Worst Natural Disasters of 2017

This year had many natural disasters that killed many people all over the world, and here are some of the worst. I feel bad for all the people killed in these horrible events. The damage was devastating and was intense and horrifying. I don't know in what direction the world is going to, but lately in the fall, 2017 is having many disasters. Hopefully people donate money to help repair the damage of the disasters and for the injured people. Which natural disaster do you think was the worst this year?

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1 Earthquake Of Mexico

This earthquake killed so many people in Mexico City and other neighboring cities around it. The damage was awful and many people were killed. This was all over the news for 4 days straight, and that is all that is talked about due to how major it was. By far the worst natural disaster this year in my opinion. The earthquake in Mexico City is even worse since the city lies on a lake that used to be there. - AnimeDrawer

2 Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Harvey

This is the deadliest hurricane of the year, it killed many in Houston and Corpus Christi, and caused so much flooding in a lot of parts of Texas and even Louisiana. - AnimeDrawer

This was just as bad as Katrina - Randomator

3 Hurricane Irma

This huge hurricane struck Cuba, Puerto Rico, and west Florida, as well as Georgia. It traveled in an unpredictable path, making it dangerous. - AnimeDrawer

Worse than Harvey in my opinion - Randomator

Worst hurriane in my opinion

This hurricane is by far the worst one I've seen in years.
Another bad one was hurricane jose and maria. just a terrible thing.
this is a hard subject.

4 Monsoon Of India

This killed thousands of people in India, it wasn't any monsoon, it was a huge, devastating, and deadly one. - AnimeDrawer

I agree - FreeKeyWorld

5 The Landslide Of The Democratic Republic of Congo

This giant landslide devasted the people of Africa, the people here are poor, imagine with a huge landslide like that, they didn't even know it was coming. That is sad. - AnimeDrawer

6 Hurricane Maria

This has caused Puerto Rico more damage and deaths, when Hurricane Irma has already hit there. I feel sorry for the people there that have to experience so many hurricanes. - AnimeDrawer

7 Sri Lanka Monsoon

Not as big as the one in India, but still caused many deaths and had a terrible impact on Sri Lanka in damage. - AnimeDrawer

8 Columbia Landslide

This landslide took place in the Columbian mountains where people were killed. - AnimeDrawer

9 Avalanche In Afghanistan

This snow storm killed many due to the freezing weather that ran down from the mountains, deadly and terrifying. - AnimeDrawer

Worst avalanche ever(only avalanche ever)

10 California Wildfires

The Contenders

11 Peru Flood

Not as deadly as some of the floods on here, but still really bad and ranked as one of the worst disasters in 2017. - AnimeDrawer

12 Hurricane Cempaka & Dahlia, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
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1. Hurricane Maria
2. Hurricane Harvey
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