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Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.


Sasuke is just plain ungrateful. Everything that has already been mentioned by other commenters I agree with and its truly gross how so many people show him genuine love, help, care and concern only for him to continuously act like the biggest nastiest brat ever. He's incredibly overrated. Doesn't even wake up after the reincarnated Itachi tells him EXACTLY what's up. He's so annoying. Another thing is, I know Orochimaru can be creepy and is a villain and had underhanded and ulterior motives concerning and in "getting" Sasuke but Sasuke definitely should've shown him more respect as time passed because it's shown once Sasuke had gone to Orochimaru seeking power he was treated pretty damn well by Orochimaru and his underlings but still is this sullen, ungrateful prick. He would know nothing (pretty much) without Orochimaru and would never ever have reached his goal without him. Funnier still is that after disrespecting Orochimaru every five minutes at the first sign of trouble Sasuke ...more

Worst character in the series by far, whiny emo-brat who does nothing but complain. Thank god Itachi wasn't alive to see this moron mess everything up he worked so hard for cause otherwise he'd be rolling in his grave right now. Not to mention Sasuke should have died 10+ times by now if he wasn't being constantly saved by the plot.

There's a time when he was pretty whiny and annoying, but I never really blamed Sasuke for what he did. I find his actions to be pretty reasonable ( unless that time after he heard the whole story about how Itachi sacrificed his life to protect Konoha and then he immediately decided to destroy it, that was a fairly dumb decision. I mean, I know he wanted to avenge his brother's death and all, but if I were him I would've protected the village that my brother had sacrificed his own life to protect, because otherwise his sacrifice will go to waste ). I have to say that if I saw MY brother kill my whole family, it's likely I would have become just as crazy and vengeful as Sasuke was, if not even more. - Goku02

How can everyone not HATE Sasuke! He sucks! I mean at the start I liked Sasuke but then he just be a *bleep*! AFTER HE LEFT WE BARELY SEE HIM! I FORGOT HE WAS STILL APART OF THE ANIME! When he shows up again I'm like "oh yea! Totally forgot about youuu! " HE IS MORE ANNOYING THAN SAKURA! I mean at least she has a heart and how can everyone just forgive him so easily, I would hate his guts! Sakura at first was annoying but overtime I really respected her and her ways of thinking. Whenever I see Sasuke I'm just like "WHY ARE YOU STILL ALIVE! " I have to applaud Sakura for trying to kill him...she failed...but she probably would have killed him if she didn't let her feelings get in the way! Sasuke didn't even matter to me for ages until we saw him again! EVEN WHEN HE FOUND OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT ITACHI HE STILL IS A IDIOT! I mean come on he just wants to kill things...SASUKE YOU SUCK!

Now I have finally understood... Sasuke is... A GODDAMNED guy I mean he sucks. All he does is show off his power just because people might think that if he had only those lame chicory and fire tricks he is a loser. He only has sharingans which suck a 100000 than Itachi's. He is also not as strong as Naruto or Obito or Madara or even his brother, Itach Uchiha. If you take Obito and Madara the people eh you think are a perfect match to Sasuke, you are mad because Legendary people like Madara and Obito can kill Sasuke less than 2 seconds. The last thing I would like to say is that this rammed person, Sasuke only likes and only knows to show off. I guess he is not even a ninja. He is just a dark showing off rammed faced killer.

This "hot guy" abandoned his village and tried to destroy it. HEY HOW IS SAKURA NUMBER ONE? Sasuke deserves to be the worst because he is. Even though he wanted to restore his clan, he went as far as to destroy everything he'd once known as his home and family. WHY, SASUKE? WHY DID YOU DI IT? He deserves number one, NOT SAKURA

Sasuke is such a jerk. He has tried to kill his two best friends, Naruto and Sakura in exchange for their kindness. He even succeeded in killing Naruto once. Did I forget that he left his own village and tried to destroy it? Sasuke also killed Itachi even when he figured out why he killed his clan. I agree with most of the other comments. Sasuke is just a whiny, evil little brat.

I truly do understand why he has been up to two. He has become more attached to Hatred and Revenge. Maybe, he did took things too far. I know, for a fact, that many Sasuke fans probably started to hate him for this particular reason. Maybe they actually saw his sanity and craziness when he fought Naruto, Kakashi and Sakura. Or, when he decided to kill Karin along with Danzo. But to me, he is still a very badass character and by most far my favorite from the entire show.

People just think sasuke's so awesome because he's an Uchiha! He should've died instead of Neji!

What are you all talking about? Sasuke has the saddest and worst life ever! He saw with his eyes his brother killing his parents...he spent so many wonderful times with them but now the are gone! Also when he learned the truth about Itachi he just couldn't believe that he killed the guy who were the reason that he got more powerful and that he is safe! It's so understandable that he became a badass after those all! After the things that happened he tried to be serious and keep his calm..I admire him for his courage!

If you want to learn how to be a complete douche bag with zero personality, the sasuke is the guy to turn to for classes

Edgelord Sasuke just plain sucks. Everything people do for him he just tosses a side because he needs to brood and feel sad and lonely. He's a horrible character with very little point other than to fight some strong bad guys. He continues to shun and refuse any help or affection, just because he "hates everything", but he never fixes things, he just burns all bridges for the sake of destruction.

I dislike his personality and how he treats others, this including his team mates, and selfish, over all I don't like him at all. And then there is that god damned obsession with his brother.

Sasuke is one if the main reason the war is going on

He literally try's to kill everyone. He is the biggest trap ever. You think he's going to protect the damn village, but nah he's going to destroy everything and recreate. He's a bloody legalistic psychopath.

If it were not for the sharingan he would technically be weaker than sakura

Sasuke is a war criminal and bascally got off scot free for helping in a war the only good thing he did was he killed the corrupt 6th hokage elect danzo other than that and helping in the war all he did was bad stuff until itachi found him before beating kabuto - Dvafan2

If you think about it, Sasuke is never really redeemed by the end of the series. - SamVision

What I hated about his young self is that Sakura is trying to show her love, but Sasuke acts like an idiot and instead ignores her. Also, he keeps trying to kill Naruto, who is stronger because of Sasuke acting like a little baby.

He's always so annoying about how he thinks that he is the best

Sasuke is a brat he thinks he is only person suffers from pain awesome characters have died for him.

Are you guys kidding? Sasuke is the best character in the series. He is complex, human, well-written, three-dimensional and layered. He acts exactly like a kid who's been tortured and traumatized at such a young age, and manipulated his whole life should. Without him, Kaguya would've won, Madara would've won and the world would've been doomed.

This guy should've died a long time ago, and no offsprings either

I can't stand Sasuke anymore. I am in episode 54 of Shippuuden. He is such an annoying person with an annoying personality. He thinks he is the best at everything. Maybe he is strong but he does not have my respect

Sasuke is so Emo, oh my clan got destroyed, Doesn't mean you can be an emo brat and try to kill your best friends.