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Sakura Haruno is the main heroine of the series "Naruto Shonen Jump!" and Naruto Shippuden. She is the only female ninja of Team Seven. Her family consists of her mother, Mebuki Haruno and her father Kizashi Haruno. Her clan is likely not very well known around Konoha and up until "Boruto: Naruto Next more.


Sakura is literally the most selfish, annoying and egotistical character on the show. Literally she is completely useless from the beginning. The only reason she is still alive now is because so many people had to save her ass. She is given way too much credit for being powerful, because hello SHES NOT. sure her punches are super strong but when has that ever actually come in handy? And don't get me started on her obsession over Sasuke. She acts as if she's the only one who cares about him, and decides to kill him on her own. Which she would never be able to do. She expects to kill him with a poison knife like this is Sasuke we're talking about, would he really die that easily? NO. She didn't even fight in the war and is just a complete copycat of Tsunade. I think the only substantial thing she's ever accomplished is when she detected the white Zetzu in the camp. And even then that wasn't that impressive. She just gets in the way of everything and should just stay on the sidelines ...more

YES! She is the worst character from Naruto, Naruto shippuden and I hate her the most from Naruto nand Naruto Shippuden. As much as I know, she did not kill anyone from the Akatsuki. Sasori was killed by his grandmother Chiyo and Sasori actually killed Sakura when Sakura was saving Chiyo from being killed by Sasori. I see that Sakura is only a little hard to be beaten from my game (Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact) but in T.V. shows (that is in anime), she is extremely weak and she cries too much. I also hate all her jutsus and they are not as destructive as Amaterasu or Tsukuyomi. She could be dead when Sasori killed her but Chiyo saved her by using a part of her life. She is also no match with the strong people in Naruto and Naruto Ssippuden (for example- Itachi Uchiha). What she does in only beat Naruto when she becomes angry but actually, Naruto is much stronger than her. I guess she can't even use Shadow Clone Jutsu. She also irritates me a lot while fighting with another ...more

Sakura is a horrible excuse for a main heroine. Her entire character revolved around Sasuke, a man who had never shown any sort of interest in her, and tried to kill her. She treated the boys who cared for her, and saved her horribly (Naruto and Lee). She had so much potential to become a strong, independent woman, but alas she remained a Sasuke fan girl to the end. "Sasuke-kun! " "Naruto... please bring back Sasuke-kun! " And what's her reason for liking him? Just because she though he was cute? She is literally crazy, she still chased after a guy who tried to kill her and wanted to destroy her village. Completely useless in battle, and literally 80% of her screen time is crying, asking naruto for help/being saved, or thinking about Sasuke. While Naruto's goal in life was to become the hokage, and Sasuke's was to avenge his clan, and our main heroine, Sakura's goal was literally to marry Sasuke. It's upsetting that a brilliant manga writer like Kishimoto made such a terrible heroine. ...more

Bruh, I feel like Naruto tried to have a strong female character, gave up half way and shat out Sakura instead. Don't get me wrong she is a great healer she helped save some people that's good. But if she wasn't there they would have gotten up and shook it off. Guys it's Naruto if you are important to the plot or if the creator likes you enough your fine. She has no combat ability except for punching hard and crying so Naruto will do stuff for her. Speaking of Naruto ALL SHE DOES IS HIT HIM. that's IT, SHE JUST SEES Naruto AND IS LIKE "HIM HE HAS SAVED ME MULTIPLE TIMES LET SMACK HIM"

Sakura is actually the worst... People defend her saying she becomes more useful in Shippuden but I have yet to see it happen. Sure, she has learned medical ninjutsu, but her importance in Shippuden isn't really prevalent at all. Some fans try to defend her saying it's Kakashi's fault for not pushing her; does she really need to be forced to improve herself? After being put in repeat situations where she was completely useless, she doesn't have the conviction to train herself until the end of the Naruto series (before Shippuden).

She is completely useless to the plot and just gets in everyone's way unless she is healing people. In addition to that she is completely blinded by "the great sasuke uchiha" and can't think for her self plus she is annoying and a brat who wines when she doesn't get sasuke's attention. And I personally never wanted her to end up with sasuke or Naruto, I would rather her just disappear completely.

