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61 Zabuza Momochi Zabuza Momochi
62 Gato

Stupid, capitalistic, megalomaniacal PRICK!

Just a mob boss

63 Tobirama Senju Tobirama Senju

He's a brilliant Hokage; why people are hating on him is beyond me.

Kill him! I hate hate hate HATE HATE and just JUST HATE him!

64 Rock Lee Rock Lee
65 Nagato Nagato
66 Hayate Gekko
67 Utakata

I swear he's like SpongeBob. Stupid and annoying

All he does is blow bubbles to attack! That's just so childish of him. he's only 19 years old! He is like a 6 year old when he does the water bubble teknicque.

Hey! That "childish" bubble attack is unique only to him! You'd probably be dead if you were put in front of him! - ilar9118

68 Kisame Kisame

Kisame is a total bad ass, he he held off team guy, which has ten ten who is okay, neji who is a born genius and then you've got the Rock and Guy lee combo, he also takes on killer bee and the raikage by himself

Kisame's a great character and little? He's supposed to be like 6'6

I am unable to comprehend why Kisame is on this list

Kisame is my favorite cause he always looks high

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69 Kaiza V 2 Comments
70 Han
71 Condor

He almost beat Naruto after Naruto beated Pain. Besides he is an ostrich so how is he on this list.

72 Kakuzu
73 Izuna Uchiha

Annoying brat! - Tia-Harribel

74 Fourth Kazekage
75 Mizuki Mizuki
76 Homura Mitokado
77 Fugaku Uchiha
78 Momoshiki Otsutsuki
79 Gaara Gaara Gaara is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. He is the jinchuuriki of the one-tailed shukaku and can control sand that is stored in his gourd.
80 Might Guy Might Guy
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