I don't necessarily hate Hinata, but she is not the most useful or strongest character. You can compare her to Sakura, but I think talking about just Hinata will suffice. Hinata is mostly hated since her fans are very biased and worship her like a goddess. Hinata's fight with Pain was barely fleshed out in the manga compared to the anime. Most of the naruhina moments in part 1 was filler, therefore not necessarily cannon. She is about an average Hyuga, while Neji was one of the bests. Hinata's sister, Hanabi, probably surpassed her. Hinata is also hated since many of her fans say she can beat Sakura in one hit, but that is not true. Sakura is faster than Hinata in the 3rd data book. So Sakura can easily dodge Hinata's oncoming attacks and hit her in the back or whatever. Sakura can take her down, but I wouldn't know for sure until they actually have a fight. Sakura is also shamed for not having gigantic boobs, but I don't think boobs can save you from a ninja attack. Also, in the ...more

Hinata is plain and boring. Totally over rated

I hate Hinata. Her lack of character has no development and her shyness just takes up her hole personally. It's okay to be shy, but not when it takes up her hole personality. On the other hand, Hinata fans are always say "Why would you hate Hinata?! She's so sweat and kind! Your just probably jealous of her! ". I'm not jealous of her.

She is the most annoying character in Naruto! Also, when Neji died and Naruto was sad she told Naruto to knock it off and it was a sacrificial sacrifice. Are you kidding me?! Without Neji, Boruto wouldn't be alive.

Hinata is useless! She can't fight, she's unintelligent, and she has the agility of an elephant! She spent the entire series chasing after Naruto and talking about how awesome he is, and she's never won a single fight. Every time she appears on screen, you have to hear "Naruto-kun! " in the whiny, screechy voice of hers. She is the weakest character on Naruto and she had absolutely no character development. At least Sakura can fight. Hinata always has to be saved.

Nearly evey Hinatard in this comment section is saying how "beautiful" is she is. So beauty now determines how well-developed a character is? She's never won a fight, so she's not as strong or strategic as the characters she lost to. Her aspiration in the entire show was to "be strong like Naruto". But, stalking him and carelessly throwing herself in front of him in battle only shows her endless and UNHEALTHY OBSESSION over a guy who never reciprocated her feelings until the end of Shippuden (over 700 episodes total). Kishimoto even stated in the Kobayashi interview that Neji was a tool for Naruto and Hinata to finally get together and have a relationship. If Hinata had openly admitted her feelings to Naruto before the 4th Great Ninja War, Neji wouldn't have jumped in front of her (out of pure obligation and demand by Hiashi that the branch house members protect the main house members). Hinata is selfish because she never thought about erasing the system of slavery within her own ...more

To be honest, I hate Hinata. Hinata is just a pushover, who can't even defend herself that well. She also gets no development through out the series. Sakura, on the other hand, had so much development that Hinata never had. Sakura is better than Hinata

She's extremely selfish. All she cares about is Naruto, without any regard for anyone else. Neji DIED saving her, yet she was still like 'Naruto kun'. There isn't really much difference between her and Sakura.

The funny thing is that Hinatards want to prove that Hinata is a really good character by comparing her to Sakura. This actually shows how insecure they are about their "Byakugan Princess". If you love Hinata, then defend her with valid arguments. Don't just go around saying: "She is better than Sakura because she loves Naruto" or "She has big boobs". Really people... I really like Sakura, I find her funny and she is one my favorite females in Naruto (probably after Tsunade, Kushina and Mei). But the thing is, I do not try to insult other characters to prove that she is the best. Anyway, my point is that Hinata could have become one of the strongest females, yet she didin't manage a thing. She can't even kill some White Zetsu). However, physical power aside, her personality is not good. She is annoying by going around saying "Naruto kun x10". I mean, she lacks self respect and is desperately trying to force her feelings on Naruto. She doesn't have other goals in her life. I find those ...more

I did find it kind of annoying that she sat around for a bunch of episodes, poking her fingers, and fainting over a guy she barely knows. If Hinata wants to go on a date with Naruto, the Hinata makes a move, because sometimes Naruto is just to damn oblivious.

