Worst Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005) Cars

Worst cars in the 2005 EA sports game NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED.

The Top Ten

1 Cadillac CTS

Cadillac Cts Is A Cool And Fast Car

It's too slow to be worth buying for races and the Evo completely outclasses it as a pursuit vehicle. Invest your money in Vic's Supra and/or Baron's Cayman instead.

The most useless car in the game - jimmy12lee

I ran it over 240 I even defeat razor with it

2 Audi A4

Makes you look like an idiot rather than like the transporter - jimmy12lee

Makes you look like an idiot

3 Audi A3

They could have added the Jeep instead of this - jimmy12lee

4 Vauxhall Monaro VXR

Exactly the same specs as pontiac gto + more of a most pointless vehicle but the worst pretty much fits too

5 Mercedes CLK 500

Too costy and just very bad

Some how this cars driver makes it to the top of the black list once you get her car it is a major disappointment she is hard to beat but once you get it from her its like it has three wheels. Burns out to much and crapy axcel and high top speed the over powering handling sucks
Drifters like the supra, RX-7, and the Viper will be way more useful

6 Ford GT

More like a disappointment, especially when compared with the other cars of its class - jimmy12lee

Worst car ever in NFS most wanted, the handling of this car sucks. I was very disappoint buying this car.. Its not worth it. - james

7 Mercedes SL 500

$75, 000 for this? Haha what were they thinking? - jimmy12lee

8 Pontiac GTO

Love the look of the car and sound of this car, but the performance is garbage.

Definitely a downgrade from NFS:U2 - jimmy12lee


Even If It's My Car That Doesn't Make It My Favorite At All

I love this car and I want to down load it and the new camaro

How is that worst? This list should be lower. Because, This is the best car ever in the NFS series! - LapisBob

This car is'nt sucks man...

10 Ford Mustang GT

Trash! Jewel's doesn't deserve a stupid and a pretty slow car, Seriously? She's even slower than Taz!

Very slow

It's the best car out ther in nfs..just lv it

The Contenders

11 Lexus IS 300

The best car from the start I think

12 Chevrolet Cobalt SS


13 Fiat Punto

It's the slowest car ever look at it's top speed when it's stock

I beat the game with this car very very fast little pocket rocket

It can get pritty fast but the over all investment is too much. If you going to take a tier 1 car to the top go with the golf gti

14 Chevrolet Corvette C6

Seriously? Who added this, I can't belive my favorite car on this list

Why? Just Why?

15 Mitsubishi Eclipse

At least its very bad for its place in the Blacklist...

16 Subaru
17 Lamborghini Gallardo

I just get it from blacklist #6 it can t handle although it has some locked upgrades from #6 and I fully upgraded it it can t handle and has bad acceleration as well what

18 Aston Martin DB9

This car is so bad, it was demoted to a mere tier 2 car in Carbon. It has pathetic acceleration and just an all round boring car to drive.

19 Renault Clio

Second worst car in the game, struggles in pursuits and is an all round bad car. Worst car is definitely CTS

This Car Make You Look Like An Idiot It's Very Very Ugly & Slow & Trash.

20 Mazda Rx8

Maybe a little slow but this car is really trash when it's stock however mia and izzy's rx8s are great but the stock rx8 is still slow

21 Lamborghini Murcielago

Worst Pursuit car. It sucks in hitting even Heat 4 cops... Giving it such a amount is waste.. Literally

22 Lotus Elise

#1 For me. Yeah you could say that it has very good handling but when it comes to pursuit, it is really sucks. It can't hit totally the State Undercover Vehicle (Heat4) like the Mustang GT can do. I even can't reached 5M bounty for 15mins with this car

23 Audi TT

It's A Very Slow Car

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