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21 Madara Madara

How is Madara Uchiha on this list like what!

Why is Sasuke's clan the focus of the series? Why did Madara turn out to be the strongest person in the world? Why is he still alive?

The strongest villain of the series. Without him I suppose there would be no thrill.


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22 Baki

I liked Hayate, and when he nobly tried to protect the Leaf village, Baki killed him. Baki was never punished for this. What a stinker.

It doesn't matter as he only appeared for like 30 episodes

No really a big deal he is normal not bad nor good


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23 Chojuro

Sucks up too much to Mei.

He's a crummy little nebbish.

This guy is Mizukage?


24 Mei Terumi Mei Terumi

A poor choice for a Kage, a bubble-headed bimbo.

Mei literally has no brain just looks I don't no why she's so over powered

She's so cool and she is definitely not a poor choice for a kage. If anybody insults her, I will eat their brains for dinner

She's cool and powerful, what is she doing here?

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25 Konan Konan

What is Konan doing on this list? She uses PAPER to kill people. Seriously. Think about it, Nagato relies on Rinnegan, Sasuke relies on Sharingan and Orochimaru's curse mark, Naruto relies on Kurama, and most of us wouldn't even notice Kabuto without Edo Tensei. All of the previously stated abilities are quite powerful, and Konan is put here because she uses paper. PAPER. Jiraiya without his toads, Orochimaru without his snakes, Obito without his mask, Guren without crystal release, Kisame without Samehada, Haku without looking like a girl, Kimimaro without his weird boner, Tsunade without her huge boobs...

Sorry but I don't get what you're saying. Are you saying she is bad?

I wish she had more time. I liked her character, she was different. Everyone has something flashy. Her power wasn't Generic like the powers of other's... (Sasuke, and Naruto...)

Who put her on here! She's the best female character so far. - Goku02

I'm glad she's dead.
I hate her because her fans treat her like she's a goddess and shipping her with all of the akatsuki members making the akatsuki a strip club and making her a whore.
No offense Konan lovers

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26 Shino

Shino is great. He's a good contrast character, not much screen time, but mentioned enough to gibe the feel of him being strong. Also, he's like a second shikamaru.

He is a good fighter but when he speaks his voice is a little low for some reason which is kind of boring

Shino is infested with bugs, obscures his face, and has a dull personality. He is not appealing.

Why is he on the list? he's awesome!
and may be my anime crush...

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27 Rin

She's kind, pretty and was willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of her village. She shouldn't be on this list!

Most boring and paper-plain character on the show, she felt more like a plot device than a person. She's just that one sweet, lovable childhood friend we'd all crush on. No idea why she has an army of hurt fans defending her, she sucks. Boring, even her name is just plain as hell

Rin and Obito should be together. But she rather choose Kakashi instead. She let her self get killed by Kakashi and now there is no ending of Rin and Obito being together. I wish to see there future uchiha son.

Dude Rin is just like Sakura when Kakashi was a kid she was like ohhh Kakashi I love you! Then they're was Obito and she was like oh your here well I don't care and she just ignored him and after his death she was like oh he's dead I still don't care and then just stayed with Kakashi and thought it would help but nope and when she was killed she was like Kalashi why? Then died

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28 Kankuro No Sabaku

He was willing to die for Gaara! He does anything for his brother. He's so underappreciated...

I frankly like Kankuro. He actually has a lot of skill.

WHHHAT? He wanted to save gaara his own little brother why are you so anoying like that I know at first he was annoying with konohamru but that doesn't really matter he changed guys he changed

29 Onoki

He's an ugly little troll (classical sense of the word). He flies thru the air without wings, like Superman, and floats like a balloon, so annoying. His particle style jutsu is revolting and seems out of place in the shinobi world. Onoki said nothing but nasty insults to his student Deidara. No wonder Deidara left the Stone village.

This guy has awesome cool abilities and can fly even without sage mode. heck he had the balls to stand up to Gaara. And that guy mercilessly messes up Hidden Rain ninja and destroys forests like it's no big deal

He is a flying little 10000 years old ugly little potato

30 Haku Haku

Why is he on the list! He is my favorite character! He doesn't deserve to be on here. Even though he died He will always be my favorite.

Why is he on the list?!

Eh? Despite his limited screen time, Haku is one of my favourite characters. - Goku02

WHY IS HE EVEN HERE! He died in the first season U barely even see him and by the way he is not bad at all!

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31 Jugo Jugo

He's a nice enough guy but the most unnecessary character ever.

I think jugo is a very great character. No idea who put him here

He's like the android 16 on naruto, I like him

32 Anko

She thought that she could kill Orochimaru. Enough said

She thinks that she's a drill sergeant. Go sit down!

Okay why the hell is she on here

33 Sora

A filler Naruto wannabe character. He's not even that strong for the Akatsuki to go after him.

He's so annoying

What was the reason for him to be out there. no point for there to be a second nine tail

Kinda good without the stupid half-kurama bs

34 Kinkaku
35 Temari Temari


She's a badass girl that finished the Forest of Death exam in under 2 hours!

People only hate her because of her attitude or she's not as popular as Hinata or Ino. Any other reasons? No. Temari a good long ranged fighter. She would rank pretty high up if all of the female Naruto characters were to get into a fight. Don't forget she had the guts to stand up to Madara Uchiha.

At first, I didn't like her because she was snotty, and I just didn't like her personality. But afyer seeing her develop more, I came to like her. She wouldn't come in my favourite Naruto character though -- even though her fan is wicked.

Lol deforestation doesn't apply to her.
Seriously though, she's really strong, the only strong kunoichi(beside Kaguya and Konan and maybe Tsunade&Mei, but they're all adults so) up to the end of Shippuden, and the only one that wasn't going crazy for some dude. But I seriously HATED her when she said "I'm the only good wind user in the whole shinobi alliance" or something and when she was going against Tenten in the chuunin exams, flying for no reason and just to show off. Everywhere else she's fine. That being said, she's full of herself, and I don't hate her that much, but I voted for her because I do hate her more than most characters.

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36 Moegi

She has no personality and does virtually nothing. She is in like four episodes and half of those are filler. Why make a character that is never shown? She is so unnecessary. Period.

Holy! Guys she is just a kid why so rude she never had that much of a camera time!

She's done absolutely nothing for the series. If you take her out, next to nothing would change.


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37 Iruka Iruka

He's a good guy but he's as interesting as watching paint dry.

This is cruel...I am SO disappointed in the people who voted on this...

He's super lame and has zero character development

In the first series he let Naruto get bullied no joke he would watch people put him down and he was just like who cares aren't yours supposed to be Narutos comfort Iruka?

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38 Udon

I eat Udon everyday! Don't be hating on my noodles!

He is the most pointless character of all time Konohamaru deserves better teammates and he will never be like Sasuke who wants to be like Sasuke? Just... What?

He is the most pointless character in the history of the world

Ummm I hate that thing coming out of his nose but he never had that much of a camera time nor any of his teamates

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39 Ginkaku
40 Sarada Uchiha Sarada Uchiha

I really don't like her. Enough said

Sarada is amazing idiots

She is a great person she is not suppose to be in this list and she os better and cooler than sakura

Honestly the Boruto generation isn't really that interesting. From first sight I thought: You're joking. This is just fan art.
But seeing that it's real honestly made me sick.

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