Neji dies so that she and Naruto can be together. I think we all know that Neji is a way much more better character than her. She is annoying as Fuuu

I hate her so much. She didn't do anything for the whole series. She is so weak and cry like a baby because Naruto didn't notice her. Without Sakura, now she would not be with Naruto. Sakura did more than her for the series(I am not a Sakura fan but it is true) she saves many people's life including Hinata(twice) and her physical power is wonderful, she can destroy a people WITH ONE PUNCH! SO HOW YOU CAN CALL HER WEAK AND USELESS? What about Hinata: in the fight with Pain she knew that she'll die and she's weak and can't beat Pain, but not, she went to "save" Naruto but only she did is call Naruto's transformation (which is bad). How you can call her VERY STRONG? She cry like a baby and she is the weakest member in the clan. Obviously the worst Naruto character.

You people who hate Hinata are overreacting cause she is better than sakura and that's sakura and she's useless plus she's stronger than her, Ino, and tenten she's basically the strongest female. Stop being silly and smarten up people who hate her. Plus this is a monstrosity that she's even on This list so get her off now it's so stupid that she's even on it!

To be honest I think she's a shallow character. Why did she even become a ninja in the first place? She doesn't really care about leading her clan or making it better. She's just a girl with a crush on Naruto. Nothing special.

Hinata is kind of dead inside. She's so introverted she needs Naruto to express herself. Also she gets everything handed to her (including Naruto).

She ruined the manga with her stupid obsession with Naruto and her annoying fanboys

Now many people like Hinata I don't hate I just have a few flaws to point out so let's get started in the fight with pain she was helpless it took one move then boom she was out and her shyness makes me wanna go insane like she can't even say hello to Naruto and in the first series when Naruto noticed her she would just faint and collapse in front of everyone and everyone would think that Naruto did something to her so she's also to weak and to over powered at the same time

So annoying and shy I can't stand her

All Hinata ever does is cry; and be useless. Plus, all she ever says is 'Naruto-kun'. Her personality has no development

She's the soft spoken type of kunoichi which is basically not fit for being a shinobi. A shinobi is a person who is ready to kill, who does not want fame and recognition but the safety of his country. She is obviously pathetic for a Hyuga heiress as she doesn't seem to have a spine. She says she draws strength from Naruto, which is a liability, but what will she do if Naruto is not there to lend her strength? She needs t understand that when we are alone, we can only count on ourselves. - Inert

From the beginning to the end she is always 'Naruto-kun', I mean God, in every other sentence! Irritating character. Has done nothing special in the whole series except for the Pain battle(in which she sucked, as expected).

Hinata has to be the most overrated Naruto character ever. All she has every done in the series is just think about "N-N-Naruto-kun", trip on rocks, and stalk Naruto. I get that Sakura is a huge jerk and is really annoying, but at least she's actually won a battle (she had a lot of help from Granny Chio though), Hinata however has never won a battle, at all. Also, these Hinata fans are extremely overprotective.

Stop comparing Hinata to sakura. You can't compare a lead to a supporting character based on number of achievements. that's just unfair.
Hinata is the sweetest kindest and most caring girl of the show. She has a big of a heart to see even the most ridiculed and hated boy in the village as someone worthy. Hinata understood Naruto. Naruto understood Hinata. They connected and fell in love with each other's qualities. Hinata turned her kindness and compassion into her strength and always stayed by her word as the good honest person she is. - NarutoUzumaki

Stutters her way through Naruto. Then has one good moment in the Chuunin Exams. Her fight against Neji. Then she's useless in Shippuden. I don't remember seeing one appealing moment for her in Shippuden.

Anyone that hates on Hinata is either a girl, or an idiot. Hinata is the ideal female character for any guy that likes romance. Hinata is one of the best characters.