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Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.


The problem with Naruto is he very nearly mildly retarded. He is a very unintelligent character, and some of you defending him have that in common it seems. Also, he talks a lot, but very rarely ever backs it up. His techniques are one dimensional, and he never seems to make much progress, and has to rely on something traumatic happening for him to actually do anything worth mentioning. I don't understand why people compare Naruto to Goku. Goku kicked ass on the regular, hardly talked, but when and if he did, he'd beat that ass, son. I don't even really like DBZ, because it's all pretty inferior to a show with outdated animations. A little show called Yu Yu Hakusho. Now, that show had a real protagonist. I'll keep watching Naruto in hopes that it improves. But man, the protagonists are so stupid and unlikeable, it's hard. I get that they're children, but does that ever really change? Was Naruto dropped on his head as a child? Receiving Naruto as a protagonist, is like receiving ...more

Naruto is an arrogant self-righteous prick who believes that someone can get over the pain of losing their loved ones and living a cursed life as easy as he got over being lonely as a child. He's a moronic Jesus wannabe who's only power comes from toads, a gigantic fox and god, yet he somehow manages to have so many fans. Naruto is a Gary Stu at its worst. He learns things as fast as an Uchiha, if not faster; it seems that, like a wielder of the Rinnegan, he can learn anything; he's always right while anyone who opposes him is wrong, and he's so protected by the plot that God himself wouldn't be able to strike him down. What really pisses me off is the fact that the two best characters in this series were sacrificed for the two worst characters to 'develop'. In my opinion, this show would have been a thousand times better if it were about the Ame orphans or Itachi's life. Naruto Uzumaki sucks big time.

Although Naruto doesn't deserve to be this high up, I personally think he does have some annoying problems:

1. He forgives people too easily. Seriously, who the hell forgives a murderer that betrayed your village, tried to kill you and your friends MULTIPLE TIMES and even plotted AGAINTS Konoha?!

2. He's speeches about never giving up can get annoying real fast. Most of the time I don't mind but dude, do you really have to give a speech in the middle of an exam?

3. His creepy Sasuke-obsession. I get it, you miss your friend. BUT YOUR FRIEND TURNED OUT TO BE A MURDERER, SO INSTEAD OF WHINING ABOUT IT, LEAD YOUR VILLAGE AND HELP YOUR COMRADES LIKE A REAL LEADER SHOULD! He is SO obsessed with Sasuke! Like dude, is it from spending too much time with Sakura or what?!

Concerning your first point, the whole point of the series is to send a message of peace and forgiveness. Have you really been paying attention to the morals? Also, it's not like he forgave those who attacked him. He told Pain for instance that he couldn't forgive him but that he would follow his master's will by not seeking revenge. - RalphSaad

I hate you kind of stuck up pricks. Because Naruto is the best. Don't pull the annoying card on me. He only started like that to get attention. He never wanted to be alone and unloved. Instead he was scorned and hated. I'm going to say something. I HATE SASUKE!?

Too much talk no jutsu from this guy. I mean really, how THE HELL can he call A MASS MURDER THE "COOLEST GUY"?

In my opinion, Naruto shouldn't be on this list, and yes, I know he is sometimes annoying and makes you want to rip your head off, but he was nice to everyone, (even the pink banshee), and never gave up, this may sound stupid, but Naruto is a good role model for people who always feel like giving up and quit. Besides, I think everyone has a dream and hopes it will come true - TegamiBachi25

Worst shounen protagonist ever.

This whole list shouldn't exist. It's just hurtful. Does anyone remember the land of waves story arc? Does anyone remember his speech to Zabuza? After all he said and did in that battle and many, many more you guys continually treat him like dirt just like the people of the leaf village used to. Almost all the characters on this list shouldn't even be on it AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE STOP HATING ON SAKURA!

Why Naruto isn't overpowered you know the crazy chakra fox Kurama? Yeah for most of the series he wants to kill Naruto and While the Sharingan only makes you blind hmmm wonder who would have more hardships in life A kid whose parents were killed by a giant crazy fox or a brat who wants to kill his brother for trying to look out for him?

The only problem I have with Naruto is how clues he can be but other than that he is just as lovable strong and kind as any other main stream anime character.

The reason Naruto is the best is because of kurama he couldn't do anything without kurama

(I'm talking mainly about Naruto Shippuden here)

The main problem I have with Naruto is his fighting style. It's so repetitive! Shadow clones don't work? Make more shadow clones! Rasengan doesn't work? Use better Rasengan! And the thing is...IT WORKS!

Naruto Shippuden isn't about outsmarting your enemy any more, it's not about hard work and determination, instead; it's about raw power and luck.

Naruto Shippuden fights are anything but repetitive. All the fights (Naruto vs pain, shikamaru vs hidan, sasuke vs itachi, konan vs tobi...) rely on a strategic way to use your powers. The fact that the characters got more powerful is only natural as the series would have gotten boring had the characters not progressed for 700 chapters! They also had to fight very powerful opponents, so the need for power was real. If you think Naruto is just about shadow clones then you haven't got a clue about what Naruto is about. Oh and don't get me started on hard work and determination. If anything, Naruto can get annoying because he's way to determined and hardworking. - RalphSaad

Woah, why would you put him in the list! naruto's brave, selfless, kind, caring, funny, determined and he even puts up with a terrible friend like sakura who keeps beating him up and overshadows him even though he's saved her butt so many times.

I hate him for killing Pain! Irritating!

He is just annoying, wants to be in the center all the time. He just talks and says "I know how you feel". In fact nobody can feel how Sasuke feels he had a loving clan that he got to see dead with his own eyes killed by his own loving brother. This all happened at a young age, while Naruto only had nobody from the start. You cannot even compare it...

He thinks everybody in this universe is same as he is.

He's the WORST protagonist ever

He is annoying and too loud. He also does not seem to have any flaws which is super annoying in my opinion

He failed his exam 3 times, if anyone is a Mary sue it would be sasuke

His power is unquestionable obviously but, his personality is the only thing I don't like other than that I like Naruto

Worst MC character ever, used as self insert by the author himself.

Naruto has only two abilities rasengan and shadow clones and he has plot help...Making him one the most powerful person in the series. He is not that skilled like kakashi or Itachi.He is always saved by the ninetails,that is whenever he is losing the Fox appears and miraculous he is stronger and defeats everyone with plot no jutsu

Naruto has just become an arrogant jerk. In the beginning, he was a likeable, if not obnoxious and egotistical brat, but now he's converted everyone over to his side through his use of TNJ, now he's practically worshiped by everyone as the "Sage", and he's pretty much become a walking Black Hole Sue.

I actually like Naruto. He's a good protagonist, a kind-hearted and strong-willed boy. He's quite admirable. - Goku02

He's a Goku clone, and the ORIGINAL Goku still sucked.

Ok the only reason people would hate Naruto is that he's too kind.