Top Ten Worst NASCAR Drivers


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101 Paul Wolfe
102 Ryan Mathews
103 Carlos Contreras
104 Hideo Fukuyama
105 Chrissy Wallace
106 Tomy Drissi
107 Jason Leffler
108 Alex Kennedy
109 Chase Montgomery
110 Dave Blaney
111 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr., known professionally as Dale Earnhardt Jr., Dale Jr., or just Junior, is an American professional stock car racing driver and champion team owner.

The drivers all gave him a free one on the first race he was in after losing his father. He is with the best racing crew on the circuit and still he limps in every week. Change his name and he would be racing dirt ovals.

He's one of the best NASCAR drivers out there. He won four races in the 2014 season and made it pretty far in the chase. He didn't get to where he is by his daddy he got recognized though his daddy

One of the "worst drivers ever" yet he has 26 more wins than all of you couch analysts combined... but that's none of my business. I can name HUNDREDS of drivers worse than him. Probably thousands.

If Dale was bad, his father would be facing away from the hole in the clouds.

Best crew money can buy, best setup, best car, other drivers give him a pass because of his father yet he still only is average. Pathetic.
Nothing worse than legacy drivers. Nobody cares who your daddy was, work to prove yourself and deserve to be there, but no, not Daley-poo - he just gets by because of his name.
What a sad sack of a driver.

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112 David Ragan

Why is he on the list. He took a crashed car and put it into the Daytona 500. He also won Talladega with a small team. Should be in top 1000 best drivers

Just bad I don't think he has ever gotten a win and just barely gets into the top 15

He has potential, he just can't make it stick

Sucked with Roush and Gibbs

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113 Victor Gonzalez, Jr.
114 Richard Petty

This is a joke right?

I put this on and yes it is a joke

HE WRECKS ME IN NASCAR THUNDER! This post is just me joking around

He is not good. He got lucky on 150 of his wins

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115 Travis Kvapil V 2 Comments
116 Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon is one of the best drivers ever. Sad to see him retire after 2015

He is one of the best, what is he doing on the list?

Why is Gordon even on this list

The car is in good hands now

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117 Landon Cassill

This kid picked a fight with Bobby Hamilton jr and crashes a lot

No, Booby Hamilton Jr. picked a fight with him. And let me think, who is still in NASCAR, and who isn't? Oh yeah.

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118 Matt Kenseth Matt Kenseth

Why is he on this list?

I just loathe the bastard

Looks like we got some butthurt Logano fans here

This moron decides to take everyone he encounters at Martinsville he took out 3 people and didn't even win!

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