Part I she was completely useless. Evaryone gave her so much credit. Being overpowered is one thing but being completely weak is another. Naruto and all of the other anime protagonists have qualities that make them the protagonist or hero. Naruto has a balance of power. Of course he has a plot shield he's the protagonist. Whats the point of a protagonist that always loses. But of course all protagonists need to lose at some point because that's what makes the story. Sakura is annoying to an extent that makes her so hated. She doesn't even have an interesting backstory but some people think that what makes her so relatable. It does in a way. Her story is more realistic than anyone else in Naruto. But she is not the most relatable character. Not everyone obsesses over their crush. She had so much potential with her chakra control. In part II she looked as if shes grown so much. She defeated Sasori with the help of Granny Chiyo. She healed Kankuro. But she disappointed fans. She ...more

SHE IS LIKE THE MOST USELESS CHARACTER EVER! OK so she was useless in the first season. Her obsession with Sasuke was most annoying, kept hitting Naruto and bossing him around, thought she was better than him and then broke her friendship with Ino

She defeats sasori 'with' the help of granny chiyo and that's all she did. She only heals people ( anyone could do that) and she is a TOTAL copycat of tsunade, has no family background, is disrespectful towards her parents and is always being saved.

On She is not weak, but she is totally useless. She is only punching, comprehensive her to Naruto and Sasuke and even kakashi, she is bad.

Team seven is not equal the only thing she has Is strength she has no mind.

She has no sense and she is utterly useless and ugly and ANNOYING.

The biggest let down in Naruto for me. She's supposed to be the main female lead but all she does is rely on everyone else to help her. People argue that she killed Sasori but it was Chiyo who saved her. It even says on the Naruto Wiki that Sasori was killed by Chiyo. Also, her obsession with Sasuke is unbearable. It seems like Sakura never truly aged. Her goal throughout the entirety of Naruto was dedicated to Sasuke but she has no reason to love him. He's called her annoying, doesn't like spending time with her and later on tries to kill her. Yet she still completely loves him. That's messed up. - RoseRedFlower

I just hate her. She is so clingy and annoying. I mean I like Sasuke and Ino. Sasuke isn't the nicest but he can be cute sometimes and he isn't useless. Ino can be annoying sometimes too but she thinks of other things than Sasuke. I think Sakura should be nicer to Ino and Naruto. She just broke their friendship because of a boy. And sometimes I think she loves Naruto or Rock Lee not Sasuke. Sometimes I think she betrayed him.

She is the worst character ever because she could do nothing on her own she was always infatuated towards sasuke only because of his looks and never even loved him which is visible by how she always wanted to stick with she wanted to make sasuke her own she always remained infatuated towards him till the end of the series the people who loved him were his parents and his big brother and the difference between his family members' love and sakura's infatuation towards him was clearly visible she is the person who has everything in her to be hated she should have been killed by sasuke's hand.

Although she is not useless (she has healed quite a few shinobis) she can be ANNOYING AS HELL. All she does is fan girl over Sasuke (which by the way I don't even get. She obsesses over a guy that doesn't care about her and tried to kill her...) and when she's not doing that she's either hitting Naruto and calling him an idiot or is fighting with Ino...

The ONLY time I can remember her defeating an important character was when she fought Sasori, and even then, the granny did most of the work.

To sum up I wouldn't say she's useless cause she has healed Hinata, Beat Sasori, saved Naruto and helped some other characters, but she is VERY ANNOYING. She's mostly whining, crying or fan girling over Sasuke.

She's also a horrible friend -. - she ended her friendship with ino, the very same girl who made her confident in herself, over a guy who doesn't care about her. If anything ino should be the main character she's confident and strong and unlike Sakura doesn't cry over stupid stuff.

Appallingly whiny. She just makes females everywhere look bad. All that asspull from Kishi about how he can't write female characters is so untrue. There are tonnes of notable and amazing females in naruto (Konan, Tsunade, Chiyo, Yuugito, Ten ten, Temari...) and yet Sakura (the female lead-! ) isn't one of them! It's always excuses, excuses with her, she never tries to improve on her own, always relying heavily on other peoples strengths. Her personality also sucks, for example - if Naruto had treated her the way she treated him throughout the series it would've been a controversy and definitely deemed abuse. Much as her chasing after Sasuke is annoying (as hell! ) I can't help but feel like they're made for each other because they're both nasty, manipulative abusers, never taking anyone else's feelings into account. Her "book smarts" were never expanded upon and she was not the observant, knowledgeable character she was slated to be in part 1. All she ever did was whine and flail. ...more

Well you know she has a zero on her back right. So she's useless ha - aspasiz

For me, I find Sakura's character very, very, very pathetic. Also, haven't you all noticed she is, like, a wannabe Tsunade. I still don't understand why she wants to be exactly like her. In the other hand, Naruto and Sasuke both have their unique powers. While Sakura just wants to learn and be exactly the same as Tsunade. I find this extremely annoying and just plainly pathetic.

