of my favourite characters, with a great design and personality. (Okay, lazy isn't that a great personality, but his laziness is what makes Shikamaru Shikamaru.) It's also wicked that he defeated strong opponents by just using his intellect and shadow-binding jutsu. Wicked. (Also, I didn't like Hidan. Bonus point goes to Shika for killing him.)

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48 Matsuri

Useless. Annoying. Noisy.

So annoying! Her only personality trait is being a fangirl and obsessing over strong Shinobi. (Mostly Gaara)

49 Darui
50 Omoi
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