Honestly, at the start of part one I was thinking this girl is going to seem useless but be really helpful and powerful. 2 episodes later, nope. But I kept my hopes high, thinking that she is going to be intresting, she has to be there for a reason. But nope! For the whole of part one she was a useless cry baby who didn't do anything, even though she had lots of potential. Also, she didn't even have a good backstory! Ok, she was bullied, but they didn't do anything with it. She didn't have hidden ability or do anything cool. In part two I thought, Oh my god, she's super strong and she can heal people. The first problem is, that's all, she only heals and punches for the rest of the series. Also she only does stuff at the start of part two, I mean useful stuff. My least favorite part is when in the middle of part two she tries to kill Sasuke. First off I loved this set up, but I hated how she didn't try to kill him. I just hated her so much.

One of the worst characters to ever grace the world of Japanese Manga. For that she gains my vote, as the most utterly useless, most pathetic character to ever exist in the world of Manga.

The biggest b word in anime and she is not even strong even after being trained by tsunade

She shouldn't have been a main character. She doesn't do enough things to further the story to be a main character. Her contributions to the narrative are equal in amount to a side character, in fact side characters in the story accomplish more things than Sakura. On top of all that, she has the most awful unpleasant personality in the whole series. She is easily the worst character in Part 1 alone. - SamVision

She supposed to be the second smartest character next to shikimaru tied with shino but let's face it she is more ignorant than Kiba. She is always clueless and she is way selfish. She constantly makes stupid decisions like she actually thinks she can kill sasuke on her own. One word to describe Sakura it is stupid

It's so true. I swear I'm surprised Naruto even put up with her. in the beginning of the series, she looked down on Naruto like a loser. saying how he has no parents and annoying. even sasuke got pissed at her in that moment. and above all else, shes useless. at least if you got so much to demand from Naruto or sasuke, be of some use for a change. she seemed fine in the beginning although her personality was crap. but as the series plays out, there was barely a time when she was of any use.

Sakura, you weren't that good of a character. Now, I wouldn't say useless, because she saved a few lives, but her personality needed a boost. All she did was fawn over Sasuke, cry, or be mean to Naruto. And Neji dies before her. Why. Just. Why.

Sakura is pathetic, she has no natural talent! Even thinking back to when Naruto first aired she couldn't do a single thing by herself! Her best attempt to keep Sasuke was basically Masashi Kishimoto saying I have no future for this character, but since I went this far with her there's nothing I can do. I mean she said, " please Sasuke stay with ME! "not with me AND Naruto". I'll do anything you want! She's so pathetic to the point she would give her self up and everyone else for her own selfish wishes even though Sasuke didn't even think that highly of her. And I second what I read in one of the comments here...she wants to rescue Sasuke so badly yet what has she done to contribute to the search for him and Orochimaru? And notice this is just a rant on Naruto and not Shippuden because I don't even want to get started on how useless she is there as well. You know, its funny, someone could actually create a manga and anime revolving around how useless Sakura is. P.S. if someone ...more

Sakura, well, let's just say that she was ANNOYING AS HECK! All she did that was actually important was saving a couple lives and there was the battle with Sasori. She almost died though, don't get me wrong! Most of the time, she would fan girl over Sasuke, cry, or hate on Naruto. What I really hate is that she eventually ends up with Sasuke. (Spoilers for the Boruto movie! ) She ends up having a daughter, Sasada, who is what Sakura should've been. Sasada sort of has that personality, but excludes the fawning over her crush, being extremely weak, and the ridiculous amount of squealing. Ya know, at least Sakura wasn't a Mary Sue. (Her as a Mary Sue might've been better... Nah, a Mary Sue is worse.)